This is Dr. Brian Ardis podcast number 39 with TruLabs (true labs). TruLabs (true labs) is a company that we created and cofounded to produce healthy workout supplements to replace in the market. All of those that are unhealthy or have products that we know will create strain on the body over time to lead to lowered endurance, weaker performance, and less powerful results. So we created the healthiest workout supplements on the planet that are the greatest formulated gathering of ingredients to produce maximum power, maximum endurance, incredible performance and tremendous results unrivaled. How did we do this? I was asked to formulate some products for this company. I decided I would do that. I’ve spent 15 years in clinical practice helping patients around the world from multiple countries and over 16,000 patients in that 15 years helping them nutritionally improve the health of their body using organic all natural products and the attempt to try to create fitness products that would do the same thing, provide benefit without costs or negativities.

I set out on a mission to find out can we actually produce enough energy in the body to sustain a one hour, two hour workout and provide enough focus and mental clarity without crashes of sugar? Caffeine, I’m not sure if you understand this, but Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, most energy products pre workout products contain stimulants that will actually allow and make your adrenal glands, which produce adrenaline. It will actually stimulate your adrenal glands to release all of its caffeine or sorry to release a holiday. It’s adrenaline that’s actually in your adrenals. When that adrenaline becomes released, you have a maximum 29 or 25 minutes stored amount of adrenaline when people take energy drinks and they feel that burst of a heart rate increase, uh, palpitations and their chest. That’s because of the intense release of the adrenaline or also a combination of the caffeine found stimulant and a lot of workout products and energy drinks.

So what I decided to do at TruLabs (true labs) to create the healthiest workout products on the earth, or as we call it, healthy workout supplements, I actually decided I was going to use the natural components that’s found in food that every cell in the human body uses to construct an element that is called adenosine triphosphate. It’s abbreviated ATP. Now, ATP, if you remember from science or biology courses, is the actual substance that our mitochondria make that is found inside all the trillions of cells in your body. Every cell has what’s called Mitochondria. Mitochondria is, are termed the powerhouses of the cell. They actually are a little factories that take elements from our food and make ATP, which is the energy source for ourselves. I actually went through every energy drink, every, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, preworkout product I could find to see is there the ingredients found in there that every cell in the body uses to make ATP.

And if that did not already exist, then that can create a healthy workout supplement that will generate energy from every cell of your body, not just in these one inch sized adrenal glands. Sit on top of your kidneys that all other energy drinks are facilitating or pushing to release. It’s adrenaline. I didn’t find any single product on the market that contain the three elements required by Mitochondria to make ATP. So what every cell in your body does from muscle cells to ligament cells, tendon cells, brain cells, in order for them to function, they all draw into themselves. Three components found in food. It’s called Adenine, Ribose and Phosphate. Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, those three elements in combination are absorbed in through the cell membrane wall where the Mitochondria then takes the three of them, combined them together to make ATP. No products on the market today contain Adenine ribosome phosphate separately.

None of them contained to Adenine. Some of them contained ribos. Some of them contain phosphate, some of them contain ribo send phosphate together, but none of them actually have the isolated editing ribosome phosphate that’s required for Mitochondria to actually make ATP. So we set out on a mission in a quest to create a healthy workout supplement that would not only provide natural stimulants found in nature and in food, but also provide Adenine ribosome phosphate for every cell of your body to generate hours of energy. The key was can we get people to actually get through an entire one hour workout and still maintain their focus, maintain their energy and no mental or physical crash after their workout. TruLabs (true labs), we’ve done it. We have combined in natural ingredients that include amino acids such as Betaine and hydrous, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, which actually saturates all of your blood with more oxygen than normal.

And then you can actually maintain focus, mental clarity, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, for hours even after your workout combined with editing, ribose and phosphate, vitamin B’s and minerals and um, and other natural stimulants like Gorana, which is a plant found in South America and Latin America. We use those natural ingredients along with our three, three combined ingredients to generate ATP production. And you have a superior healthy workout product that generates power, endurance and results greater than any else on the market. That is our guarantee for all of you that try our true lab supplements. TruLabs (true labs). We’ve created TruLabs (true labs) pre which is a 15 to 30 minutes before workout supplement drink for the days you’re not working out. We created TruLabs (true labs) energy, which has a packet you can take and mix and water that will actually provide five to seven hours of energy and mental clarity. We’ve also created true lab sleep labs.

Sleep improves recovery time, improves energy the next day and improves your immune system and mental focus. We you just take that 2030 minutes for bed and then you also have TruLabs (true labs), Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, protein and also TruLabs (true labs) protein plus college Collagen. These two products are designed to give you a the most beneficial source of protein. We use a concentrated whey protein that we’ve found the most effective with building muscle mass and reducing fat in the body so it leans the body, tones the body and builds the muscle. We also have what’s called TruLabs (true labs). Protein plus college in a lot of our athletes are using protein powder along with collagen protein powder. They mix them together and their smoothies or their drinks. Daily. Collagen we know is most beneficial for hair, skin, nails, ligaments, and tendons in the body and bone. So we actually were one of the first to take whey protein concentrate added collagen protein, and we made an individual serving packets of a TruLabs (true labs) protein plus Collagen, a great daily source of protein to be used. I would recommend 30 minutes before your workout in 30 minutes after your workout everyday. And then on days you’re not working out. At least one of those today can be used as a meal replacement. This is doctor Brian Artists. I wish you the best in achieving your goals. Uh, my wish to use to try TruLabs (true labs) products. If you’re not completely satisfied, we have a 100% guarantee in 60 days. Again, I’m Dr Brian Artists. This is TruLabs (true labs). If it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs have a great day.