Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs). Podcast is a number 42 I’m Dr. Bryan Ardis. I will be hosting this podcast. We’re going to be discussing our new TruLabs (true labs) energy product. It is a healthy workout supplement to help provide natural sources of energy to help you achieve all of your goals that you’ve set for yourself, all the things you’ve got on your calendar, everything you’ve planned at work to achieve and at home, regardless of how active you are. Our TruLabs (true labs) energy supplement is a great resource for natural energy, for hours of energy. It also provides vitamins and minerals to your body that will help your body stay healthy, which is what we require as human beings. We have set out on a mission to improve the energy, the focus and health of the human race. And this one product is designed to help every individual on any given day achieved the maximum, um, goals and accomplishments for their life.

I want to discuss one of the particular ingredients in this. For this podcast. I want to discuss a Gorana extract. You’re going to find this as a natural. It’s a natural plant based energy source sourced out of South America and Latin America. It’s a plant in which, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, the locals and Latin America and South America for Millennia, we’re talking thousands of years. This one plant has been consumed on a daily basis. Uh, the amount of Gorana extracted that people consume in those two regions are up to five to 10 grams a day. That is a lot of Gorana. Now, Gorana as a natural source in that plant, you’ll actually find a natural source of caffeine. It actually is multiple times stronger than caffeine at stimulating the body’s energy and stimulating the heart, stimulating the adrenal stimulating hormone production. Uh, it is extremely powerful and are simply in our TruLabs (true labs) energy product.

We’ve actually included 745 milligrams of Gorana for a daily source of energy. It will stimulate your adrenals release of adrenaline on a much slower pace so that you actually have longer periods of energy, better mental clarity and focus, and that will be the benefit of the Gorana. Now the individuals in South America and Latin America have for Millennia, taking advantage of five to 10 grams of this stuff a day. Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, they’re highly active, highly healthy, very tone, very fit individuals. Gorana does not have the same adrenal crash cortisol release that leads to obesity, overweight this and fatigue. So grata protects the hormones to not create exhaustion, which impacts our metabolism. Gorana is just as beneficial providing energy. So in our energy products and in our pre products, you’ll find there several of them that contain guarana extract. The purpose for that was it is a more natural way, more healthier for source of energy than simply caffeine.

So, and it’s longer lasting than caffeine. That’s why we included that. Uh, you’ll also see that there is what is called Beta Alanine in conjunction with Gorana. When combined in our TruLabs (true labs) energy healthy workout supplement, you combine the two of those. Gorana provides energy and stamina to the body. Beta alanine increases circulation of blood to all tissues of your body, including muscles, ligaments, and skin. In fact, some people will feel a tingle and their skin when they consume Beta alanine. And we have about a thousand milligrams of Beta alanine and our energy product. If you feel that tingle at your skin from Beta Alanine, that means you actually are driving blood as far as it can go into the smallest blood vessels of your body. It will be be delivering more oxygen and nutrients through the blood to your brain, to your skin, to your muscles, which will literally improve all of your bodily function every day.

If your body feels heavy, come afternoon, your arms are heavy, legs are heavy, brain’s tired, it’s usually a lack of oxygen that’s coming or that is occurring. And you can correct that very easily with using an amino acid like Beta alanine. And when you combine Beta Alanine, which improves blood circulation throughout the body. And if we don’t understand the impact of having blood flow throughout your body, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, just study a little bit on the cardiovascular system. It’s a vital to our brains and mental function and our bodies active function. So Gorana stimulates the adrenals, the adrenals release adrenaline, they release Melatonin and serotonin initially, some testosterone and those drive the heart’s function to beat blood will. If you use Beta alanine with it, Beta alanine and pushes blood flow even farther throughout the tissues so you’ll get longer stamina, longer energy, uh, combine those two and a healthy workout supplement and you’ve got one of the greatest energy sources you’ll ever find are a TruLabs (true labs) energy product contains a seven ounces or so.

It’s about 200 grams worth of natural ingredients. You’ll actually mix that with eight to 12 ounces of water consumed that at any point during the day truly. But, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, to start out your day, if you’d like to do that as an alternative to, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, some kind of coffee maybe or some kind of other energy boosting drink, uh, we absolutely would prefer and I prefer our family prefers, our customers prefer using TruLabs (true labs), energy over coffee or any other sort of form of stimulants for their daily energy needs. If you’re finding yourself struggling mentally, emotionally, physically try one of our healthy workout, including our TruLabs (true labs) energy product, it’s got a three flavors. You get to choose which one do you want to have. Each box contains 20 servings. If you’re doing any other kinds of workouts during the day, you might want to include in your regimen a box of TruLabs (true labs) pre which would be the products you would use before your workouts and that will also give you energy throughout the day as well.

But one box of pre one bucks of energy should be enough to cover you daily for your 30 days of a month. And our healthy workout supplements are the greatest on the market, truly because, and the most effective because we combine those three elements and you’re gonna hear this over and over in our a podcast, you’ve got what’s called the Adenine ribosome phosphate. If you don’t combine those three elements, you cannot generate the body’s energy source from every cell, which is called Adenosine triphosphate ATP. He will find that in our healthy workout supplements here at TruLabs (true labs), TruLabs (true labs) we’re introducing now and have on the market now or TruLabs (true labs) pre, which is for using before your workout, 15 to 30 minutes before a workout. You’ve got your TruLabs (true labs) energy, which should be your daily source of energy every day, regardless of your work habits, your work load or work environment or whatever activities you’re doing today, that is a great source of energy. Then you’ve got your TruLabs (true labs), protein and protein plus Collagen, which we know protein’s essential for life, period. And Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, so we encourage you to that everyday as we do. And also you’ve got your TruLabs (true labs) sleep, which covers the eight to 10 hours every night that every human being should be sleeping. Sleep is vitally essential for good health, immune strength and recovery and effectiveness and results from your workouts. There’s doctor artists with TruLabs (true labs). Go to TruLabs (true labs).com t r u l a b s.com (trulabs.com) and order your healthy new healthy workout supplements today.