Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs) is a doctor Brian Ardis podcast number 37 hopefully it will be the 37th article on our website. If you’re reading it, you’re amazing. All right, so we’re going to go back to visiting. Why it is our workout. Our pre workout supplements actually contain the ingredients that they do. We actually believe here at TruLabs (true labs) we’ve created the most beneficial and most balanced list of ingredients for pre workout supplements that have ever been put together or assembled. We not only used research that backed up the results of individual ingredients we put into this formula, but we also used a system called muscle testing that allows us to energetically test what’s the frequency or vibration of the individual ingredients and those vibrations of those actual ingredients. The higher the vibrational frequency, the higher amount of energy provides in your body. So we actually muscle tested them, research them, and then in combination put four groups of combinations of ingredients already proven by research and science, but then energetically tested together to see which ones maximized the energy and frequency that your body would benefit from from a workout.

So our workout supplements called TruLabs (true labs) pre provides a combination of vitamin B 12 calcium and magnesium, which we talked about in an earlier article. They contain LR Janine. They contain Beta Alanine Adenine be 10 anhydrous ribos, American gen seeing tricalcium phosphate, a glutamine. You’ve heard a lot of these amino acids before. But uh, there’s one particular element in two of our TruLabs (true labs) pre formulas that I was so excited to include in there. Uh, most people love to and have found that if they drink a monster, drink a red bull, a venom drink, whatever they are, a c four, they’ll find that caffeine anhydrous is the number one stimulant in there to try to provide energy for a workout, which it works. It provides about 25 minutes worth of energy. Uh, caffeine taken into the body, stimulates your adrenals to release it’s adrenaline stores, adrenaline stored in the body, only amounts to about 25 minutes worth.

Well, if you’re doing any exercises or finish or regimens that are beyond 30 minutes, or if you’re at work and you’re drinking coffee and you want energy from the caffeine during it about 30 minutes where the benefit and then you’re gonna crash, which is why I drink so many cab coffees, so many cups of coffee, and then why you get so many donuts snacks after that, try to put in carbs to provide sugar and calories where you no longer have any more adrenaline because caffeine burned it all out. Well, there is an incredible natural source of caffeine called Gorana does is actually a plant that’s actually found in South America. It’s the root of a plant and they will cook it into teas. And what I find amazing is garage has been used for millennia as a stimulant for hours. It doesn’t just behave like caffeine. Anhydrous, which we’re used to getting in our energy drinks and in our sodas, uh, but kept the caffeine.

That’s natural form of caffeine found in Gorana. We’ll give you up to five to seven hours worth of energy, which is way different than the stimulating effect of caffeine anhydrous. Uh, you will find caffeine anhydrous in two of our formulas. Gorana is in the others, but Gorana, uh, will actually give you five to seven hours for the energy. And what’s amazing is that people will take it for decades of their lives at 3000 up to 5,000 milligram doses a day. I find that amazing because in this country, if you took that much caffeine every day, you had experienced what’s called syndrome x. That’s adrenal burnout or adrenal fatigue, which leads to a metabolic disorders, diabetes, obesity, for sure. It’s going to happen. Your adrenals help to regulate your body’s metabolism of foods and your metabolism of fat. So, uh, for your adrenals are burned out, you can’t control your body’s fat absorption and it’s holding, and unless you get your adrenals heal you, you’re not going to reverse your body’s ability to eliminate that fat.

So if you want to be lean, keep your adrenals healthy. Urana has no negative effect to create adrenal burnout or what they call syndrome x. So I love Gorana. Gorana is extremely, extremely beneficial for giving you enough energy to get through your workout. Most of our clients that use our TruLabs (true labs) pre find a benefit beyond the workout up to three, five, seven hours for some where they will find an intense amount of uh, clarity, focus, motivation, drive, ambition, uh, and they absolutely complete what they started start to finish in their workouts, which, uh, if you can do that with all the energy you started with and you’re having a great, great workout and your benefits and your gains are going to be tremendous at TruLabs (true labs), we combined all these ingredients including American Jinsin. I actually included American Ginseng into the product because it energetically tested better than Korean Ginseng, which I found very surprising actually.

There are a lot of benefits to Korean Chinese or what they call Ridge and seeing it’s all the same, but American juicing’s different American Ginseng actually provides a longer lasting energy. Korean Ginseng is actually more powerful. Well, we wanted longer benefits so that you could complete your workouts in combination with Gorana in combination with Adenine ribosome phosphate that would make trillions of cells in your body make fuel for hours and you’ve come up with a workout supplement that’s going to provide you an unparalleled energy without any negative effects. You can get energy from other products just as good as you get from ours, but you’ll tank and you’ll crash within 30 minutes. That’s the guarantee. Uh, here at Hsu labs, there will be no crash. She will feel great, there’ll be no jitters, there will be no shits, there will be no heart palpitations you can’t control or that are going to be scary to you.

Uh, here at TruLabs (true labs), we take pride in our workout supplements and what we’ve created. Please use our tree labs pre. It is designed, it is a perfect fit to help balance your hormones and give you unrivaled energy throughout your workout to help you finish what you started. If it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs, if it’s a podcast at true lab is probably doctor artists. Although race Salinas may do a few of those, but he’ll be talking about the financial part anyway. This doctor artists, which to be the best in your workouts, get your workout supplements that are going to be the most beneficial. True lab does it if it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs.