Welcome to podcast number 40 this is Dr. Brian Ardis formulator of our TruLabs (true labs), healthy workout supplements. Today’s a great day. We actually just got our first samples of our first of our new products. This is TruLabs (true labs). Sleep today is Thursday, March 28 2019 we’re super excited. We just got some overnighted samples of our completed finalized sashay packets for our true lab sleep. It’s an a beautiful white colored sashay with gold trim flavored honey lime. It looks great. All right, so we’re going to take you through today. What makes our s TruLabs (true labs) sleep product such a healthy workout supplement. First of all, it’s recommended that you use TruLabs (true labs). Sleep mix, one of the sachet sticks with anywhere between eight and 12 ounces of water. You want to drink that within 30 minutes before you go to bed every day. You can also warm this up if you’d like warming up as a tea.

It’s actually flavored honey lemon for a reason. So you can make it as warm tea, which will help with the calming the nerves of the body and help you get you started into your restful period of sleep. Anyway, we’re going to take you through some of the ingredients that are in this product and how they benefit producing the most, most, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, complete sleep. So let’s take you through this. So one of the first ingredient you’ll notice in there is what’s called Niacin. There’s 20 milligrams of Nice and nice and you’ll often hear complete po can people talk about an energy drinks that Niacin will actually give them a flush. There are a lot of people who have used nice and for years to improve circulation to the muscles and to their skin. So to keep blood flow healthy, niacin opens up the very small blood vessels in your body called capillaries.

And it helps encourage more blood flow through the body, which is why when you consume nice and in a workout drink or a pre workout supplement or as a supplement by itself, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, you will actually get a tingle, often a red flesh of the skin. As a result, you get tingling, itching, whatever that feeling is that a lot of people get. That’s from the Niacin. However, a little bit of Niacin, which is what we’ve included in ours, has been proven to increase blood flow to the brain, which will help to circulate and Melatonin, which helps with influencing your body to get into deeper restful sleep periods and for longer periods. That’s why we included nice. And it’s one of the things that actually insured more blood flow to the brain took place where the hormones are released that control sleep. There’s a little gland inside your brain called the pineal gland and it’s responsible for the majority of the Melatonin that we make.

So we wanted enough blood flow, saturating the pineal gland to release as much Melatonin as we could. That is its purpose and that’s why it’s in the product. Yeah. So also have what’s called vitamin B six. Vitamin B six is also relaxing in nature and increases circulation throughout the body full eight often you’ll hear about folic acid being used in pregnancies. Uh, you want that to be a part of your prenatals because it was determined decades ago. There was a small town somewhere in the southwest that, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, was having very high birth defects rates and Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, and stillbirths. And one of the things they found in common among all of the women who had lost their babies in these pregnancies or had birth fix, all of them had a low level of folic acid or folate in their body. So this is not included for pregnancy or to protect from birth defects, but full late by itself also encourages increased circulation, which is what we want while we’re sleeping.

Secondly, you’ll secondly, you’ll find that we have included what’s called magnesium l three. Oh Nate as an ingredient we actually acquired from the company called Mag teen. They have a patented form of magnesium called magnesium l three and eight. And there are plenty of research studies that prove this version of magnesium crosses the blood brain barrier faster than most magnesium’s do. Now, the effect of magnesium on the entire body is that it causes relaxation of all the muscles in your body. So this is why it’s so effective on patients who are constipated. For example, the muscles of your colon are relaxed by magnesium and it helps with defecating more regularly, which is great. But magnesium also as a relaxing effect to improve your sleep and relaxation. Magnesium should absolutely be a part of any healthy workout supplement including our sleep product. You’ll also find a Gabba is included.

That is an amino acid that improves sleep and relaxation. You’re going to find five HTP, which is a precursor to a trip to fan and also to um, testosterone actually. So that’s an implicator for Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, or a precursor to various hormones including a trip to fan, which is a relaxed and tour moon, which is why we all want to sleep after we eat Turkey. Passion flower extract is also in there along with Valerian root. Add. Those two together by the way, have been proven in research to outperform even clinical drugs that, uh, have been produced such as Lunesta, ambien. They actually outperform those drugs that helping people get longer restful sleep periods and reaching rem faster. Ashwagandha root, a Ashwagandha isn’t a phenomenal herb. Ashwagandha helps to lower cortisol, very similar in the way in which insulin breaks down sugar in the body. The stress hormone called Cortisol is directly responsible for most of us Americans.

Inability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. When you lay down in bed and your mind’s racing over everything you did that day and all the things you’re worried about the next day, that is actually cortisol levels controlling and keeping you awake higher. The Cortisol, the less likely you’re going to fall asleep. Ashwagandha directly cuts down the amount of cortisol in the body, which will help you with your sleep. We’ve got lemon balm extract, which of course is going to help with flavoring and then also with relaxing Melatonin. There’s three milligrams of that. If you don’t know anything about sleep, Melatonin is the hormone that improves sleep greater than any others and that’s in there. You’re also going to find their citric acid, which is to help actually deliver our healthy workout supplements include in our sleep product. Citric acid helps to deliver minerals and nutrients from the gut into your bloodstream.

We also included natural flavors of course, of honey and lemon. We’ve got sucralose in there which we believe to be the greatest sweetener period. Uh, it has no negative effects on the body and doesn’t it provide any sugar, which also would actually would, would indicate poor sleep if you have too much sugar. So we didn’t want include any sugars or added sugars. And then we have salt also, which helps with flavoring. Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, this product is phenomenal. It is a great healthy workout supplement, which complements are true. Labs energy are TruLabs (true labs), pre workout product and our TruLabs (true labs) protein and protein plus college. And these products all together in combination will help you achieve all of your goals you’ve established for your health, which includes in your fitness regimens, your energy that you need the energy on the days you’re not working out. You’re sleeping, recovery and energy production, which is found from sleep.

True Lab, sleep’s gonna help you accomplish all of your sleep goals and then your protein in protein post college and from chew labs. We’ll help you with building muscle and burning fat and in my practice for 15 years, the number one thing I did to help people improve their sleep at night was to get them to consume more protein in the morning. Always. The minimum goal was 25 grams. Our sleep product contains 33 I believe, sorry there’s not any protein in the sleep product are protein and protein plus college and contains 33 grams of protein. If you just took one of those in the morning, you will actually see within a week and improvement in all of your sleep. This is Dr. Brian Ardis, TruLabs (true labs), sleep. It’s now in the market. You can preorder it now online. At TruLabs (true labs).com drew labs, T R U L A B S to your help and your week if it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs.