This is Dr. Byran Ardis with TruLabs (true labs). It’s T R U L A B s.com. This is our 41st podcast. I want to discuss some of the benefits of magnesium and why it is that in our healthy workout supplements we include magnesium. Uh, there is a direct link and correlation between muscle cramps, whether you’re active or asleep, muscle cramps, Charley Horses, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, restless leg syndrome. Each of those conditions are actually primarily created. We have found clinically and in research or actually causes of an excess of calcium in the muscles of the body. Your muscles are what are your muscles? Contraction is actually corresponding to calcium being moved from one muscle cell to the next. Well, if you haven’t understood this yet, 50% of all of the world is deficient in one mineral. Calcium is an example of a mineral, but a magnesium is the actual most prevalent mineral deficiency on the planet.

And it was interesting because my son was struggling with headaches here recently and I actually suggested to him that we started him on magnesium because of its effectiveness on migraines and tension headaches. But he was waking up almost daily with those. We’ve already seen those subside just after a few days of taking the magnesium, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, and we gave him a form called magnesium lactate, which is an ionized magnesium. What magnesium does is relax the muscles of the body, and the way it does that is if there’s excess calcium in muscles, it causes those muscles to constrict or contract. So if you think about blood vessels in the body, capillaries, arteries, those are also muscles. If you have excess calcium, those muscles muscles become contractile so your blood vessels become more rigid and not as dilated, which will increase blood pressure, which can lead to headaches. When you put magnesium in its proper amount or balance into the body, magnesium helps to balance how much calcium is affecting your muscles, all muscles in your body, including your heart, your bladder, your skeletal muscles.

If you have excess calcium, you get involuntary contractions of muscle and intention. When you actually add magnesium. Magnesium is a binds to calcium and helps to draw the excess calcium that’s in the soft tissues back into the bone structure of your body. Healthy workout supplements have to include a form of magnesium. We personally believe that magnesium l three and eight is the greatest form of magnesium to be delivered through the gut, through the blood brain barrier to improve not only nervous system relaxation, which will improve sleep and recovery, but also it will improve your muscle tone so you don’t have cramping access, soreness, lactic in the body either as a result of your workouts. If you can balance your calcium and magnesium, your efforts in your workout and post workouts will be much smoother, much easier, and you will have greater benefit without any kind of involuntary charley horses that had long.

They’re long lasting or involuntary spasm of muscles or pulls of muscles in your workouts. So magnesium is essential. I prefer magnesium, lactate and magnesium threonate in our TruLabs (true labs). Healthy workout supplements, we are including magnesium l threonate. The patented version is Mag teen and you’ll see that logo on our true lab sleep product. So magnesium is essential. Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, my son was actually asking me other day, why is magnesium so deficient across half of the world? 50% of all humankind are deficient in magnesium and educated him like I will educate you. A minerals are found in the earth’s crust there in the earth soil. When we plant plants or a seed goes into the dirt, the roots start to come out of the seed. This plant starts to sprout out of the surface of the earth. The roots are responsible for drawing up nutrients and water into the plant.

In the soil are the minerals that those minerals are being drawn up into the plants that are in the dirt. Well, if you have like a 500 acre section of land and you’re constantly putting more plants at the one more plants, if they’re more plants and you’re harvesting over and over and over, that soil, that same soil is going to be drawing up out of it the minerals that the plants are planted in, and as we continue to be an agricultural society and we continue to reharvest our soil and then consume the plants that the minerals, the minerals are in, then our soil, but continue to become more and more deficient in those minerals. Magnesium happens to be one of those, copper happens to be another one and the more copper and magnesium deficient we get, the more heart disease you’re going to get. So I explained it to my son, he’s like, oh, that makes sense, us it.
So we really truly cannot from decades ago til now have the exact same amount of mineral load in our food that we did before, which is why so many disease processes are showing up in relationship to this podcast. We’re talking about muscle cramps. Most of the elderly we know are dealing with muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome are being treated with medications for those conditions or symptoms and it’s impacting their sleep cycles is impacting their ability to walk or enjoy life and we are producing healthy workout supplements that provide not only the benefit for working out and fitness, but really truly we’re putting in ingredients in products designed to facilitate improving the physiological actions of the body for any human being and to improve their lifespan and prove how their body functions daily working out or not. That’s the goal of these products. If you’re, if you’re not working out, you’ll benefit from the true lab sleep product that has magnesium minute your entire, every cell of your body benefits from magnesium.

It is that essential as a mineral. It is my belief actually that as we exercise and we sweat, we actually sweat out magnesium. And if you’re working out and you’re depleting your body of those minerals, I believe you have to replace them as you’re losing them. I will over the next year to help to develop what I will consider the greatest recovery, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, mineral recovery drink for athletes. I really do think minerals are the key to protecting our young athletes, middle age athletes, 30 year old, 40 year olds from, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, experiencing aneurysms, strokes, heart attacks, or even dying during exercise. I truly believe as the organs go, they require certain nutrients. Again, those nutrients are found in our healthy workout supplements here at TruLabs (true labs). But the more of those nutrients that are in your body, your body continues to thrive. The organs do not shut down.

The only reason why blood vessels were exploding, because aneurysms are strokes and our athletes and all the reasons why we’re having a heat stroke causing death in our college athletes on the reason why college athletes and professional athletes are dying of heart disease or heart attacks on the quarter on the field. I truly believe it’s a relationship to the mineral load and their body, and the more deficient that we become as a group of humans, the more often these kinds of detrimental events are gonna happen. UsingĀ  the Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement can help with this. So you want healthy workout supplements that provide magnesium to help balance out calcium. The benefits far too great. It’ll improve sleep. It’ll improve functionality of your body and how the body feels. It will reduce symptomatology. It will also improve bone density. Remember, magnesium carries calcium into the bone, so the more bone, less osteoporo osteoporosis, there’ll be in the future. This is Dr. Byran Ardis formulator of all the TruLabs (true labs) products. If it’s not wellness, sorry if it is wellness, it is TruLabs (true labs). This is doctor artists to you and your family. We wish you the best. Goodbye.