[00:00] Coming from your live at the gym, the HQ, TruLabs, a gym in McKinney, Texas. My name is Brandon Pogue. I’ve got the illustrious Josh Wells next to my left and we’re going to be talking today about, uh, working out. We’re in the gym. We’ve got a good look at all this equipment. Got Rings in here. We’ve got Ghd is, we’ve got assault renters ski or a bike Ergs, rogue echo bikes we’ve got, I think the easier way to do that is to list the things that we don’t have. What do we not have exactly? I mean, we’ve got a peg board that’s 14 foot tall. We’ve got four sets of rings. We’ve got ropes, we’ve got a rig that was made by ask them. We’ve got a rogue monster rack, a robe belt squat machine. We’ve got friends out, Fringe Sport weights, fringe a wall balls, fringe dumbbells.

[00:59] It’s place in fringe boxes. I mean, this place is, is stacked. So if you’re ever in Mckinney area or want to come by and see the gym and hit a wad with us, or just losing a workout, you don’t just lose it. I’m here to crush your soul. That is what I’m here for. So Josh is really humble about how good he is, but all sneaky fit, he’ll, he’ll get ya from time to time. Look me up on the old Insta Hate @Josh21wells. You’ll see some, some pretty cool stuff on there or the Internet that Al Gore invented. Absolutely. Didn’t he also do all the, uh, what’s it called? Um, climate change and stuff too. Yeah, he’s in the Gore. He’s, he’s killing it, man. As an expert tell you was he knows everything and hazing and wonder what he knows about workout supplements.

[01:43] Uh, I feel like if I say not very much, then that’s really mean it. I bet he doesn’t know much about what he does and he spends too much time having to worry about the Internet’s climate change, climate change and all of that stuff. So he can’t, he can’t jump into this, uh, this whole pool. Yeah. So we’ve also got the rogue reverse hyper too, which I forgot to mention because one of my great coaches of all time, Abby, she, she got me on that thing and it’s been, it’s been great for deadlifts. I mean, speaking of dead list, we did a little workout this morning. It was a 12 minute amrap with 12 deadlifts, 12 calorie ski and 12 pistols for 12 minutes. It was, it was, it was dirty. It was, I would have much rather have done it at two 25. Yeah, we chose to 65 I think.

[02:26] I think maybe even a little bit heavier would have been more matte and Morton style. Yeah. He probably would have liked that. Three 15 probably would have liked the three 15. Absolutely. So, uh, we are going to talk about workout supplements and we’re going to talk about pre workout protein in college in sleep and energy. And we’ve got, you know, we haven’t, we haven’t really touched base on the energy products. We’ve got three different flavors of Ng and the energy is different than the preworkout. Yeah. What ways? Uh, I mean really, let’s just talk about, hey, you

[03:00] need some stuff in a pre workout that you’re not necessarily going to need an everyday energy. Uh, you don’t need things like a vasodilators or Beta alanine. Uh, I don’t think you want to be at your desk itching away. It’d be in the whole, I feel like it’s just not going to be very pleasant for you. It’s going to be, I wouldn’t say that our hitch on our Prius to, no, not at all. But if you’re sitting at a desk and you’re not actually don’t want to be in tune with that, you don’t, you definitely do not want to be, it would make you less productive. Uh, and so we understood that. So we basically went through a, took out the stuff that is needed for working out. Um, like I said earlier, the vasodilators and, and things like Beta alanine and Niacin a and we took that stuff out of it.

[03:40] We added a little bit, some other stuff in there to help you concentrate a little bit more and focus. It will, you know, sometimes, actually I want to say sometimes a lot of the times the energy products that a lot of people drink, whether it be coffee or an energy drink or something along that lines, uh, you’re taking that hen you do get that jittery feeling, uh, and then you get that run to the bathroom and that’s not fun, right? You’re running to the bathroom, so then you’re jittery, but, and you can’t concentrate because you have too much caffeine or stimulants in your body and you’re running to the bathroom because you obviously have a lot of stimulants in your body and that’s, that’s no fun at all. Um, and you’re just less productive. Uh, you shouldn’t take an energy product to be less productive. Uh, that’s, that defeats the purpose of it. Right? So you shouldn’t drink multiple

[04:30] well monsters or multiple coffees per day because they’re not going to give you energy over the longterm.

[04:37] Exactly. It’s a law of diminishing returns. It is for all my buddies, all my, all my, uh, marine corps buddies out there who, if you’re just like me, I’m sure you guys all drank all those reports and things like that that we had all of the time. Let me tell you guys, get away from all of that stuff. It’s doing damage to you and you need to, you need to stay away from that and use something a along our lines where it’s natural, how you’re getting that energy, uh, using the ATP to be able to, to create the energy in your body the way it should be. The adenine ribosome phosphate. Yeah, absolutely. You know, those, those energy drinks, it might feel, you might feel it at the time and you’re like, hey, this is awesome. Cool. I’m pumped up, but you’re not looking at the longterm effects, which I know for some people it’s hard to think about that longterm effect. Uh, but you do have to think about that stuff. What is happening to your body internally, uh, and you don’t want to do the damage in your 20s and your thirties and have to worry about it when you’re 50 or 60 years old.

[05:29] What’s something, I mean, so in energy, remember the first time you ever drinking in new drink and it’s like, this is the greatest stuff in the world have I never had one of these before. And then you have, the second one is like, hey, this is really great. And then the third and the fourth and the fifth, and it’s just like, it almost becomes habitual and not even, not even, uh, not even something that you need because it’s overstimulating the body and it’s, and it’s not letting the body do what it needs to do, which is the reason you’re drinking those, it’s too heavy energy. It’s almost, they almost get addicting,

[05:58] honestly, when you think about it, right? I remember, I remember in my earlier years in the Marine Corps, and you first took it because you were tired. You took that preworkout and then, or not pre working, I’m sorry you took that energy. Uh, whatever it was that you took a monster or, and what are some of those other ones that are crazy out there? I don’t even know anymore. Red Bull red one of them. Yep. Cool. Um, and you know, a lot of them have kind of gotten a little bit smarter to along the way is hey, they no longer, some of them they make without sugar, uh, and they take other what other things out of it. But then there’s always those other ones like red line who people would just down a bottle of it and it’s got four servings in it and you’re like, holy cow. Like I did not realize that I was taking in four servings, which means three, six, nine, 1200 milligrams of caffeine that is not okay for your body to be taking in a, and we were doing it on a natural, like an everyday thing. Like it was nothing, uh, without realizing what’s going on.

[06:58] Yeah. So bad for you. So bad for you. I used to be, I used to be addicted to coffee and people always say, well, you know, I, I drink my coffee and I have to have my coffee and I love my coffee and I’ll die for coffee. And coffee is coffee is my savior. I mean, it’s like, you know, it’s like, it’s crazy what people will say about coffee. It’s like, and I was, I was that way and when we just, we’d just moved into our house about six or seven months ago and I was so crazy about coffee that actually wanted to put a custom builtin espresso machine that you could order on an iPad. You could take your iPad in order for up to 14 people. They could put their order on this iPad. It would send the, it would send the coffee order, be at a Latte, Macchiato, cafe Americano, Mocha, Cappuccino, whatever.

[07:49] And it would make them, and then it would actually, it didn’t actually say their name. And this is so-and-so’s coffee. That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty cool though, man. Hey, was there like a liberal Starbucks employee inside of there with a midget Barista? Um, no, there wasn’t. But, but what happened was, is that after meeting with Dr Artists and actually he testing, testing my body for coffee in the, in that side effects with coffee, he said, look, you need to stop drinking coffee. It’s actually not good for you. And it’s like, well, what do you mean there’s, there’s, you know, 7 billion people in the world and 3 billion of those people drink coffee. Yeah. You know, I mean, people in India and Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, America, whatever, you know, we’re, we’re a coffee society. So I’m hearing that and getting away from coffee has been, uh, one of the best things I was, I would say that I’ve ever done because you know what? I sleep through the entire night. I have energy when I need to have energy and especially with our preworkout, especially with the energy products that are coming out. And then now we have a sleep formula that that will even help another step. If you really need that sleep, say a night before competition or before a big meeting or before a big day, it’s like I’ve got to do something really important. You’ve got to make sure, you know, stress as a business owner, as a, as a dad. Absolutely. As a husband. I mean, I’ve seen that. Yeah.

[09:10] It’s, I think that’s an important, uh, thing to say. There’s like, our sleep product is not just for an athlete. Uh, it’s, it could be for anybody, any of you who are out there, right, who have trouble sleeping or just don’t understand the aspect of what sleep actually does for your body. Right. Or even your mind, right? A lot of people are just like, they go through their life sleeping and waking up three, four, five times a night, and they don’t even realize how that’s affecting them. It affects the clarity in their mind. It affects how stressed they are, uh, and it can all be fixed by fixing their sleep and getting into a routine. Uh, with that. Right. Um, we have a natural rhythm where we want to go to sleep at night where we want to wake up and you just have to get back on that rhythm and those things, other things just start to fall back into place. Uh, and so just don’t think that you have to take our sleep product because you work out like it’s, it’s not just for that, right. Yeah. Okay. You need to hit that rem sleep so you can recover in, your muscles can recover, but you also got to let your mind recover, uh, and have less stress.

[10:20] Yeah, absolutely. Well, there’s a, there’s a lot that we can talk about for the, um, for the supplement world and TruLabs ) is changing that. Um, true labs.com trulabs.com . You should come check us out. Our new website that has just been launched is amazing. Um, we’ve had some great partners help us with that. We’ve got a incentive programs for um, helping us help other people, um, that will help you. So help, help everybody, help us, help you, help us, help, help me, help you to help such a great, such a great movie. Um, but, um, we have a lot of, a lot of products that will help everyone out there and we can’t wait for true labs to be launched, uh, in full and let you guys try all of these products. So signing off from the gym at HQ. Absolutely. And McKinney, Texas. Adios. Adios. Hey, that’s my line.