This is doctor Brian Ardis back again for podcast number 21 with TruLabs (True Labs). I am the chief formulating officer, which is a made up title for all my stuff that I made. Uh, today. Uh, I’d like to just go through some statistics. There are currently 330 million people in the United States of America, of which less than 10% of those actually work out ever. That would be an estimated 33 million people working out on any regular basis. Of those 10% of the American populace that is working out on a routine basis, less than 10% of those are taking any workout supplements. Now we’re down to less than 3 million people in the United States taking a day they workout supplement of any kind. These are the people we’re talking to you on this a podcast here because we’re developing products for that. A minority group of 10% of the 10% of America, but then when you multiply that 10% or do the multiple for 10% of the entire world that we are making products for the global minority of 10% of the world which would be about 700 million people and those 700 million people.

We want you to listen up if you want the maximum benefit from your workout, you’re going to actually include and what to include our TruLabs (True Labs), proven and tested, clinically tried and proven in competitions, pre workout supplement. You’re also going to want to combine with that the protein and protein plus college in Sachez packets, which before your workout what provide fuel. If you take it after your workout, it will provide the essential needed elements to repair muscle ligaments, Collagen tendons that are all being text through your workout until your fitness regime. If you want to actually harness the benefits of the most recovery, you’re going to want to use our TruLabs (True Labs) sleep product, which will ensure you hit rapid eye movement or the deepest levels of sleep six to seven times a night, which is the optimum amount of rem cycles, which only last a few minutes, but that’s where your adrenals get the most of their energy restored. It’s when the most of your immune system has the time and the energy to repair tissue and take that protein you drink throughout the day and fill in those gaps. A muscle that’s been torn or injured during your workout so that when you wake up in the morning and you look like Brandon Pogue, who is our CEO, if you want to see what he looks like, go to TruLabs (True Labs).com and you’ll be blown away and you’ll be taken everything and he’s taken.

All right. Why do you want to take these workout supplements? Because during your workouts, you’re going to burn. You’re going to urinate, you’re gonna sweat, you’re gonna poop afterwards, or even during. You’re going to eliminate minerals and vitamins from your body that you require to make all the movements, all the breathwork called the muscle contractions throughout your workout. It’s required that you have energy and fuel and that fuel you usually get from your food. You’re gonna be using it more than you would on your normal days activities when you’re working out, it’s best that you use workout supplements to supplement what you’re losing from your activities, your workout activities. We prefer and recommend that you do this before your workout so that you know tax your organs and your muscles so intensely or your heart during the workouts that they struggle or become fatigued. So we get offer a pre product that provides, provides those workout supplements for you before you get started.

We also have on the days in which you are not doing your fitness activities, we’ve got your, uh, energy product, TruLabs (True Labs) energy. This will provide you with five to seven hours of energy every day for the normal working day or for your normal school days. It’ll give you be anhydrous that’ll help you with focus at work. Looking at that screen in your cubicle or working up those proposals or contracts and it’ll help you students in high school, university studies. It’ll help you focus on your tests, your homework, your books, your reports. Uh, it’s vital that your brain is actually giving all the nutrients that it needs and we provide amino acids, vitamins and minerals in are simply energy product to provide the fuel to your organs so that you succeed in all of your activities. Your body’s main source of fuel for any activities that you do is going to be protein.

He find protein. You also find fat as a fuel source. You also find carbohydrates as a fuel source. The healthiest of those, in my opinion, would be number one, protein number two, fat number three, carbohydrates. We have not created a sachet of fat yet, but we could, but we haven’t done that yet. We’ve decided to go first with protein and we have sourced our protein from a concentrated form of way. Also, collagen protein for individuals to help improve skin, hail, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, muscle fibers. Every cell membrane of your body contains Collagen. Every skin cell of your body requires Collagen. If you want healthier skin, healthier hair, healthy old muscle tone, healthier tendons and ligaments that are going to support your fitness activities and your gains. It’s essential that you combined collagen. You can also find collagen and protein. If you just eat a steak, it’s got all the Fascia that has collagen, the ligaments, tendons wrapped around muscle that it can provide that for you.

 But for a lot of you, a lot of people for drinking their proteins, we find these days. So we provide packets that are flavored with chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut. And it will make your, it’ll make your taste buds love what you’re drinking. It doesn’t taste like a steak. Maybe we’ll come out with an a one flavored protein drinks so you think you’re eating a steak maybe, but for now, enjoy the chocolate and joy. The Vanilla. Enjoy the chocolate hazelnut protein packets that we provide. It’ll give you 33 grams of protein. And very often in my practice, I was asked how much protein a day should I ingest Dr Artists? And my response is the normal that individual, without ever increasing their fitness levels or activities, they should be consuming at least 25 grams of protein in the morning every morning for their entire life. If you are working out, we’re actually producing and you’re including a workout in your daily activities, you should at minimum be getting, if you’re working out in the morning for sure, 33 grams of protein, which is what we have in our sashay packets are individual packets.

 He should also, I suggest not only take protein before your workout, you should take protein after your workout and that’s where you get your most gains. You’re going to be burning that fuel of protein source before you work out during your workout, and it’s best to put protein right after your workout to to help you maintain all of your energy and all of your recovery and your build and gains from the workout you just completed. We’ve got your energy, we’ve got your pre products for your workout. We’ve got your energy supplement, we’ve got your sleep product, we’ve got your protein and protein in college, and these are a masterful blend of workout supplements to help you meet your goals. If it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs, we’re out.