Okay. Does the doctor Brian Ardis with TruLabs (True Labs)podcast that we convert into articles for our website. If you’re going to go into our site map and read these articles, that’s where you found this, which you’re the only person on earth that actually did it. So welcome to the back pages of true labs.com. Today we’re going to talk about, uh, one of the primary ingredients that we’ve used and chosen to use in our products that, uh, appears to be to some controversial and to some people just love it and that’s okay. I’m going to try to clear this up for you. All right. So one of the primary things we want to do in, in creating workout supplements for, uh, all of America and the rest of the world, we wanted it to include the most proven, the most powerful, the most awesome, activate active ingredients that we could use in combination to improve the results you get in your workouts.

That was our first primary goal at TruLabs (True Labs). So we’ve combined all these awesome ingredients. We flew up to Chicago to visit with a flavor house up there. And uh, they, they mixed up some flavors for us and everything tasted like vomit. It was gross. So they for a whole day spent hours and hours reformulating had their scientists and chemists mixing up new flavors and trying to cover up or we’re all active ingredients, all of which were disgusting. Nothing tasted good. And, uh, we had to change some of our formula to try to get it to taste good because we wanted it not only to be effective, we wanted it to rock your taste buds. Uh, we had actually decided to look at are some forms of sweeteners we were going with looking at monk fruit, we were looking at Stevia, we were looking at all kinds of stuff. Uh, I personally, having been in clinical practice and tested Splenda and all kinds of patients for years, knew that Splenda, which I thought was just super sucralose, was horrible for the human body and no one ever benefited from using Splenda that I’ve ever met and actually believe it to be very toxic.

But I’ve never actually looked at the ingredients of Splenda and I don’t think you have either, but uh, they words Splenda and Sucre Lewis had been used interchange so much that people believe they’re the same thing and they are not. So I’m going to educate you on why it is we, when we used all these amazing ingredients, three or 52 different products from around the world that we gathered that we then broke down into individual components combined into several different formulas. Why is it that if we went through that much work, why did we throw what’s considered an artificial sweetener into the mix? With our workout supplements? We found that a sucralose actually provides better benefit to your body than Stevia does than sugar does. And I actually couldn’t believe it. And it took me a little while to figure out why it was that sucralose was so good.

But uh, they are actually on our website. You can actually see a link to studies on sucralose. I’m going to teach you what sucralose is. It is termed by the federal government to be artificial sweetener. Sucralose is actually, you take the shirt, the molecule of sugar cane sugar and you actually splice it or cut it in half and you just isolate either the caloric side, which is the calorie side and the sweet part of the molecule of sugar. If you just cut a whole bunch of those little molecules into little bitty pieces are in halves and you have a whole bunch of calories over here and a whole bunch of sweetener over here, the whole bunch of sweetener, little half molecules of sugar or actually called sucralose, those little bitty pieces of sweetener are so powerfully sweet. It takes very little for us to sweeten our workout supplements with sucralose.

Now, I didn’t want to use it unless I knew it was safe and beneficial and to my amazement, I found that the European Union in Europe, which evaluates sucralose and all the products that they put it in a, there are over 150 studies that have proven that Circulos has zero impact on you as a human ingesting sucralose. It has zero impact on your blood sugar at all. That’s because it doesn’t contain any calories of sugar now, but it does have the sweetener part of the sugar molecule, so it makes any flavor you add to a workout supplement really, really flavorful and very sweet if you use a whole lot, it takes very little to make it sweet and it tastes amazing. So sucralose is the sweetened or the sweet part of the sugar molecule. Sucralose in these studies was also proven to be safe for kids age two years old, that they tested it on up to a hundred years old that has zero impact on their blood glucose. ┬áThat is why TruLabs (True Labs) we use the best sweetener to make all TruLabs (True Labs) taste amazing.

Like I mentioned, their blood sugar levels, which is great for diabetics or the worries of diabetes has zero sugar impact. They also decided in one study they decided to actually take radioactive isotopes and combine them to the, the uh, sucralose and then make people drink it. And then they followed those radio asset types and their poop and in their urine and in their sweat. They wanted to know does it come out of the body or does it just get absorbed into your tissues and sit there? They want to know, does the body know how to excrete sucralose? They wanted to make sure it wasn’t building up anybody’s buddies. The study ran for, they would do an average of five hours. Well they found 95% of all sucralose that’s ingested is actually released through your urine and through your fecal matter within the first five hours, 95% so they file, they find this realist is not get stored in the body.

It does not have harmful effects on the body. It has no impact on diseases, has no impact on inflammation, has no impact on your blood sugar. It is safe for kids to, to a hundred and I really have yet to figure out other than the fact that this is, that sucralose by itself is not found in nature. It is actually found in sugar, which sugar is found in nature. They just cut the two and half and uh, the, the two parts of the molecule, sugar and half and then included one part as sucralose. And I guess they throw away the part because not too many people won’t use it, but sucralose is incredibly safe, incredibly proven. There’s 150 studies to support it, and there is an absolute reason why we use that to make our products tastes so good when it’s combined with our natural flavors. And you’re gonna find that I’ll workout supplements that we’ve created, that you circled that says their sweetener a are the most amazing tasting workout supplements you’ve ever had. And there’s a reason for that. We made it and we use sucralose to do it. My name is doctor Brian Artists. Welcome to true labs. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you found this in the site map, you must be really bored. I hope you find something else in life to do. Bye.