This is doctor Bryan Ardis with Trulabs (true labs). This will be our 19th podcast. We’re going to talk today about workout supplements. What is not considered a workout supplement? If you go to the movies and eat popcorn, that is not included as a beneficial type of supplement. All right, so let’s discuss sleep and why sleep is so important. As a part of our workout routine, the most recovery and healing that we actually receive for our bodies is while we’re asleep during the day, our body consumes energy and nutrients in order to provide us with daily function, which is thought movement, uh, bowel movements, urination, it doesn’t matter. Every daily function that we produce, driving, sitting, thinking. It all requires nutrients. So a lot of our energy reservations and our nutrients that we get from our food, we’re consuming to produce those bodily functions. When we go to sleep at night, all of those energy code requirements go away.

And then our immune system actually focuses its attention on using as much energy as possible while we’re asleep to repair tissue, to boost the immune system’s action against infections. All right? Fight infections, produce white blood cells to fight those infections and then to repair tissue that we’ve damaged during our workouts. So sleep is extremely beneficial. Here at drew labs, we’ve created a sleep product that it will both improve your body’s natural ability to produce Melatonin, which helps us get into our rem cycles of sleep, which is where the maximum benefits from our sleep come from. And our workout supplement for sleep is just incredible. It will work from the first night you take it. This isn’t something you have to take for a month at a time before you start to see benefits. We want our clients to be receiving benefits of this sleep bade from the first day they take it because we want the benefits coming from every time you work out.

And then of course if you’re not working out too, we want you to be able to, to be able to continue to recover and repair and regenerate new energy, which is what’s one of the benefits of sleep. And uh, that helps improve your daily functions everyday required regardless if you’re working out or not. Just to carry out your activities of daily living. It would be beneficial to, especially it’s improved my sleep. All right, so some of the ingredients that we’ve used in our workout supplement for sleep includes products that helped to lower cortisol. I don’t know if you know this, but if you lay down at night and your mind starts to race and it does not want to go to sleep or go into its comatose state, that’s because it is to your is too high in co of cortisol. Cortisol is our stress hormone and a lot of people in America struggle with cortisol excess, which does not allow them to get into rem sleep and it creates a lot of stress on their body period.

Therefore, the benefits that would come from your fitness workout that you’re focusing on and your dietary restrictions that you’ve put on yourself, you are not going to be benefiting as well if your cortisol stays high. So if you find yourself having a hard time falling asleep, it would be more beneficial to take our workout supplement for sleep that would improve you getting into rem sleep where your buddy can recover and heal from the breakdown you were creating while you were working out. Therefore, we created products to lower cortisol, to increase the vitamin and minerals that are required for your body to even make Melatonin and it will get you into that superficial sleep first and then into your deep rem cycle of sleep, which is where the maximum energy production in reservation occurs and where your recovery of muscle tone, bone density and immune factors or kicked in.

The better sleep you have, the less often you will get sick. The better sleep you have, the more build you will have from your workouts. The better sleep you have, the more energy your adrenals will have to carry you throughout your daily activities. There’s a reason why as a part of our workout regimen, we wanted to create a workout supplement that improves sleep is because sleep is where you get your build. It’s where you get your endurance for energy. Your adrenal glands that sit on top of your kidneys that produce adrenaline are only recharged while you were sleeping. I used to use this analogy with patients all the time, but have you ever plugged in your phone when it was low on battery, when you went to bed at night and then you woke up in the morning and saw it still had the same amount of battery, even though it was plugged in only to realize it wasn’t plugged in at the wall.

That’s what it’s like to have just superficial sleep. Superficial sleep means you’re staying in what’s called twilight sleep and you’re not reaching what’s called Rem, which is rapid eye movement and you’re going to wake up just as tired as you were the day before. So if you’re not getting into rem, you’re not going to be generating energy. If you want rem sleep to give you energy the next day and improve your focus and recovery and keep your immune system at its peak, you better make sure you’re plugged into the wall or else you will have no charge or no energy in the morning. So we’ve created a workout supplement for sleep to benefit the pre-product you’re taking before you work out to for the energy product you’re going to be taking daily when you’re not working out. And then to also synergistically work with our protein and our protein in college and product, which helps with recovery.

So while you’re sleeping, your immune system can focus on gathering the protein from the supplement you’re taking from us, which is the protein and protein plus Collagen. And then it will actually stick that protein and that protein in college and into the damaged areas of tendons, ligaments, and muscles which had been damaged on purpose during our workouts. The build of muscle and muscle tone comes from putting protein back into those areas in which we’ve damaged. And your immune system regulates how quick that happens. It happens most often when you’re in rem sleep. So the benefit of taking a sleep workout product, we can’t emphasize that enough. If we can actually encourage the body to benefit from a pre product that provides nutrients to get through your workout and then a protein and protein plus college and then improve your sleep at night, uh, it is a maximum benefit in win and your results are going to be greater than you’ve ever experienced. This is doctor artists with Trulabs (true labs). If it’s wellness, it’s truLabs