Welcome to trulabs podcast number 29. This is doctor Brian Ardis, formulator of all the TruLabs (true labs)products. I’d like to just give you a little bit history of myself so you can kind of understand what it is. I’ve found workout supplements to be so beneficial. Uh, I actually hated grow when I grew up. I hated working out. I never enjoyed it. I would do pushups a lot, but I didn’t enjoy doing weightlifting. I didn’t enjoy doing this stuff. I played basketball 24, seven, at least if I was outside of school, that’s where you were going to find me on a basketball court somewhere. So to stay active and fit, that’s what I did. It was great. I was always very skinny. I’ll teach you some lessons I learned. Uh, I played a guard in high school when I was about to see sophomore year, I was about five foot eight.

By my junior year I was six foot tall and then my senior year I was six foot two and a half, six foot three from the time I was a sophomore until I was, until I graduated. Actually, it was the same week. I just kept getting taller and I was just very skinny. I was a skinny, tall, red head. Wait 155 pounds in my sophomore year and I stayed the same all the way through my senior year. I was just with stretching out into a long skinny toothpick. Well, in the summer between my junior year and my senior year, I decided to do an experiment. I decided I was going to take some weight gain or drinks and I was going to try to bulk up before my senior year so that I could play power forward or be more of like a sinner. But I needed to put on some mass cause I was just this light skinny guy.

So I decided that was going to drink like 90 grams of this weight. Gainer drink every day for the summer and I didn’t work out. I didn’t play basketball. I just sat around hoping I would get fat and then I could go for that fat in the muscle that Rome, when the school season started for basketball, well, I did that for three months. Every day I took my weight gainer drink, sat around the house, Watch TV, you didn’t do anything. I was lazy and at the end of the three months I actually had lost five pounds and I didn’t understand why it is. I consume so much stuff that was titled Weight Gainer and then lose five pounds doing that, doing nothing until, I actually read a book by Dr Mercola about 20 years ago, and in this book it’s called the total health cookbook. And the beginning of this book, Dr Mercola of Chicago actually has a writeup and it’s a quiz for every reader to read to determine what type of metadata metabolic type they are. That’s happening here at TruLabs.

 You have three metabolic types. You have what’s called protein metabolizers. You have carbohydrate metabolizers and then what are called mixed types. So in America there are only three types of humans. You’re either a protein type metabolizer here, either a carbohydrate metabolizers or you’re a mix of both. Now to help you understand what these, what this means is if you want to maintain your ideal weight and the lowest percent of body fat, 80% of Americans are protein metabolizers, which means the majority of their diet needs to be protein. If they are a carbohydrate type carbohydrate types for Americans is less than 10% of all of Americans. This means these are individuals that can eat any carbs they want and they will maintain lean muscle mass, low fat, and their immune system is very healthy. They don’t get sick very often. Same thing for the protein metabolizers.

80% of Americans are protein metabolizers, which means the majority of their dietary intake should be protein and if they ingest more protein and fat and carbs, their immune system will be healthy. Their body mass will be within normal range and they will be at their highest metabolism. They will hit hit their fitness goals. Now, less than 10% is actually a type called mixed type, which is like 7% or less, and 7% or less of Americans are mixed types, which means they can either eat carbs, I can either eat protein and it doesn’t matter. These are the people that you meet, that you’re disgusted by who actually eat whatever they want and they look great, feel great, all that stuff. Right? Well, when I first read this book, I realized I’m actually a protein metabolizer because I thought this because the more protein eight for that one summer, I actually lost weight. That’s happening here at TruLabs.

So actually burned fed. There’s eating protein and being lazy. So I just knew I must be a protein metabolizer. Uh, however, I’m actually not a protein metabolizer. It’s just so fact that the more protein you eat, the more more protein you eat, the more fat you burn. So whatever lean fat I had, which was very little, I actually burned five pounds of that over a three month period. Ingesting protein. But I actually am a mixed type and have my entire family. There’s seven of us. I’m the only one that can eat whatever I want and I just maintain the same lean mass, which is around 8% body fat and I’m now six foot three. And uh, anyway, from the time I was in high school till I was 37 years old, I’m actually 40 years old. I was 155 pounds and it never changed no matter what I, that’s because I’m a mixed type now that does not go for 80% of Americans, which is why the Atkins Diet was so good for the general public.

Not everyone, but for the majority. The more protein you eat, the more you lost, the skinnier you were. Well, when, uh, I was eight so I weighed 155 pounds from Tom. I was 18. About three and a half years ago, I was at urban air and I was urban areas, a trampoline indoor park. And I tore my ACL and one of those trampolines as I tore my ACL, tore my MCL and my LCL and lateral meniscus off the bone. Of course I had to have surgery for that. I went through Rehab for that. But about a year later, I realized my right leg was still half the size of my left leg and the right knee is and when I entered. So I began working out and taking workout supplements to help me get through these workouts. And that started by doing [inaudible], uh, for about two months. And I saw a little bit of improvement, but not a lot. That’s happening here at TruLabs.

It wasn’t until I was encouraged to go to crossfit, uh, two months later by our CEO, Brandon Pogue of TruLabs (true labs)and doing the, each of the exercises that are specific and crossfit, which was a lot of squats, a lot of a wall balls, a lot of box jumps. My right leg was equally the same size and muscle tone is my left leg. And during this period of the three months at crossfit is when I realized the importance of workout supplements. And it was because I was taking a workout supplement before I went to the workout. And Man, I had very little energy when I was going to crossfit, right after my work, days of seven hours of seeing patients, I’d go to the my workout. Man, I was dead tired about 30 minutes into it, but these workout supplements I would take would actually would help me over the next uh, year.

I did crossfit three or four times or five times a week and I saw a lot of benefit from working out and saw a lot more energy doing the workout supplements. Uh, as a result, uh, a year later I left crossfit, went to bodybuilding cause I wanted to, now that my legs are the same size, I want it to build up my upper body and it proportionate way I thought would be most beneficial to me what I wanted. So now I’ve been doing more bodybuilding for the last year and I’ve seen huge gains and using workout supplements in combination, which are the workout supplements we have over the last year designed here and created here at true labs. Workout supplements are a great adjunct. I’ve actually gone from 180, sorry, 155 pounds three and half years ago when I started P90x think cross fit then into bodybuilding. I’ve gone from being six foot three, 155 pounds from 18 years old til 40 to now, where I am actually 200 pounds at six foot three and I’d put on almost 50 pounds of muscle. And that has been the combination of the preworkout supplements. Uh, it has been the, uh, protein products that I’ve been taking to supplement before and after my workout. It creates a lot more building muscle and you’re going to find the same benefit from our TruLabs (true labs)workout supplements. I’m Dr Brian Artists may achieve the same goals I have if it’s wellness, It’s TruLabs.