This is doctor Brian Ardis with TruLabs (true labs) is our 35th podcast all to discuss workout supplements because we want to be the most searched workout supplement company on earth and that we want TruLabs (true labs) coming up first on Google. It’s about we’re doing these articles and it’s also to educate people on why it is we’re creating what we’re creating, what it is. We created a website while we have a team of people, while we have manufacturers, while we have packaging people while we decided to go sell this stuff, is because we truly believe we’ve created something outstanding that is a value and of benefit to you.

Aside from changing the way our eating habits are, and being that being the most effective way to improve our own body’s health, physical fitness, our immunity, our energy. If you want to change your life, improve your food, you are what you eat. Uh, number one way in which you can improve that is by making sure you’re, you’re eating Justin healthy forms of protein. Make sure you’re, you’re ingesting healthy forms of fat. Fat is essential. Fat should be taking in at a certain amount every day, 60 grams a day, 70 grams a day. And if you don’t know how to determine and if it’s hard for you to determine if you’re getting enough fat and protein in your diets, there’s a great little book you can put in your wallet, you can put in your pocket. And it’s called the calorie king. And it not only breaks down calories of all the most common foods on earth and restaurants on earth, but it’s almost every food you can think of.

 And it lists out in columns, protein, carbs, fats, content in those foods. And most of us don’t change our diets very much. Actually, there’s about 10 meals. We, we constantly will rotate through week by week, but we don’t really change. We’re pretty habitual creatures. So once you figure out your first two weeks or so, the vetting of what foods you’re eating or eating constantly in the protein amounts that fat amounts the carb amounts. Once you figure that out, uh, it’s pretty consistent. After that, you’ll get used to eating a similar amount, but I would suggest roughly around 90 grams of protein a day or more up to 120. Uh, if you’re working out on any consistent basis, then I recommend anywhere between 60 and 70 grams of fat. If you’re really trying to shred the amount of fat that you have on your body and to get lean, you’re going to want to consume about 40 grams of carbs, most 43 to 45 somewhere in there.

That’s what I would suggest. Now we do know the adage that we are what we, we also know the adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. We’ve heard these phrases, all of these are related to food and things you eat. Well. If you’re going to eat a Ding Dong or you’re going to look like one, if you’re gonna need a twinkie, you’re going to be filled just like one. So if you, you’re eating those pastries, you’re eating those processed foods, you’re going to look like a processed human stuffed and full fat, obese, which is the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, it amazes me to this day that uh, there are 35 plus million diabetics in this country. Diabetes by itself is 100% a nutritional deficiency caused disease. It is completely reversible just with diet for every single diabetic, yet no one teaches you that, which I find fascinating.

Uh, workout supplements can help you with that too. I’m just going to throw that in there because this is an article and workout supplements, but I find it atrocious that 35 million people in America are diabetics and have to live on insulin. Glucofage whatever other drugs are on to help manage their blood sugar. Uh, there are currently in America, 75 million diagnosed prediabetics, which means they aren’t diabetic yet, but they’re about to be. And in the next 10 years, that means we’ll have a total of 110 million diabetics in this country. So if you have a child and that child was getting in the field of medicine, make sure you tell them the one place and only place they could go look or should go look, is that endocrinology and become an endocrinologist. There will be a third of our country. There’s only 330 million people in America. 110 million in the next 10 years will be diabetic and their offices will be filled.

You cannot have enough endocrinologists to pump out enough insulin to help these people, so that would be my recommendation to you. If you’re going to go into the medical field, go be an endocrinologist because all of them or most of the Americans are going to be fat, overweight and they eat crap and they’re going be diabetic. However, if you want it to reverse your diabetes, which you can, you do that through food. You eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, very little meat and that actually will reverse your diabetes over time. Just do it. Just try it. Do it for a year. If you have type one diabetes will reverse it in a year. If you do it for two years, we reverse type two diabetes. Type two diabetes makes up 90% of all the diabetics. Oh, here’s an interesting stat for you. Sugar creates nutritional deficiencies and sugar is what’s required.

Your body requires to make insulin to break down sugar. The organ that produces insulin is called your pancreas. Your body can only make so much insulin. That’s why you run out. Anyway, this is amazing to me. In 1905, the average American ate five pounds of sugar in a year. 1905. Fast forward to the year 2000, the average American was eating 250 pounds of sugar annually. Now, in the world of evolution, the human frame does not evolve fast enough to actually manage consumption of sugar at that load. So if you want a great reference, go look at Janet Appleton’s website. Uh, she wrote a book called how to lick the sugar habit she’s got on her website over 200 known diseases that are directly caused by your consumption of sugar. So when we made our workout supplements, do you think there’s any part of me wanting to put sugar?

And they were already know you’re all eating 250 pounds of sugar a year? That’s insane. Nope. But we did use something that was as close to nature as possible. It’s called sucralose. We took the caloric aspect of sugar, subtracted it from the molecule of sugar, and a, you’re left with this really, really sweet compound from natural sugar. It’s called super loose. And we use that to a sweetener workout supplements with a natural flavor. And we have various flavors for that. But, uh, we are very nutritionally deficit in this country and it’s evidenced by our diabetic epidemic. Uh, if you are starting your workout regimen or you are working out to any degree, please make sure your diet is good. Make sure you’re consuming at least 90 to 120 grams of protein a day and make sure you’re adjusting 60 to 70 grams of fat a day, if not more, and go up to 80 if you wanted to. That’s very beneficial for brain health focus and hormone balance. And then also, uh, you need to make sure that you’re getting a 40 to 50 grams of carbs.


And do that consistently. And then you want to add in your workout supplements, provide the minerals and vitamins you’re not going to get from your diet anyway cause your foods are lacking unfortunately and a lot of those things and it’s very simple to do. You use TruLabs (true labs), sleep product to help get you the minerals, vitamins you need to help balance hormones and help you sleep deeper, which will help you in your recovery of energy and muscle building and repair and your immune system’s ability to fight infections. All that’s improved with our TruLabs (true labs) sleep product. Also, you need to use our TruLabs (true labs) energy product for daily minerals and vitamins that will boost energy production in your body and the amino acid you need to do. So. Also use our TruLabs (true labs) pre workout supplement 30 minutes before your workout and then don’t forget TruLabs (true labs), protein, chocolate and vanilla flavor and also our TruLabs (true labs) protein and Collagen mix, which is a savory, delicious dessert flavor, chocolate hazelnut. It’s amazing. You can thank my wife for that. Jane came up with an idea. Anyways, it’s true. Labs, if it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs to your health. Here we go.