Welcome to TruLabs (true labs). Podcast number 28 this is doctor Brian Ardis, chief formulator as I call myself of our TruLabs (true labs) products, which includes TruLabs (true labs), pre TruLabs (true labs), energy, TruLabs (true labs), sleep TruLabs (true labs), protein and TruLabs (true labs), protein plus Collagen. The four products we have designed are to help each and every one of you achieve the optimum health goals you have and are desiring as you start your workout and fitness regimes, period. You want results, we’ll help you get those results. We also did it in a format of wellness products. Each of these products can provide healthy ingredients to improve how your body functions and help you get faster, better results from your workouts. All right, so we decided when we initiated this company to produce products that were workout supplements that would improve the body’s ability to maintain, build, maintain gains without creating hormonal crashes of testosterone.

That was really the initial goal. So the initial goal was to protect the organs that produce testosterone from being burned out by excessive stress coming from caffeine or heavy stimulating drinks or energy products, which a lot of athletes are doing. We also find that the average of 35 to 40 year old male is uh, currently in America sustaining levels of testosterone, about 20 to 30. Now, for all of those who don’t know what the normal levels are, they normal range for testosterone by any lab is a healthy level of 200 to 1200, which to me is a ridiculous range. I think it’s horrible. It should be more defined for any age group to be between somewhere of 600 and a thousand. But if you want to maintain healthy muscle tone, motivation, goal setting and ambition, those are all driven by one hormone called testosterone. And testosterone gets destroyed by caffeine and other heavy stimulants that we often find in a lot of energy drinks.

Also, sugar crashes it. So a lot of the drinks contain or energy products contain high fructose corn syrup that is a highly dense sugar, uh, that actually will promote destruction and reduction of testosterone and inversely increased cortisol release, which is a horrible hormone that does no benefit to you whatsoever. If you’re trying to live a healthy fit life, cortisol will make you stressed. It will create anxiety, depression, the more cortisol you’re making from all the sugar you’re eating and all the stress you’re experiencing, it will also cause you to store fat in places you don’t want. If you see belly fat on somebody, that’s an absolute indication of excess cortisol. Cortisol by nature. We were supposed to have a certain amount of cortisol levels are really dictated by the foods we eat and the amount of sleep that we get and our ability to manage stress.

So when we wake up in the morning, our cortisol actually should be at its peak at its highest. That cortisol helps provide some energy as we get started throughout our day and then it should taper off at lunch, then be at it’s lowest point, uh, and the evening when we’re trying to go to bed and to rest, rest for the rest of the night. Most Americans though find it very difficult to fall asleep in the evening and they’ll just lay there looking at the ceiling and that’s a result of excess cortisol and their cortisol cycling being reversed, which means their cortisol instead of being high in the morning is low in the morning and then it’s elevating in the afternoon and peaking at night. Cortisol is our stress hormone. Therefore people that lay there in bed looking at the ceiling just worrying about everything. That’s actually because cortisol is way too high in the evening.

There’s actually a great product and we’re in the, in the process we’ve actually formulated ingredients to help with cortisol, but any of you who are actually taking any of our products, if you’re having cycles of cortisol that are an excess, you should go to your nearest supplier of Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is an herb. Find the supplement somewhere. A standard process actually has a company called Meti herb that makes a great tablet of Ashwagandha, Ashwagandha. It’s been actually proven in research studies to lower cortisol when it’s ingested, very similar to how insulin breaks down. Blood sugar. Ashwagandha has the same effect on Cortisol, so if you’re having a hard time falling asleep and you’re having a hard time losing weight, it’s most likely because your cortisol is an excess. Ashwagandha would absolutely help you. Now if you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to use Ashwagandha, I already mentioned that the best, that the best cycle for cortisol is to have a higher peak cortisol in the in the morning and it should taper off naturally throughout the day and then be at peak again in the morning.

If you’re wide awake at night, that means you’re piquing your cortisol in the evening, which means you should take more Ashwagandha at night than in the morning cause Ashwagandha cuts down cortisol. If you will introduce one tablet of Ashwagandha and afternoon two in the evening and just keep doing that, that will actually start making the cycle of cortisol shift and if cortisol is lowered in the evenings and while you’re sleeping, you’ll start burning fat while you sleep instead of gaining weight while you’re asleep. That’s just one supplement that can help you. That’s outside of our workout supplements that we’ve created, which is TruLabs (true labs). Pre TruLabs (true labs) pre provides you energy. It gets you through your workout. It’ll last easily an hour to provide you enough energy without taxing your adrenals to burn out your testosterone. Our next workout supplement is our TruLabs (true labs) protein. TruLabs (true labs) protein should be used, I would suggest before your workout and afterwards.

If you’re doing a pretty intense heavy workout, you want to be taking it at least the 33 grams of one packet in the right before you work out. I would suggest within 30 minutes before you work out and then at least 30 minutes after you work out, do you wanna be able to do it within that first 30 minutes? That’s where you’ll get the most gains from that protein you ingest. That’ll give you about 66 grams of protein in the morning, which is a fabulous start to trying to get at least 90 grams of protein per day. Our third workout supplement is our TruLabs (true labs) energy product. If you’re not working out in a particular day, but you want to have sustained energy and focus throughout your normal activities of daily living. A TruLabs (true labs) energy is a perfect product for that. It provides the minerals, the vitamins, and the herbs to actually stimulate your body enough to give you energy for five to seven hours with just one packet.

Your mental clarity will be better. Your production will go up and you’ll find great success using that. Our fourth product is TruLabs (true labs), sleep. This product, it’s relapse. Sleep is a workout supplement designed to improve the effects of your workout and then improve your cortisol cycles and improve how many times you hit rem sleep at night. Sleep is essential for repair and recovery of not only infections, but of muscle building of tear down during your workouts. It’s essential and sleep is vitally important, so to improve that, we’ve created a workout supplement called true lab sleep. These are just some of the benefits of workout supplements as a part of your daily routine. Our intent to get results if it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs, I’m doctor artists. Thanks for joining our podcast.