[00:00] Yeah. But I’ll tell you what, we here at TruLabs (true labs) HQ, we are going to package production this week. Let’s go just in our workout supplements at TruLabs (true labs) are going to be the journey starts now. Oh man, it started a long time ago. But the journey starts again now. Yeah, it’s going to be awesome. TruLabs (true labs) steps coming out, hopefully right in the midst of a march, getting ready for spring break. The best workout supplements ever invented. The most innovative supplements high, uh, wrote our little story today about how, uh, Michael and I and Josh, we had this idea about the constantly very preworkout system and butt out a pre workout that you naturally cycled on and off. And that has spawned an entire company that’s now known as TruLabs (true labs). And we have a protein that will be coming out. We’ll have a sleep, we’ll have energy, we’ll have all of these amazing products and I cannot wait.

[01:13] It’s about to be on. I can’t wait for it to be product and are packaged and ready to ship out and for the whole world. So you get to try out the amazing innovative workouts stuff in advance. And even just personally today with the the gloomy day here in Texas, I’m tired. It’s kind of right in the midst of two, two 45 in the middle of the day. And I’m about to give me a TruLabs (true labs) energy drink and shoot. That’d be amazing. The rest of this afternoon, I’m like, we’ve got so many unbelievable flavors that our guys are helping us dial up right now. And uh, W I think the, the one flavor that everybody is the most excited about it is pomegranate, pomegranate, such a cool name. Oh yeah. Such an innovative flavor. It is a party in your mouth. It’s going to be amazing. Um, the formulas are better than ever.

[02:10] We’ve got, we’ve added Nolte in a sita l tyrasine to all of the formulas for further mental clarity and your workouts. It’s going to, you’re going to take this stuff before you study and you’re going to go ace your exam. Yes. A pluses here come a pluses. I wish I woulda had these are got supplements in college cause I couldn’t take it. No, I’m actually, before I worked down before I studied and probably done a lot better on my test. I wish I would have had them doing all the pilot training I did. Oh my gosh. Like being in the simulator and for hours and hours and having some guy talked to me over a headphone. Well I’m trying to interpret instruments. Heck yeah man. I remember when we flew to Watt plys last year we had the orange pineapple and I and I drink the orange pineapple and I called it my preflight instead of a pre workout.

[03:06] That’s how he named a chew. The pre workout sibilant just pre, it’s like literally picking be pre anything. That’s right. So it’s preworkout preflight, pre go to church. I’ve taken it before church just in case if I’ve had yeah. If uh, you know, you know, Sunday’s the day arrest and I like to sleep pretty baby making time. Yeah. Yeah. That works for you. Yup. Little Jeremiah. Yeah. We got to two guys with pregnant wives here. Supplements are amazing. Fertile, fertile. Myrtles it’s, it’s great. My 14 year old daughter works out and uses the pre. She just qualified for the the fittest experience. We just paid the hundred and 70 something dollar. How much did, how much is actually way, Gosh, she’s, she’s, she’s one 10 I think. Yeah. Solid. Which is 14 she’s in great shape for age two I mean, and then UAA drown to 10 yeah.

[04:04] Double that feel the exact same fix in regards of energy. Clarity pump with the truth as work gets up and he says she heath moody. Yeah. The unbelievable CrossFit masters athlete. Yeah. Who really could be a regionals athlete on his own guys at boss since he takes it like crazy. We’ve got Leah Irons who was at the elite part of the Wodpolooza this year. She just qualified for fitness gains and a couple of the names that will be coming soon. Tommy Vinas, Logan Collins, Sean Sweeney who’ve used it. Yeah. Amazing. Amazing athletes. But then you’ve also got Jenny Dean fitness. Yeah. Two kids. Yoga instructor, Frisco, Texas. Don’t forget regionals qualifier 2018 Michael straight. Yeah. Yeah. Team team, regionals. That’s great. That’s so great that you had to add that in. It’s good content or just talking about all the awesome athletes that are part of our workouts of any company.

[05:05] So I just figured and all sneaky fed himself. The professor Josh Wells. Yep, Yep, Yep. That was him. Something he’s, yeah, Miss Barbecue belly. So great. And then doctor artists now with the three 15 bench press supposedly, I mean it’s a little sketch it on some freaking muscle. He asked, I knew he used to be skinny. What are these been on like 20 or 30 pounds of straight months. It’s amazing when you, when you sell your chiropractic shop and you become partner in a supplement company, how strong you can become. Yes. It’s amazing. For sure. Workout supplements, TruLabs (true labs) pre, which could be preworkout, which could be preflight, which can be pre-charge, which could be pre go to work every day. Pre Day. You’ve got the sleep, which is the best sleep formula patented sleep formula ever invented. It’s going to be amazing. We’ve got the protein, the protein, we’ve got the protein plus Collagen energy and the energy, and that’s all happening as we speak. It’s happening. Files are being sent from all over the country. They’re going to be compiled here. They’re going to come through our office in Mckinney, Texas and go to our, um, our printing press here in Mckinney, Texas, and we are about to unleash the beast has go, it’s going to be amazing. What else you got? It’s exciting enough. That’s it. Let’s go grab some pre best workout supplements. Ever invented the most innovative ever.