This is doctor Bryan Ardis with podcast number 44 I’m here with representing TruLabs (true labs), TruLabs (true labs).com T R U L A B S is our name. You can find our products online@truelabs.com now, TruLabs (true labs) was designed originally as a company. We came and formulated a product called simply preworkout, our total design and creation and in origination for the ideas of this company was to produce a healthy workout supplement that would you could cycle on and off of month by month with different ingredients, which would not be damaging or hurtful to the body at the same time, while people were trying to improve their health through physical activity. So we created a healthy workout pre supplement designed to take 30 minutes before your workout. They were four versions and there still are a, B, c, and d. There are four months, four different versions, one per month. These were designed with different ingredients so that your adrenals to not get taxed by the stimulants that are found in them.

So there are varied amounts of different stimulants from one month to another. They’re all different in a different amount of mountain ranges. And what happens is the body doesn’t get a customer you used to the same stimulus. Your body’s organs aren’t getting stimulated at the same degree by those same stimulants each month. Each box contains 20 different servings. Those 20 servings should supply, you would think about 20 workouts in a month. If it doesn’t, the box is just going to last you longer, but we recommend you cycle on and off. So you start out with virgin a, then you’re going to go to version B, C and d. We’ll cover some of the differences here. But, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, two of our four formulas contain a stimulant called [inaudible], which is a natural plant found in South America and Latin America. It’s actually multiple times more potent energy wise than caffeine.

Uh, the amounts of Gorana that we put in there are minuscule compared to what the natives of South America and Latin America use on a daily basis. Many of them use five grams a day. We don’t give you more than milligrams a day, but, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, they, uh, they take it in for thousands of years. They have used it to help with mental focus and with the energy. So we want to definitely include Gorana which does not have the same negative effect as caffeine on the body. It just happens to be a natural plant source of caffeine. You will find in other workout supplements and energy drinks, but Keren is highly effective in much longer lasting than caffeine. There is a one product of ours that does contain caffeine anhydrous. Uh, we have our ABCD formula is when you get to the c version which would be in your third month and there is no Gorana and there is no caffeine.

However, you’re still going to get the same amount of energy because of the combination of ingredients we put in our c series of our TruLabs (true labs). Pre products are TruLabs (true labs) pre see virgin. It contains two grams of protein, vitamin B, 12 in the form of methyl cobalamine. It also contains Beta Alanine. Beta alanine creates an amino acid that increases how much blood flow flows throughout your body and if you’ve ever felt the tingle in your skin when you drink an energy drink, that’s because of the Beta alanine. Some people have a similar reaction to Niacin, but most people feel Beta alanine. You’re going to feel the Beta alanine emergency as well. You’ve got citrulline, malate, which is another amino acid to help accrue, increase blood flow. We also have LR, Janine Argentine is a amino acid also. We’ve got D ribosome. Ribosome is a con combined it a thousand milligrams and this version, ribosome is one of the three components we include in each of our pre workout products.

What separates it makes it so effective with varying ingredients is we can put very small amounts of stimulants and then combine three elements called ribose, phosphate and Adenine. These three elements every cell in your body will draw in and produce ATP from. You only have two adrenal glands in your body that produce all of your adrenaline. However, you’ve got trillions of cells in your body that actually each one of them produce energy called ATP. And we at TruLabs (true labs) are the only company producing a healthy workout supplement that combines Adenine, ribos and phosphate. You’re going to find that in every single one of our four TruLabs (true labs), pre versions. So there’s four versions, eight flavors, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, you’re going to love them. They’re all, they’re superb. So when you get to the c version, which doesn’t have any of the stimulants of Guarana or caffeine, we have more of the Adenine ribosome in the phosphate to give you more energy.

You’re going to find that, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, we’ve also got to amino acids of tar tare in which you’ll see in many, many workout products in a ctll tyrasine. We’ve got a B, Tane, and which is one of my favorite things on the planet. It’s saturate your body with oxygen for longer periods. And then of course, our Adenine, like I mentioned, each of our pre workout products are actually sweetened with sucralose. All of our flavors are natural, but sucralose happens to be the f the sweetener of choice for us. There’s over 150 studies that Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, the European Union has actually conducted a over in Europe, 150 studies that actually are supportive and showing that sucralose by far is the safest of all sweeteners and its impact on glycemic load, which is how much blood sugar we have. This has no caloric impact on blood sugar, so it has zero impact on an individual’s blood sugar.

Sucralose is actually derived from sugar. They actually figured out a way to cut the sugar molecule and extract just the sweetener part of these sugar molecule away from the caloric aspect of super loose or sugar. Pardon me. So when you separate the sweetened part from the caloric part of the sugar molecule, you get sucralose, which is what they’ve called it. Because sucralose is not found all by itself in nature. They call it an artificial sweetener because there is a process to separate the two. But sucralose absolutely is, is actually created by separating the sugar molecule naturally found in capture. The fact that it has no negative impact on your blood sugar is key to having a healthy workout supplement, which is why we included it. Secondly, there’s over 150 studies that are linked on our website to uh, the safety and efficacy of using sucralose.

They have found that 95% of all sucralose consumed is actually excrete it in the first five hours after consuming it, which is amazing, which means your body does not know how, doesn’t store it, it doesn’t know how to eliminate it. 95% is eliminated through your bowels into your kidneys, which makes it a very safe sweetener. It has no effect on blood sugar, which means it’s not going to have any impact on diabetics. It’s not going to have any impact on, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, any other metabolic disorders, which is fabulous. And we don’t want added sugar anyway because sugar is going to create a crash later. So there’s no sugar associated with sucralose, which is great as far as a sugar load. It’s actually been found to be safe for individuals from two years old, up to a hundred years old to consume. And so the amounts that we use is very tiny, but man, it is powerful at creating a wonderfully tasting healthy workout supplement.

Our pre TruLabs (true labs), pre products by far the greatest pre workout products on the market. Its system is one and unique. There is no other company doing anything like we’ve done. Our job was to create a pre workout supplement, a healthy workout supplement that actually protected your adrenals so you didn’t get adrenal burnout, testosterone reduction, or just destruction and maintain lean muscle mass and burn as much fat and get as much benefit out of your workout as possible while maximizing how much energy you maintain afterwards without a crash. This Dr Bryan Ardis, welcome to TruLabs (true labs). We hope you love your products. They’re guaranteed if it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs.