Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs) is doctor Brian Ardis formulator of all the products at TruLabs (true labs). We’re here to talk about healthy workout supplements and why it is we produce the products that we did in the way we did with the ingredients that we did and chose a, it’s been a multiyear process of choosing ingredients for our, for our clients and our customers and for ourselves and our families. It was vitally important that we chose products that were healthy. Number one, having been a health practitioner for the last 15 years, it was vital to me that I used products that, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, were sourced to be healthy and also that would have no detrimental effects on the body. So in producing our healthy workout supplements, one of the first things, uh, we had to decide on was how are we going to sweeten it, flavor our products.

We wanted our products to be easily accessible, transportable. So we put each of our TruLabs (true labs) products into individual serving pouches or sachets, which you as a client could take to the gym, throwing a bag, take with you on your flights to vacations. Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, just making them super convenient. Well, if they’re going to be in pouches, we knew they’d be mixed with flavor mixed with water or whatever your favorite drink was going to be. But we wanted the flavoring of our products to be such that they tasted wonderful but had no detrimental effects on the body. And there’s a few things that can have negative impacts. So we knew we had an option to use sugar as a sweetener to make things taste good. We wanted our products to taste fabulous and we knew there were some issues with sugar. And from a practical standpoint and clinical standpoint, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, there’s some things in statistics I have known for years.

Uh, for example, sugar is being consumed by the year 2000 compared to 1905 sugar in 1905, the average American consumed over 365 days and average of five pounds of sugar in a year. Fast forward to the year 2000 statistics were running then, and I’m sure it’s much higher now, but the average American was consuming over 275 pounds of sugar in the same 365 days. Now the impact of so much sugar intake by the American populace as created a, a pandemic, I believe occurrence of diabetes type two diabetes particularly. So type two diabetes consumes 80 to 90% of all diabetic diagnosis or cases in the world. Currently there are 35 million diagnosed diabetics and another 70 plus million diagnosed prediabetics. Knowing that that to in the next 10 years, the American citizenship, which consumes about 330 million people or occupies 330 million people. If the two combined currently diagnosed diabetics and the currently diagnosed prediabetics, once the prediabetics become also full fledged diabetics, the combined number in the next 10 years, you’re gonna expect to be roughly 110 to 120 million diabetics in America.

That is a third of the United States population. So knowing that the majority of our clients in America, there could be a huge percentage, like a third of them that could be in the next 10 years become diabetic and have inabilities to control blood sugar on their own. We wanted to make sure that our products did not add sugar to your diet. Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, we know the impact of sugar on diabetes. We understand the impact of sugar on infections, the impact of sugar on suppressing your immune system, a sugar and its impact on allergies. And so we wanted no added sugars whatsoever to our products. So we were going to avoid sugar altogether. Cane sugar, absolutely there was going to be no chance in which I was going to use a high fructose corn syrup or Maltodextrin as a sweetener. A, there are plenty of known research, negative effects of the majority of which is genetically modified corn and the production of corn syrup.

So we were not gonna use any corn. Corn also is a high glycemic food, so it increases the sugar content in your blood, which is what we’re trying to avoid with sugar and with our products. So in our research over the last few years, unbeknownst to me, I actually assumed that sucralose was actually a horrible sweetener knowing that it was artificial. And as a health practitioner, I didn’t give any patients artificial, anything, supplements, artificial sweeteners. I just assumed that they were detrimental to the body. However, in our one years over the last year of researching sweeteners for our products, we looked at natural flavors. We looked at natural sweeteners like Stevia, and when I started researching each of these products, uh, it became very apparent there were actually multiple, multiple countries that are now banning Stevia from being used. Mexico is one of them. Uh, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, let’s see, Taiwan’s one of them.

There’s a few others, but there, there’s been a lot of evidence to support that it, when you process the Stevia plant, it actually causes detrimental effects on your liver. So we didn’t want any toxic known effects of any of our ingredients to be in our product. When looking at sucralose, sucralose, on the other hand, in the research, there’s over 150 studies that have found supporting sucralose is use of or any other sweeteners, including sugar. Sucralose has been found to be completely safe from the ages of two years old to even up to a hundred years old. It has zero impact on sugar, Glucose levels, glucose levels in your blood, which would be totally safe for diabetics. It has zero calories in it whatsoever. So it helps with the effects of your workouts and the benefits from your workouts, Eh, which is helpful with the weight loss and toning a super low.

So there’s 150 studies. They actually took sucralose and took radioactive isotopes, bound them to the super loose, and then had multiple patients ingest it and they found that the sucralose is actually not metabolized in the body, which means it’s not drawn in through the gut into your bloodstream. 95%. They found 95%. Within five hours. 95% of all sucralose consumed by any patient or any client at any age was excrete within five hours through their bowels or through their urine, which is brilliant. It makes the, makes sucralose wonderful. So you’ll see on our true lab’s website, there’s references to these hundred and 50 articles from the European Union, finding the safety and efficacy of a super loose as the ultimate and most beneficial sweetener. And it is truly the most, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, the best sweetener for any healthy workout supplement, which is why we included in our products, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, inside these, uh, inside these, uh, products.

Inside of our healthy workout supplements. You will find sucralose as the sweetener and then we use only natural flavors for our products. We didn’t want anything artificial. The brilliance behind sucralose, which I did not know which you’re about to learn the FDA because it is not taken strictly from a plant, sucralose is not considered a natural product. It’s considered artificial because sucralose is taking the sugar molecule from cane sugar, which is what it is. So it’s natural sugar from cane sugar and then they use a process to actually separate the sweetened molecule part of the sugar molecule. They separate the sweetened part of the molecule of sugar from the calorie portion of the sugar molecule. So they separate those two and figured out how to do that. Uh, sucralose is the sweetened part of the sugar molecule extracted from cane sugar. It’s actually the natural part of the molecule.

It’s just extracted artificially cause not found in nature but it’s benefits are vast and great. Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, zero caloric impact, no impact on infections or suppressed immunity, better tasting products. Our workout supplements are healthy, uh, our or our healthy workout supplements. We truly believe it. TruLabs (true labs), we are creating the healthiest workout supplements on the planet. We’ve created TruLabs (true labs) energy, which is a daily energy packet. We have created TruLabs (true labs), sleep which improves your recovery, your endurance, your energy production. We’ve created chew labs pre which is a pre workout supplement taking 30 minutes before your workout. And we’ve also created TruLabs (true labs), protein and TruLabs (true labs), protein plus Collagen, which are to benefit protein consumption, which helps us to fold. It helps us to burn fat as we consume protein and the protein fills in the gaps in which we are actually traumatizing our muscles through our workouts, trying to build and tone true lapse truly as the healthiest workout supplements on the planet back to with our guarantee. There’s a doctor, Brian Artists, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and fitness, and we hope you help. We hope that we can help you achieve your optimum health goals.