Welcome to TruLabs (true labs) podcast. This is podcast number 27 with doctor Brian Ardis, chief formulator of all of our products here at TruLabs (true labs). Uh, for those of you who were, uh, starting off this year, 2019 with a push to want to increase your fitness, improve your health, one of the things you might want to consider as a workout regimen regimen, improve your dietary intake of lower carbs, keep it below 50 or 60 grams a day, increase your protein minimum 90 grams a day, and then your fat content should be somewhere around 70 grams. Those are just overall recommendations for that. Aside from improving your diet, do you want to make sure you’re getting seven to eight hours of sleep aside from the sleep? You want to make sure that, uh, you’re keeping stressed down to a minimum. Uh, and you can find ways of doing that either through spiritual reflection, meditation, prayer, uh, just quiet, reading, resting.

These are all ideas to help improve the reduction of stress. Stress raises a hormone called Cortisol, cortisol, but excess stress on all your hormones and causes your body to actually store fat, which is not usually a a new year’s resolution I’ve ever heard that they wanted to put on more fat this year. The normal, however, we constantly hear about people wanting to lose weight, improve their fitness, make more money, improve their relationships. These are all some very healthy goals. For those of you who are trying to improve your health, you want to get more arrest, improve your diet, start a workout regimen. At least start out with three days a week. When you’re adding in your workout regimen is going to be important. You take a actually some very good workout supplements to both improve your endurance as you’re getting started so that you can last for the either 25 30 minute workout you’re going to start with.

Or if you’re trying something lighter and go for an hour, that’s what you want to improve on. Then you want and that’s what you want to start with. If you want to start with an hour’s work out then you one I want to take some kind of workout supplement that will provide for you the things that your diet doesn’t to help you achieve in during the timeline of your workout. What are some of the things that are beneficial inside of a workout supplement? Uh, you can actually look at the ingredients of our TruLabs (true labs) supplements, which includes TruLabs (true labs). Pre TruLabs (true labs) pre contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals that both support your body’s production of energy to make muscles contract to increase focus and mental acuity and the brain increased blood flow from the heart to all of your body, which provides oxygen and energy.

And if you look at the ingredients inside a TruLabs (true labs) per, you’ll see some of the things that are going to be important in your workout supplements. You’re going to see vitamin B, vitamin B is required for the heart to contract. The actual health of the heart is dictated completely by how much vitamin B complex you have in your body, which spans B one through B 17. Uh, most people only hear about B 12 most often because so many people are fatigued. You often only hear about B12 injections or be 12 supplementation, but there are many B vitamins that provide fuel to the heart. As we become deficient in B vitamins, actually we get congestive heart failure. That’s the number one cause for congestive heart failure, which in America is still the number one cause of death in America. So to improve your health, to make sure you’re taking a good complex.

If vitamin B’s, you’ll find that in her TruLabs (true labs) pre aside from vitamin B, one of the things that people lack the most is the ability to endure their activity. Whatever the workout is or fitness regimen is, they have a difficulty actually finish what they start and that’s usually because of a lack of cardio health and lack of oxygen. Being able to maintain a healthy breathing rate to provide that oxygen inside of TruLabs (true labs) pre. You’ll find that in each formula there’s actually a healthy amount of what’s called Betaine anhydrous. This is actually an amino acid that actually makes every red blood cell in your body bind more auction into it for a longer timeframe. In fact, most athletes and most people who are working out to any degree who are using our true lab spree, they actually will say that they’ve had better focus, better mental clarity throughout their workouts and then after their workouts for hours.

And that’s because of the between and hydrous saturating the brain with oxygen. Now between and Hydros does not just supply oxygen to the brain. It also supplies oxygen to your muscles, which is required to keep your muscles active during any period of workout. If you’ve ever heard of a altitude sickness athletes who try to perform at higher altitudes, which has limited oxygen, they will experience many, many muscle cramps as a result of lack of oxygen. Uh, mentally their focus will go out and then they do not have the same endurance. They cannot last as long with the amount of oxygen that’s supplied. If you actually increase the [inaudible] and hydrous intake into your body using a workout supplement like our TruLabs (true labs) pre you will have plenty of oxygen to last minimally at least an hour, if not two to three hours of working out or running or walking.

Uh, those are some of the ingredients inside a TruLabs (true labs) pre you’ll find that are beneficial for to supplement during your workout. Uh, aside from working out and making sure that you have your pre product to supply the supplements during your workout, you’re going to make sure that you eat food after your workout to supply protein, fats, and carbs for all the energy your body requires. After that also included with taking the supplements before your workout. You also want to make sure you’re getting healthy forms of protein. If you want any benefit from your workout, you better put enough protein into your body. Protein makes your body store, or sorry, it makes, it makes your body burn fat to break down the protein. Protein is what your body actually accumulates from your food or whatever you’ve ingested and then sticks that inside the muscles that had been torn during the workouts.

So then you’ll see your muscle tone improve as you increase protein intake. You’ll see the book that comes on with athletes as they actually are lifting heavier, working out more. That all comes from the amount of protein that’s provided to the body. Uh, we provide a protein supplement, contains 33 grams of protein. It comes from TruLabs (true labs). Uh, we formulated that and we have three versions. One is a chocolate version, one is a vanilla flavor version. Those two are a whey protein concentrate, so it comes from way which is sourced from cow’s milk. Then we also have what’s called a chocolate hazelnut flavor, which actually combines two sources of protein, which is whey protein and collagen protein, which the whey protein will provide the muscle, the protein it needs to build tonicity and to build strength and give you energy. And then it also provides collagen protein, which is the structure to make your ligaments, tendons, cartilage, hair, nails, and skin healthy as possible. This is the 27th the TruLabs (true labs) podcast with doctor artists. Good luck to your New Year’s resolutions.