Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs) podcast is number 23 with Dr Brian Ardis. Uh, this article we’re going to focus on workout supplements in their importance. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the term workout means you’re going to go work out by definition. Supplement supplements are by definition, supplementing the minerals and vitamins you do not get from your food. For 15 years I’ve been in practice helping people uncover the root causes of their diseases, the root causes of their emotional distress, the root causes of their ailments, their diseases. And most of them actually come down. 80% of them, most likely on average, come down to a vitamin or mineral deficiency solely. And when we started feeding patients specific supplements designed to help them rebalance their bodies, mineral and vitamin loads, miraculously, there’s symptoms disappeared, which was fabulous. So, uh, we had a very successful practice, 16, 15 years, 17,000 patients.

It’s been a heck of a ride. Multiple, multiple countries of individuals who have flown to our Frisco, Texas Office for help from Italy to to Barbados, to Saint Lucia, from Taiwan, from Paris, France. We’ve had them from all over the place, from England, from Ghana, we’ve had them from all over the place. Uh, I love their trust. I’d love them coming to us to help them. But the majority of what we did was actually just feed our patients patients supplements when, when it was approached to me, the idea to help create products for the fitness industry to help with athletes designing a system of pre workout products so that we did not get adrenal burnout or fatigue. I was thrilled. Uh, number one, we were going to be using workout supplements that were raw ingredients and all natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals and herbs that are proven and have scientifically and research been proven for like hundreds of years to actually boost energy, boost production, boost endurance.

And I was so excited to start formulating these workout supplements. Uh, it took us about a 350 different individual raw ingredients from around the world. We combined them in various combinations. Uh, we have four different combinations, a, B, c, and d, those four different products. We have about 20 packets per formula. And that’s designed to be so that a, you actually taken certain amount of ingredients that will actually support your workout for about 20 workouts, which will last about a month on average for most people who were on a scheduled routine of working on. And then you would switch each month from virgin a diversion, be diversion seat version d. And the beauty of the actual system is never does your body get used to the same ingredients. Secondly, your body will never experience adrenal burnout or fatigue as a result, which for a lot of men and women, if you haven’t noticed, there are about, I don’t know, two or 3000 low testosterone clinics around the country.

These, the, these days, a lot of these individuals had been taking coffee every day, multiple times the morning. They’ve been taking energy drinks before they work out. And there’s two organs in your body that are responsible for producing testosterone that your adrenals and your testes, uh, and your ovaries or your ovaries. But your adrenals are what stimulate your ovaries or your testes to actually produce your testosterone. And as you take in more and more stimulants like caffeine, coffee, energy, drinks, if you’re doing that every day for years and years, your adrenals are no longer able to support producing adrenaline and the other hormones it produces to stimulate your reproductive organ hormones to release enough testosterone and then you get low testosterone. And then we see a lot of patients who are on testosterone pellets or testosterone shots weekly to try to keep their testosterone up at a normal level because the effects of having low testosterone or lethargy, brain fog, memory loss, a libido, low libido, they have rectal dysfunction.

They, uh, there’s a lot that would, they have no more or very little self motivation. Uh, I don’t know if you know this, but testosterone is actually called and has been labeled by many as the motivation hormone. It’s actually what motivates, creates ambition and drive for the majority of young men in the world, which I find ironic when the girls fall in love with this young men, we have this abundance of testosterone and all these dreams and ambitions and that’s what the girls are attracted to. And then we get married and then the boys, you know, start work, they drain their adrenals with coffee and energy drinks and stress from work and then all of a sudden they become couch potatoes and Lexa DyeCycle and they have no interest in sex anymore and all the dreams and ambitions disappeared. There’s a direct line and connection to loss of ambition, loss of dream and drive to testosterone loss over time.

And if you can actually put back in that testosterone, the drive comes back, the connection and excitement of life comes back. Ambition and drive between your relationships, between your financial goals, business goals, I’ll improve. We are designing workout supplements to help protect your body from actually crashing as a result of overabundance of stimulants if you’re working out. That’s why we created TruLabs (true labs) pre, we don’t want people just using any, any form of stimulants to drive an hour’s worth of production of energy. We want it to protect them from burnout or adrenal burnout or fatigue. That’s what most of the countries actually dealing with right now. So we created workout supplements to support that one hour’s worth of workout. At least. Uh, most people on average are doing 30 minutes to an hour. So we’ve got products that will give you a minimum of one hour’s worth of energy.

Uh, most people find they have hours of three, five, seven hours even at following their workout. And the compliment of minerals and vitamins and amino acids, uh, have been proven and shown to improve not only my own and not only us here at drew labs, but also all of our fitness guys and athletes. They find that their focus and mental acuity is so much greater throughout their workout and then following their workouts that many of them have actually said doctor artists that it actually feels like I need to go read a textbook after I get finished. My brain feels so clear and focused, which they don’t normally find. And uh, with any other workout products or workout supplements which we find awesome. I designed them on purpose to do that, which is great. We here at TruLabs (true labs) look forward to, you’re using our TruLabs (true labs) pre it is a workout supplement like no other and your benefits, your performance, your results are going to be fabulous. Is it doctor artist for TruLabs (true labs)? If it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs.