Brandon Pogue TruLabs CEO, has been married to his wife of 17+ since graduating from Texas A&M. His wife Jennifer was very sick back in 2013. So sick in fact he had asked her to write a letter to their three kids in the event of her passing. Jen had seen many Doctors and specialists and had been put on many medications to help reduce her symptoms. Though Jen usually weighed 125 pounds, she was falling below 100 pounds and becoming very frail. Jen and Brandon did not know where to turn.

That was until Jen met Dr. Bryan Ardis at a health convention she attended. He overheard Jen talking about her problems and soon after she went to visit Dr. Ardis in his office located in Frisco, TX. Dr. Ardis has helped over 15,000 people throughout his career by using natural supplementation to help the body fix itself as he believes the body is designed to. After a few months Jen was on the road to wellness. Seeing such a drastic change in her health, she begged her husband Brandon to go see the Doctor. Immediately, Dr. Ardis and Brandon Pogue hit it off and their relationship turned into a friendship.

Then one day while Brandon Pogue, Michael Straight and Josh Wells were working out, Brandon said, “What Pre-workouts are y’all using?” to his training partners. They had all been on different pre-workouts throughout their various training careers. Then Brandon had an idea, “Why doesn’t someone invent a safe and healthy pre-workout that cycles you on/off different ingredients so that the body never adapt to it?” Brandon then told the crew about Dr. Ardis and how he had helped his wife and himself, and that week Brandon approached Dr. Ardis if he would be interested in formulating a safe, healthy and effective pre-workout that was good for the body.

Dr. Ardis was excited to be asked for his help and expertise! He used his method and formulate to help the human body create energy, as it was designed to. The rest is history! TruLabs founders tested over 300 raw ingredients with the body and found only about 25 of them had no short or long term side effects with the body and were actually beneficial for generating energy inside the cell. Thus the worlds first Pre-Workout system was invented and in the first year they reached to help over 9,000 people in countries around the globe.

If it’s Wellness-It’s TruLabs! Now TruLabs has expanded into more product categories to better help serve those who are part of the TruLabs Tribe. The same method the Dr. Ardis has used on 1,000’s of his patients over 15 years is now being used to create the most innovative supplement products in the world. These products will help fuel the body using the best active ingredients that are safe and healthy for the body.

With healthy products you would expect taste to be sacrificed, but not at TruLabs!!   They believe healthy products don’t have to taste like dirt. TruLabs sacrifices no expense. They search the world over for the Best Active Ingredients in the World today. Try the PRE, Sleep, Energy, Protein or Protein+Collagen today to change your life and become strong, healthy with more energy so you can be successful and live longer. Drink the Truth with TruLabs!