[00:00] Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs). This is doctor Brian Ardis. This is podcast number 36 of you’re reading this year in our site map. Look up to the website and congrats on digging into the website for Info. I’m going to take you into one of our formulas are virgin. A Find TruLabs Reviews Healthy pre-workout supplements formula contains a couple of uh, products in it. Uh, these, these articles are designed to help educate on a workout supplements, uh, and help educate you on why those are beneficial. Uh, first thing I want to show you is that a, in our, in our a virgin, particularly our lemon flavor, there’s a product in there called calcium. Calcium is a mineral. Uh, all of us know generally that calcium is found in milk, which I find interesting. The American dairy association did a great job of educating people on milk. Got Milk commercials, all celebrities, had milk mustaches for decades, but a calcium is not actually readily available in cow’s milk.

[00:56] It’s actually most available in, in our body’s health wise, uh, through veggies actually, particularly the green leafy veggies, Broccoli, asparagus, Brussel sprouts. They are the most calcium anything. So I found this very interesting in my studies in nutrition and helping patients when they would come in with bone density loss, osteopenia or osteoporosis. Osteopenia means you’re losing, starting to lose bone. Osteoporosis. You’ve lost a whole lot in there are threatened by fractures of bones. That means they’ll tell you you need more calcium. You’re not getting enough calcium. Well, what’s interesting is the American society has actually been drinking and ingesting more milk products in the last five decades than it ever has and its whole previous history for Millennia, and we’ve been marketed to believe that it is the best source of calcium, which it is not actually. We actually only absorb about 15% of the calcium from cow’s milk, but you’ll absorb about 70% from Broccoli, which means you can eat one head of Broccoli.

[01:58] It will give you more calcium than five gallons of milk, so each of Broccoli. Anyway, calcium is essential in a workout supplement, particularly our workout supplement because there’s not a single muscle, skeletal muscle, cardiovascular muscle, bladder, muscle, muscles in the body cannot contract without calcium crossing the cell membrane to the next muscle cell that causes the muscle to shorten and contract calcium crosses the cell membranes between muscle cells and that action causes the muscles to shorten. So calcium is essential in a workout supplement, and particularly our TruLabs (true labs). Pre, you’ve got to have calcium to contract muscles. Now, if you get too much calcium in your muscles, you actually get what’s called involuntary contractions. Some people call those charley horses, some people call them cramps. Some people, if it happens just your legs while you’re sleeping, they call it restless leg syndrome. Well, every single restless leg syndrome patient, every cramping patient, every Horse Charley horse is indicative of calcium toxicity or too much calcium and not enough magnesium. If you are trying to Find TruLabs Reviews Healthy pre-workout supplements, this is the place for you

[03:07] Magnesium grabs calcium out of muscle and brings it into bone. So if we are magnesium deficient, which all of the human race is more deficient in magnesium than any other mineral deficiency in the world right now, and that would actually explain why so many people have restless leg syndrome while they have muscle cramps is they lack magnesium. Magnesium is essential. There are some various forms of magnesium, magnesium citrate, magnesium gluconate, magnesium, a l three and eight. Uh, our workout supplements actually contain particularly in our, uh, our sleep product. We have magnesium l three on eight, which is a patented form or extract of magnesium that has been researched, proven to be able to cross the blood brain barrier to improve relaxation and sleep. That’s why we put that in there. Magnesium is essential to the balance of healthy muscle tone and bone density. There’s also nothing better to strengthen bones.

[04:08] This is what’s amazing about the human body, the that I just think the body’s amazing. However, weight bearing exercises, the more trauma you put on or or stress force you put on bones or any structures of the body, the body lays down calcium to strengthen those structures that are taking the beating of gravity bearing exercises or weight bearing exercises. The more stress on the body, the body has to strengthen those tissues that are taking Brent forces and it in the strongest tissue. It has this calcium so it lays down calcium in those areas. This is actually why when a lot of runners, marathon runners, soccer players, whenever they experience a plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, those runners are constantly stretching the arch of their foot, flattening it. It’s an art form. Every time they Find TruLabs Reviews Healthy pre-workout supplements or strike a heel strike and tau arch strike to the ground, they are stretching and flattening out that Fascia.

[05:06] The more they stretch it, the more stressed they put on it, the human body, 100% of the time. If it needs to strengthen tissues that are over and over getting stressed or elongated or stretched, it will actually start letting calcium into it. Calcium will make the Fascia or attendance on the arch of the foot, hard like bone. And then as you continue to run, those ligaments that are turning into bone are going to start cracking, breaking small cracks, small breaks. And that is why plantar fasciitis is so painful. Well, the number one way to break down heel spurs, number one way to prevent heel spurs and plantar fasciitis is to make sure you’re including magnesium and your workout supplement before you go hiking before you a climbing. It’s essential. You will find that in our version a formula calcium, that 88 milligrams magnesium also, uh, you will also find and it what’s called Beta Beta alanine.

[05:56] This is an essential workout supplement. It actually increases blood flow to the smallest capillaries, which are the smallest blood vessels in your body, uh, to all of your extremities and also to your skin. So a lot of people will feel tingling in their skin when they drink energy drinks or pre workout drinks. That’s because Beta Alanine is in there. It actually increases blood flow to the brain, increases blood flow to your skin. You bring blood flow. To an area, you increase oxygenation there, you’re going to get better endurance in your workouts. That’s why it’s in there.

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[06:29] Uh, this is doctor Brian Artists explaining why we put calcium, magnesium, and Beta alanine into our workout supplements. If it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs try or true lab sleep, trier, slow TruLabs (true labs), energy trier, TruLabs (true labs), protein and protein plus Collagen, and try our TruLabs (true labs)

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