Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs) podcast as a doctor Brian Ardis, chief formulator for the products at TruLabs (true labs) which include true lab sleep, TruLabs (true labs), energy for daily energy, TruLabs (true labs) pre which is to proceed your workout or your fitness routine. Also we have TruLabs (true labs) protein. We also have TruLabs (true labs) protein plus Collagen in an amazing flavor of chocolate and hazelnut or a whey concentrate protein which is TruLabs (true labs) protein contains two flavors, chocolate and vanilla for now and we’re excited for you to be a part of the TruLabs (true labs) family. Drew labs was designed with one intent in mind which was to create workout supplements that are going to provide all of our athletes and those who are wanting to improve the quality of their life through fitness. We wanted to make sure that they were able to achieve their gains, which one? When you start your workout, you want to make sure you can finish your workout routine, which for a lot of people usually averages between 30 minutes and an hour.

And we wanted to make sure that we provided enough energy and our TruLabs (true labs) pre-product to give you enough energy and stamina that your body could actually complete the required movements they required reps, the work required exercise to complete your at minimum one hour, 30 minutes to one hour workout. And that’s what we put in pre. At least that’s what I put in pre. And that’s what we have designed is a product to give you at minimum one hour’s worth of energy to supply your body all it needs to complete what you start. Most of our athletes and most of the people using our products find that it gives them hours of focus and hours of energy, not just for the one hour workout period, but uh, that’s a benefit coming from three different ingredients that are found in our pre product, which are unique only to our TruLabs (true labs).

Pre our TruLabs (true labs) pre workout product actually contains three ingredients. Adenine ribosome phosphate. If you remember from biology class, these three elements are required for every cell in your body to produce one chemical element that provides all the energy to every cell in your body. There’s little bitty cells or Organelles. They are called inside of your cells called Mitochondria and these little cells absorbed through the cell membrane wall. This is going to be a nerdy podcast. He absorbed at an Ain ribosome phosphate through your cell membrane wall. It goes inside the cell plasma as it floats around in their mitochondria, sucks it up those three components and then attaches them together to produce what’s called Adenine triphosphate. There’s an abbreviation that most people are familiar with. It’s called ATP. Well, you have trillions of cells in your body. These trillions of cells produce all of them.

ATP. In order for those cells to function, we’re talking about brain cells for memory focus. We’re talking about heart cells to be able to pump and move blood throughout your body. That’s what gives it the energy to do that, and we’re talking about muscles to contract. You give out ahead ATP to be able to do that. Every cell in your body requires ATP production. So we actually provide the body the three main, the three only components of ATP production, and an amount in which we know will provide you enough energy for hours. The reason why we designed the product this ways, we wanted it to not only put stimulants into the body that people are used to getting in there and energy drinks that simply and solely stimulates the adrenals to release all of it’s adrenaline. Caffeine is one example of a source of a stimulant.

Caffeine will stimulate your adrenals to release 25 minutes of all of it’s stored adrenaline. And then after 25 minutes, you’re gonna start to tank. Well, our pre-product provides you with hours of energy because we don’t just make the adrenals release. It’s 25 minutes of stored adrenaline. We’re going to make every cell in your body release energy for hours through its own function of ATP. So that’s the secret behind TruLabs (true labs). Pre, it is a workout supplement designed to give you all the energy you need to complete what you started when you go to approach your fitness activity for the day. And we recommend you take that before every workout. I do, my kids do. My wife does. All of us here at TruLabs (true labs). We use pre, before every workout. Uh, it’s an uh, it’s an amazing workout supplement. Now we have a lot of people that like to use are simply pre, just or pre-product simply before they go to work because they won’t focus at work while they’re teaching or work while they’re on the auction block or work while they’re at their cubicle on a computer and a weave.

I found that alarming. I didn’t really want people taking a products to stimulate and produce that much energy that I was expecting them to burn up and an hour of a workout. But they were using every day and activities that weren’t requiring that much energy. So we designed and formulated a product that would provide the same amount in length of time, energy without overstimulate stimulating hormones in the body, like adrenals to release adrenaline. We didn’t need that 25 minutes of adrenaline. I just wanted the body to produce ATP all for hours and give it enough for those components to do that. One of the secret formulas and components of our products as a certain and specific amount of if an ingredient called to be taken and hydrous, some people call it Beta anhydrous, but Beta anhydrous saturates every red blood cell in your body with oxygen and makes it hold on to it longer than normal.

¬†And that oxygen in the red blood cells gets delivered into the brain and helps improve focus, which is why so many of the people who were using TruLabs (true labs), energy, product and our pre product have so much greater focus and concentration while using the product. And they find that beneficial at work, at their workouts while they’re reading, while they’re studying in school, whether in their university studies, while they’re writing their reports, they find other focuses greatly improved by using our workout supplements or workout supplements of pre and our workout. Supplement of energy, uh, we expect and would encourage you to use are simply pre-product before your workouts and we expect you and encourage you to use are simply energy product and try it today. If you want to increase your focus without having to drive caffeine into your adrenals through coffee three or four times day a morning, you can do it all with just one small packet, the size of a crystal light packet. You can do that once in the morning and that’ll give you energy for tire work day.

Workout supplements are vital for improving our function. Most of our, most of us in this country, uh, don’t actually put in all the required minerals and vitamins we need per day based on our diet, based on our process foods. And uh, the stress that we’re under stress actually makes our bodies burn up and release more energy in the form of minerals and vitamins than we would without the stress. So we live in a high octane, high cortisol, high stress society, and the more stressed we are at work, the more minerals we lose. You put those back in and your focus, your in your performance all improves your daily lives. Performance will improve. Your daily work experience will improve, your workouts will improve, you will reach those personal records faster when you use our workout supplements here at TruLabs (true labs), Dr Artists is out.