Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs). Podcast is number 33 is a doctor Brian Ardis. We’re going to be talking about workout supplements. We’re also going to talk about TruLabs (true labs), workout supplements. Why would we talk about anything else? Because our products rock, alright, workout supplements. What is their benefit? You bought? Your body produces hormones, right? Your pituitary gland produces Tsh, which is called your thyroid stimulating hormone. Thyroid stimulating hormone stimulates your thyroid to release hormones like t three t four your t three t four hormones circulating your blood and they tell your adrenals to start stimulating the first 10% of the testosterone your body makes. It also tells your adrenals to release what’s called adrenaline. Your body’s stores 25 minutes of adrenaline. You can release that adrenaline by uh, getting really scared, getting shot, all your adrenaline to come out, get in a car wreck. All your adrenaline will be released and it lasts about 25 minutes.

You can also take a whole bunch of caffeine or a monster energy drink or some kind of energy drink. And if it’s got a lot of caffeine and it’ll stimulate all your adrenaline to be released within a 25 minute period and you’ll have a boost of energy, which is great, but it only lasts like 25 minutes and it takes like a whole day for your adrenals to recover. So we had here at TruLabs (true labs), produced a workout system, products of workout supplements that would actually protect your adrenals from not getting burned out like they do with caffeine. If you were to take, for example, Masha drinks or red bulls every day and you stopped taking them after a month or so of taking him every day, it would take your body about two months to recover and get the adrenals to make their own adrenaline again because they’re used to an artificial stimulant.

So what we did is it also destroys your testosterone production. By the way, if your adrenals get burned out and overstimulated best stimulants and or by stress, emotional stress, physical stress for too long of a period, you no longer can stimulate your ovaries or the testes to release the other 90% of the testosterone. Also, you’re not producing the hundred percent of adrenaline that comes from your adrenals. Therefore, it’s essential. We figured to protect the adrenals and the testes and ovaries by actually supplying workout supplements that contain ingredients that will ensure that not only the hormone glands in your body, like your pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and ovaries are testes are producing energy substances. We wanted every cell in your body, every cell, which there are trillions of not just focusing on these four hormone glands. We wanted to focus on the trillions of cells in your body that can generate a molecule called ATP.

ATP is abbreviated for it, d Adreno, Adeno triphosphate. It is a combination of three basic elements that are found in your food that when we ingest it, our gut breaks it down. The gut draws it up into the blood and the blood delivers it to every cell in your body. What the cell does, whether the cells sucks in these three components called Adenine, ribosome phosphate, and then it links all three of them together inside of a little bitty organelle inside the cell called Mitochondria. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells. If you remember learning this in your science courses or biology courses at your mitochondria produced this ATP which supplies the cell and the nucleus and every other part of your body with its own energy. So we here at TruLabs (true labs) decided that we were going to create the most affective preworkout supplement ever made or designed by ensuring that we had the three isolated components required to make ATP in the trillions of cells that we have are our TruLabs (true labs).

Pre-Product has enough Adenine, ribosome, phosphate degenerate ATP and all the cells of your body for up to three, four, five hours, plenty of course to get you through a one hour intense org out of any kind. We also included in with it in our workout supplement, we included something called between anhydrous, which is an amino acid, which has this fabulous ability to saturate your red blood cells with oxygen. I don’t know if you know what happens when you’re working out and you run out of oxygen, you pass out. So we want to make sure you’re not running out of auction and can actually store as much oxygen and get enough oxygen to your brain, your muscles so that you can endure your workout from start to finish. Also, we want you PR and having gains. We want you, uh, feeling confident that you’re getting results from your workout, which is why we included these in our workout supplements.

These are just a few of the examples that we can, we included calcium, we included vitamin B, we included vitamin A. We’ve included a lot of vitamins and minerals, calcium, some caffeine, and a couple of them. Just enough to give you enough stimulation. It’s okay to use it. It’s not okay to use it every day. Moderation is the key. So we’ve actually put it in two of our four formulas, which are going to be separated by at least a month apart. We have formula a, B, c, and d. You’re going to take one pre, you can do this, you can either use them alternatively for all four formulas everyday. Take one virgin a one day on Monday, Tuesday, take version B, Thursday, take virgin, see Saturday, take version d. You can do that if you wanted to, but we sell the packages, most of them in the individual formulas.

So you have a 20 day supply or 20 workout supply of a TruLabs (true labs) pre uh, that should last you about a month and that should last you enough workouts to get you to where you’re ready for version two. After a month or so or after your 20 workouts are complete, go to version B, which has a different set of ingredients in it to protect your body from adrenal burnout. And you’re going to find the same exact potency and effectiveness with version B, c, and d. But the formulas are very different. Their flavors are also different, which gives you a variety. You can also buy our tree lab sample pack, which will have all the samples of our pre-products, all eight flavors, and you can, those are mix them up every day if you’d like. Either way, it is beneficial to protect the hormone glands by not overstimulating them with stimulants, especially the same stimulus every day. Does a doctor Brian Artists with TruLabs (true labs) workout supplements are your best bet from TruLabs (true labs) to get you the gains you’re looking forward, the results you want, and the benefits you’re seeking when you’re starting your workout and completing them. We wish you the best in your workouts. Look us up@truelabs.com do you have any questions or want any more info or you want any swag? We’re out