Okay, here we go, starting the podcast number two aboutTruLabs Healthy pre-workout supplements and, and you know, not just McKinney, not just Texas, not just the USA, but the world.


Try and make sure we’re changing the world all the way around changing the world through TruLabs Healthy pre-workout supplements. So what do you think about that, Josh?

Uh, I think some people won’t quite understand exactly what we’re talking about when we say that. What are we talking about a. well, traditionally it’s, everybody’s kind of doing the same thing really. Honestly, when you talk about a pre workout, if you look at them, they’re all kind of doing the same thing. They’re all kind of adding in the same ingredients. And then what happens, I don’t know, two years later it’s like, oh man, this, this ingredient got banned. We can’t use this anymore. We should, we should talk about just pre workout today. Just preworkout talk about TruLabs ¬†preworkout and why it’s different compared to other preworkout set, you know, they, they have the regular paperwork at that comes out and then they have the preworkout that is the new and improve advanced formula. Then they come out with the Max formula, then they come out with a hold on what they mean by new and improved means they had to change it because an ingredient got band that they can’t use anymore.

That’s what they mean by new and improved. That doesn’t necessarily. Uh, and then people take that product and they’re like, well crap, this doesn’t, this isn’t the same product. It doesn’t fit. Hit me the same way. Well, it’s because they had to change it. The agreement that they were using d, h, m a, you know, or what are, what were some of the old ones way back in the day when they were using like the Ronnie Coleman Stove. Uh, that was, that was a good stuff back then. Right. It was basically a laser grow hair on your chest to send you took one sip illegal meth is basically what it was. That’s why women have been so attracted to us is because they don’t feel like it’s another preworkout company that’s just based around stimulants. Oh, I thought you were saying attracted to me. Well. Oh, you are married.

Happily married. I am very happily married. Uh, yeah, that is definitely why women are more attracted to what we put out there. You know what I mean? A lot of the times you look at a pre workout is red, black. It’s got a demon on it that’s got some bull on there that’s looks mean as heck and wants to come out and kill you. Yeah. Which, hey, that might attract somebody. Um, but that wasn’t who we wanted to attract. It’s not, um, how we think our pre workout is. Some of those other preworkouts they hit them, they hit people so hard because they have so many stimulants in there. Um, that, that picture might actually accurately represent them. And we made sure that our branding and the colors and how invite people we are. I think I just made up a word and I’m a Mexican so I’m not good with my English a lot.

I miss her. Um, but yeah, so when you look at our colors, we’re inviting a and we wanted that to happen. We it to be inviting. We wanted or women in particular to look at our product and not be scared of it. They can take our product and it’s safe and they should be taking our product if they’re going to the gym. Yeah. Almost like the softer side of pre workout. Yeah, absolutely. Now don’t. Don’t let that statement scare some of you away who are like, all I’ve ever taken is some crazy stimulant pre workout. Well, that’s, that’s not always the best thing for you and you don’t want to say strong enough for a woman but made for a man, right? Yeah, exactly. I think that would be some of those other ones. I mean, yeah, they might work for you, but are you looking at the longterm effects?

I’m, I’m sure most people who are going to the gym aren’t going to the gym just so they could look good and feel good now. Uh, they’re doing it so they can look good and feel good when they have kids when they have grandkids, right. Nobody wants to. I personally don’t want to be that grandpa that’s sitting on the couch and watching my grandkids play. Like I want to play with them, I want to play with my great grandkids, you know, and so I’m going to take care of myself now. Uh, and that includes the supplements that I’m taking to help myself way later on down the road instead of just worrying about right now and what’s in front of me right now. Because in all honesty, that doesn’t help in any fashion. Now that you’re in right now, you always have to look at the world. We’re talking about

workout supplements and we’re talking about pre workout and we’re talking about the world’s first pre workout system. You found it and it’s here@drewlabs.com. It is TruLabs dot com TRULABS .com and that will get you to the world’s first pre workout system ever invented, invented by a Dr Brian Ardis, Brandon Pogue and you and, and Michael. I mean we were all, we were all their for testing. Every ingredient. We tested over 300 raw ingredients with the body. And from those 300 we only found 25 that are actually beneficial. $300 at most other supplement companies use in their mixes, they’re special mixes, they’re blends. And uh, and we found out that of those 300 that other people use, only 25 actually had no long term or short term side effects. And was safe, was healthy, was effective. And by the way, oh, ours tastes amazing. It tastes great.

It does it tasting pre workout. And I think one of the, one of the things that might be interesting for some people to, to realize here is how the TruLabs Healthy pre-workout supplements conversation started among all of us. We were all those four or five of us that worked out together at a gym for probably about a year, year and a half together. Um, and our sessions were like some sessions that you see like rich froning and some of those guys did. We were doing two hour sessions where we were just killing ourselves. Um, but you know, every morning we would all look at each other. Everybody was taking a different prewar what are you taking, what are you taking, what are you taking, what are you taking? And it turned out we had all been taking each other’s pre workout at a different point in time. We’d all cycled on and we cycled off of it and we were all on different ones at the time.

And I was like, there’s gotta be a solution to this problem. Um, and that’s when Brandon got a Dr artists involved, you know, and we all put our big brains together. Well his big brand and our small brains, but uh, got our brains together and that’s how we came up with this as a, as a system as a whole, right. A lot of the times you do, like brandon was saying earlier, you see some people have their other preworkout where that new and improved or it’s the plus one or it’s the, I don’t even know what you want to call it. Um, and, and don’t get confused by that. And what we are, we are truly a pre workout system. We cycled you on and off ingredients so you don’t have to worry about it. And we don’t use just one type of caffeine. No, we don’t.

We’re not dependent on caffeine. No, not at all. So what do we use? Our energy comes from Addington Robison. Phosphate, right? It’s a big words. They are very, very adenine. A chemical magic. Magic. Yeah. Uh, basically, you know, and here’s how I, here’s how I can explain it to people. You have ATP which is editing, triphosphate, right? And so that is how your body is naturally making energy. It’s how your body uses energy throughout the day. You have a certain amount of it’s stored in through your body, but you can’t go over a certain amount. Your body can only store so much of it. So what it does is it breaks it down and it has a stored in different ways, right? But when you do a workout, the problem is that when you start to use up that ATP that you had stored, your body has to break down that other stuff to be able to create and make more ATP.

Well, we do by giving you the Adenine ribosome phosphate is we give yourselves the ingredients to make atp at a snap, right? So now you have that. You don’t have that, that down point in your workout, you could just keep going through it. And the coolest part about it that I love hearing from people is that because that’s how you get the energy. You don’t have the crash. Yeah, right. That you would with 300 milligrams or 400 milligrams of caffeine, right? That is an insane amount of caffeine. And what happens when you stop feeling that one scoop, what do you do? You add another scope. So now you’re 800 milligrams. What happens after two scoops? You burn your adrenals and you just as permanent damage, keep doing that and keep doing it. And what people do, they hit three scoops a and then they move on to another pre workout.

Um, and it’s a different formula. So it hits them differently and then they do the same cycle over and over and over again. And you won’t have to do that with ours. You’re not going to have to look anywhere else. You’re going to know what’s in our product and you’re going to stay on it all the time as long as you cycle through every leading, naturally help the body create energy through Adenine rebels and phosphate, and then we use natural flavors and no dyes and no artificial colors to create an unbelievable experience in your TruLabs Healthy pre-workout supplements mouth. I literally almost that I just tasting products. Let’s, let’s, let’s use that on the tasting product. No, no, no. The other one. The other one on in your mouth. We’ll, we’ll use that one. We should. We might have some different clients than we anticipated on that, but uh, hey, if it works, Hey, I’m sure they need energy to

amazing about this. It’s not just been the professional athletes are sponsored athletes that we have or the people who are competing at the high, high level and the pro athletes arena. It’s really, it’s hitting a people who go hit the gym three times a week, four times a week, five times a week. People who are moms who are dads hitting my 14 year old daughters use it. She just qualified for the fittest experience. Shout out to her, she’s amazing athlete, but she uses it. She’s, she’s used it sometimes to go take a test. And what’s been amazing is that are pre workout has a, it helps the cognitive function to where you can actually think and um, and talk and communicate clearly. It’s, it’s an amazing product for that.

It is, you know, and this is what I like to, to tell people too, is like, hey, when we first made pre it was, we saw that as something we could fix, right? And it was like, Hey, let’s just go attack that. Um, and then quickly people started to ask us, hey, are you going to make an energy? Are you going to make a protein? Are you going to make any of that stuff? And what a great idea. Yeah, well we’ll at first what did we do? We kind of all looked at each other and we’re like, Eh, we’re just going to do a pre work. We’re just going to do a pre workout system. But as we started to do more and more research, we started figuring out, hey, there’s products out there that aren’t, that are pretty much like pre workout, they can be fixed. And, and that’s what we are. We’re on a path to fix the supplement industry. Really. We’re revolutionizing it by the way that we test. We test every single ingredient and then we test them as a whole, once it’s all together to make sure our bodies still prefers it. Right? And if it doesn’t, what do we do? We go back to the drawing board. Right? And you know, that’s not the, that’s not the cheapest thing in the world to do the same

thing on our proteins. The proteins that are about to come out. We had one ingredient that, um, that had been put in there that we had not tested. And we got it back and we saw the, saw the list on the supplement panels and we said, you know what, absolutely no way this can go in there. Nope. And so we rejected and we had to start from, from, uh, really the, the first foundation from square one.

Yeah. And I think people need to understand this too, is we were literally at the point that we were once a week and a half, two weeks away from batching it. Yeah. And, and completing everything. It’s been a four or five month, maybe even six month long process to get to that point. And we said, no, this isn’t what we want. This isn’t what is good for the body. We need to start over and we’re going to do that no matter what.

That’s right. So I think on our next podcast we should talk about protein. We should talk about the energy which you talked about the sleep, but this, this podcast was really geared toward the preworkout and how revolutionary that system has been. So if you haven’t tried it, please, uh, do an order at [inaudible] dot com. T R U L A, B [inaudible] dot com. Call Josh Wells on his, his customer service number, which is, he’s got to look up. He put me on the spot. I know I don’t even have my phone on. I can’t even lie to you. The true lab.com and sign up and the phone numbers on this phone number’s on there as well, but we appreciate you listening about the preworkout system and TruLabs ¬†and how we’re changing the game.

So, um, what else you got? Find your true potential which you labs for sure I’ve got Chris. Here’s something I’ll say to you guys, if you take a pre workout and you haven’t tried our pre workout, try it. If you take a pre workout and you don’t feel your preworkout anymore, go to [inaudible] dot com. Try It if you’ve never taken a pre workout because you’re scared to take a pre workout, go to [inaudible] dot com and try pre. I guarantee you it’s not going to be scary and you’re going to be able to feel it all the time. It’s amazing.

Really good. I love the way you said that. Thank you. Yep. Alright, so we’ll see you soon on the next podcast. Have a TruLabs Healthy pre-workout supplements¬†. Adios. See you.