At TruLabs we know you want to be a person who conquers all of your life goals while looking your best and having the Energy to do all you need to every day.

In order to do that you want Energy which will increase your productivity so you can get things done.

The problem is 90% of Americans are dependent on stimulants and overuse caffeine which causes sleep issues and fatigues your adrenals which in turn will cause long term damage to your body. This unfortunately is a horrible cycle that most  Americans are stuck in. 

We believe your deserve better and you need a long term solution to Energy that is healthy.

We understand Chronic fatigue! We have also been caught in that trap of constantly being run down which is why TruLabs now exists. All TruLabs products are formulated by Dr. Ardis he has helped thousands like you to have clean ENERGY and SLEEP. 

Here is how you do it:

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Our Story

“It is out of the most dire circumstances that we find out what we are truly made of”


 – Unknown


Having made his living in the Texas real estate industry for nearly two decades, Brandon Pogue, his wife of 17 years Jennifer and their 3 children had been living happily. Both leading generally healthy lifestyles, it came as a shock when an unexpected sickness overtook their lives and presented them with an obstacle that would be challenging for any family to overcome.


It was his wife’s mysterious illness that revitalized his life and set Brandon Pogue on a path he never would’ve imagined. Early in 2013, Brandon’s wife Jennifer found herself sick, without an appetite, which had caused her to steadily lose nearly 30% of her bodyweight in a startling amount of time. Brandon had no choice but to prepare for the worst.


It was Jennifer’s illness, which lead her to cross paths with Dr. Bryan Ardis at a popular health and fitness convention in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. After overhearing Jennifer speaking of her symptoms, Dr. Ardis interjected and offered his expertise. Having helped over 15,000 people throughout his practice as a medical professional by offering a holistic approach and understanding of the body as well as using natural supplementation methods. Jennifer’s options were running low so she decided to give Dr. Ardis a chance.


It only took Jennifer a few months before she saw a difference in her strength and a drastic improvement in her overall energy levels.  It was this undeniable difference in his wife’s life that built the foundation for Brandon and Dr. Ardis’ longstanding relationship and ongoing friendship.


Fast-forward a year, Brandon and his training partners Michael and Josh are preparing for a routine morning workout. Discussing the different supplements they had been taking before and after their workouts, the topic of an effective pre-workout came about. None of them used the same brand and more importantly, none of them stayedusing their respective brands because of the body’s natural propensity to adjust and grow accustom to the product’s active ingredients. This raised the question that propelled the trio into a world they never thought they’d be;


“Why isn’t there a pre-workout your body doesn’t get used to to maintain its effectiveness?”


This question soon became their mission. Having Dr. Ardis’ medical expertise and unwavering pursuit to enhance the quality of life of others, they began to work together to formulate a product unlike any other on the market.


TRULabs was born.

Having tested over 300 raw ingredients found in various supplements across the industry, they found through their research that a mere 10% of those ingredients were necessary in an effective pre-workout supplement. With no harmful reactions or unfavorable aftereffects, it is these ingredients that make up the undeniable quality that TRULabs provides. The very methods that Dr. Ardis had been applying with thousands of patients across the country were now embodied in the most innovative supplement on the market today. With equal attention to effectiveness and distinctly natural composition, TRULabs is unmatched in its pursuit to optimize performance and make you feel better.