[00:00] Coming to you from HQ, Texas. Brandon Pogue with my illustrious consultant Josh Wells, Joshua Wales. Josh roles knows a lot about, a lot, a lot, about a little, about a little. So we’re talking about workout supplements, talking about TruLabs (true labs) and the products that we’re about to launch here in the next couple of weeks. I just saw that we had our, a order from the firing company come through and so it looks like we’re about ready to batch, which we are so excited. We’ve got a 50 something Google reviews now. I finalized all the packets. Yep. And we’ve got the package ready to go. And A, we don’t have a website. It’s unbelievable the difference, uh, of what we’re doing, um, in TruLabs (true labs). And we just wrote a, our story, which is a neat story. I’ll let you go and read that on a website if you haven’t read that yet about how I met Dr Artists through my wife and he had helped her cure a lot of illnesses.

[01:04] And then how he, when he was approached about creating the world’s first a pre workout system, he was all in and it was really, really cool story. I’ll probably have him do that on a podcast and tell it some day. Yeah, it would definitely be interesting to find out how he, he got where he was and the knowledge that he has and how he, uh, how he’s different than some other doctors that are out there. Do you remember that day? Like it was my 18 months, almost two years ago. I mean, were you and I were working out with a couple guys micro straight was there? Yeah, I think I remember that day fondly. It was 70 degrees out. It was so nice. The doors were open. I think I just beat you in a workout. I don’t know about that. I don’t know about that.

[01:46] I do actually. I remember that we were all sitting on the benches and everybody was taking different preworkouts. Uh, but we’d all taken that other person’s preworkout at some given time. But we were just on a different pre workout at that time. Uh, and so there was, what, four or five of us and we were all in a different pre workout. I think I was a, I was either taking maybe SFA or c four, I don’t know. I mean we were all like, we were all through different ones. Acg three, ACG three. Yeah. There’s, I think had some, some punch to it. Rather it knocked you around. I did. You’re like, what the heck does ACG three minutes. I Dunno. But it looked good at the shelf. So I grabbed that bad boy. You know what? I had been taking a cardio igniter that I was buying at night that was buying it at, um, that plays in downtown McKinney.

[02:41] A knockout, knockout, knockout supplements. Oh Man. You might’ve popped on some, some tests if you, they were selling some pretty shady stuff at one time. Oh yeah. I bet they were. But they still are. There’s a lot of, I think it was like the only CrossFit – er going into that supplement store and people wonder why Brandon lockout is 15, 2016 lockout supplements, not knockout lockup. That’s right. Does that place still? Yeah, it’s still there. It’s still there. They have a gym inside. I think it’s kind of all body building and things like that. It feels like it. Yeah. You know, you’ve got a bunch of guys kind of were in the flat bill hats and driving nothing cars. But man, they look like they’ve been working on that body. Man. That’s all that matters, right. Golly. For for those guys. Yeah. I’m afraid to know what will happen to them in the long run. Unfortunately. I mean the owner of that place was, he’s a nice guy. Um, and we struck up a good friendship. His name is Greg. I think he’s a fireman and strongest bull. Thank you. Pulled. I think he pulled over seven or eight, maybe seven 52 50 pounds on a dead lift and had a huge back squat. Just really solid guy. But um, you know, just one of those supplement stores that you just never know, knew what you were going to buy to an average everyday person. It’s probably not

[03:59] the best place to walk into a, they’re going to owe, completely overwhelm you with some stuff and you don’t even know what they’re saying is real.

[04:06] Yeah. And I was taking something called cardiac cardio igniter thinking that that was gonna help me in my CrossFit because we do a lot of cardio. Not Funny. It didn’t work out well for you. Oh, sorry bud. No, it’s funny. So the pre workouts that I, I took that for a long time. I took c four took SFA. Use their push. Yeah. Tastes product. Oh, it tasted horrible. It tastes like drinking like a fiber. Oh, kind of Milky Yuck. Yeah. That’s a pretty good description of it. Yeah. You know, and Metamucil, it tasted like drinking metamucil.

[04:42] Yeah. That’s nasty. I’m trying to think. Some of the crazy ones that I’ve taken, you know, explode way back in the day. Yeah. That tasted just like sugar though. Did you ever, I’m pretty sure that’s what they put in it.

[04:53] Jacqueline, do you ever try it? Jacqueline Hyde?

[04:56] I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack. Uh, took that one time and I was like, nope, can’t take that anymore. I, yeah, that was probably the only time I’ve ever taken a pre workout where I thought my heart was literally going to do it.

[05:09] I remember taking one that one of the guys hadn’t gym at one time and I can’t remember what it was called Max 3d pump or something. And I, and I literally like took it and when it started to kick in I went and sat down and stop the workout. Yeah. I mean I just, I just felt I felt sick.

[05:29] Well here’s, here’s the funny thing that I don’t think a lot of people understand, right? Is We legitimately have a max heart rate. Like, and when you hit that Max heart rate, you can’t go like you’re going to stop. There’s nothing that you are either, there’s no willpower that’s going to go past that. So if you’d have a whole bunch of stimulants inside of your body and then you do a workout like CrossFit or I dunno, you’re running for a long period of time, so your heart rate is already elevated. You’re already pushing where your Max heart rates going to be, but then once you hit there, you’re going to stop. There’s nothing that you can do about it. You’re going to hit that and stop. Doesn’t matter if you have ATP in your body, it doesn’t matter if your mind is saying, no dude, keep going, keep going.

[06:14] You will stop. There’s a reason when you watch marathoners run and in that last 600 meters or whatever it is, they just collapse. There is a reason that that happens. So I got crawler, the finish line, people picking somebody up and taken over. Yeah, it’s a, it’s a very strange thing that people don’t quite understand, especially with like, I’ll use the marathon or thing here briefly, but what they did is they pushed themselves earlier in the race too hard and when they did that, they started to use up more ATP and their heart rate got too high gay and at that time they feel great, but they didn’t think about the long run of it. When they did their entire training, they said they’re going to run at this pace. And they trained their body to try to be at that pace. And when they go underneath it and they run faster than that, uh, that’s when they run into issues and they had the collapsing stuff at the, uh, at the end of the finish line.

[07:12] That was Michael Straight on the phone. He’s going to be heading up to HQ here in a second. We’ll probably do another podcast with him. Hey, I’m coming in. You know, I remember Logan Collins was on, uh, Cellucor was on their pre workout and you know, he was, he was concerned the year that he made the games because he was using their product that he was potentially gonna pop any. And uh, and then when we told them about ours and he starts switching us, he was concerned about who pop on us. And obviously he’s made the CrossFit games twice since using our stuff and um, and multiple competition, multiple competitions and no problems at all. I mean, we, we test every ingredient and make sure that we have no banned substances. And a pre workout is excellent.

[07:56] Look at that ingredient list and tell me if there’s something in there you can’t, you can’t pronounce.

[08:01] Yeah. Basically you’d have to ban hydrogen. You know, you’d have to ban oxygen.

[08:08] Yeah. We’ll never, we’ll never have that issue of having to change our formula because an ingredient gets banned.

[08:15] We’re gonna happen with us. So try TruLabs (true labs), pre workout. Try our entire series of preworkouts. We’ve got eight different flavors for different formulas. For now. I would not be surprised to see that flavor list, uh, increased. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t even mind seeing a couple of new formulas thrown in there just to, uh, I know we added, we just recently added a [inaudible], which is going to be really good. And, um, so we’re really excited about that and people trying it. Yeah, for sure. So that’s it for today.

[08:49] Adios.