[00:01] This is TruLabs (true labs) podcast number 18, I believe with doctor Brian Artists. Uh, we’re writing articles and producing articles to help the people who’d get on our website and understand the benefit of workout supplements. So our bodies require certain amounts of vitamins and minerals, period, which we usually get supplied by our food. But there’s a few other areas in our life where supplements are actually important and beneficial. I don’t know if you know this, but everything we do in life requires some form of nutrient to get our body to do it. For example, if you want to contract the muscle, he better have calcium in your body to do it. If you were low in calcium, you won’t be able to do it. In fact, let’s talk about that for a second. Every muscle in your body, including your heart and your bladder, which are both muscles, uh, are required.

[00:49] You have to have a certain amount of calcium in your body to make every muscle in your body contract, not just your biceps, not just your quads, not just your hamstrings, not just your calves. Every muscle in your body requires calcium. And it’s calcium goes from one muscle cell to the next. The muscle contracts. If you have too much calcium in your body and not enough magnesium, you’ll get cramping and voluntary cramping, cramping. It is absolutely known that magnesium is the number one mineral deficiency worldwide among all human beings. Nothing exists on earth that humans are more low end than magnesium and magnesium benefits every muscle in your body’s function. Now, just in listening to that, you should understand that there’s an advantage to actually consuming magnesium and calcium. Calcium makes muscles contract, which is what we need during our workouts also or any fitness regimens, anything we’re doing in the way of fitness.

[01:52] Also, you need magnesium to keep the calcium balance ratio normal. If you don’t, you get involuntary contractions which throws people out of bed at night. It ends people’s races early. It ends there. Fitness workout early. If you get cramps, that’s excess calcium, not enough magnesium. It is essential that we actually have in our workout supplements, calcium and magnesium combined. You will find that in our pre-product, which is what we take and encourage people to take and that we take ourselves before we work out every time. Now, one thing about calcium though I want to talk about is I have dealt with patients for 15 years now who have had heart disease. One of the main causes that, well not one of the main causes of heart disease, but one of the treatments that medical doctors often will give patients is what’s called a Beta blocker.

[02:39] I don’t know if you guys are familiar with what Beta blockers are, but you know the term Beta blockers? Actually, every heart cell, which is a muscle, every muscle cell in the heart actually has a receptor on the end of it. It’s called a Beta receptor. That Beta receptor receives calcium and dry it and pulls it into that its own cell. So without Beta receptors being able to grab calcium and pull it in, you don’t get muscle contractions of the heart. Well, Beta receptors don’t only exist on the heart. They actually exist in every muscle of your body in order to get a muscle like your calf muscle, your biceps, your triceps, in order to get those muscles to contract. The only way that it can tracks as if the Beta receptors on those cells can bind to calcium and draw it into itself from the next cell and the net shortens the cell.

[03:30] So is calcium important? You better believe it. Well, if you or a loved one has had heart disease and have had a heart palpitations or a Rhythmia’s, it’s very often that a you’re, you will be prescribed what’s called a Beta blocker. Beta blockers, if you’ve ever known an individual to go on one from the moment they start taking it, the number one complaint they talk about is fatigue and strength loss. Well now you understand why not only when you take a Beta blocker does it block the Beta cells ability to receive calcium in your heart. It does it for every cell of your body that is muscular. It blocks the Beta cell receptors on your calves and your quads. And your hamstrings and your abs and your arms, and then these people, every one of them that have ever been on a Beta blocker that I’ve ever seen in my practice, every single one of them complained about weakness in extreme fatigue when they’re placed on a Beta blocker.

[04:27] Now you can understand why it is essential to have calcium to make muscles work. If you block the ability of every muscle cell in your body to absorb calcium, you’re going to be very tired. Why are you going to be tired if you reduce how often and how hard the heart beats? The heart is responsible for pumping oxygen throughout your body, which is bound to your red blood cells. If you’re not getting oxygen to your tissues, you’re going to be very lethargic, very weak, your mind’s going to start to wane. You’ll start developing dementia, like symptoms is going to fade. That’s all because of a lack of oxygen to the brain and that’s because your pump, the heart is now being reduced in its ability to pump blood and then they all complain about being very weak and that’s because calcium isn’t getting into the cells of every muscle in their body, so it’s harder for them to walk upstairs harder than to walk to their car.

[05:14] They become very winded. It’s horrible to use a Beta blocker ever. Period. I don’t like him. I hate him. I don’t think there’s any benefit to them whatsoever. And you’re in our workout supplements. I just want you understand there’s a reason why calcium has beneficial. It helps your muscles contract. You cannot contract the muscle without it and why magnesium has been official in your workout. Supplements, if anyone you love, cherish or yourself is interesting in maximizing the benefit of working out, watching their muscle tone improve while they work out and be able to endure the length of their workout. Make sure they’re taking a workout supplement that absolutely has calcium and magnesium in it. TruLabs (true labs), which is our company, the products have formulated. We’re on par and for a specific reason, every ingredient is in them. We wanted to include those active ingredients that will create the most maximum benefit to complete your workout, whether it’s one hour, two hours, and then after that workout is complete, we want your mind, your body recovering, uh, and humming along as if it wasn’t worn out by the workout. And the benefits are everlasting 24 hours, 48 hours until you go to your next fitness routine. If it’s not wellness than it ain’t TruLabs (true labs). TruLabs (true labs) is wellness. There’s a doctor artists with his 18th podcast for TruLabs (true labs).