Welcome again to TruLabs (true labs).com this is doctor Bryan Ardis. This is podcast number 45 we’re going to discuss a TruLabs (true labs), obviously go to TruLabs (true labs).com spelled t r u l a b s.com. There you will find information Galore, articles Galore. Our products will be there. You can see what products we have created. Our mission is to improve the energy and vitality and living experience of every human being on the planet. The products we have created are all natural products. The ingredients are all natural. When you get to the sweet near, we’ve actually chosen sucralose to be our sweetener. For those of you who are aware of the FDA requires us call that an artificial sweetener. It is an artificial product only because it’s an extracted form of sugar. So they took cane sugar and extracted the sweetener part of the sugar molecule to make sucralose.

Uh, so we cannot list our products as an all natural product, but all of the other ingredients are all natural. Sucralose, has no negative effects on the body whatsoever, and we have many, many research articles linked to our website. To prove it. There is no greater product that we can find that is safer for your children, for your adolescence, for your teenagers, your elderly parents, for yourself and middle aged kids, adults to use. Everyone can benefit from our products. That TruLabs (true labs).com we’ve tried to cover the main aspects of your daily living that if we could improve those by feeding you healthy ingredients that we know the body will benefit from, then we know your living experience improves. So number one, we decided to originally to create a pre workout product. Our company is called TruLabs (true labs). The first product I’ll introduce you to is TruLabs (true labs) pre pre is abbreviated for pre workout.

So TruLabs (true labs) pre we have four different formulas of a pre workout. Some people choose to use one and it wasn’t designed that way and they just choose to use one every day. They work out because they find it’s the most beneficial. But there are four different versions. Those four different versions were originally created by us and by uh, uh, by our company to protect individuals from experiencing adrenal exhaustion. A lot of patients I had for 15 years would complain about fatigue. One of the most common things we found with athletes and with those who were working out on a regular basis or exercising on a regular basis, they Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, they were finding that they weren’t able to lose weight, that they were more tired than ever. They weren’t sleeping well. So what we tried to do is educate them on the impact of a lot of exercise and a lot of stimulants that patients would use before their workouts that were just high in caffeine.

And the problem is caffeine. Over time, we’ll just overburden your adrenals and create a what’s called syndrome. X syndrome mix is a medical term syndrome. X is a defined as adrenal exhaustion or chronic adrenal fatigue. You’ll hear those terms interchangeably, but to, there are a lot of people in America who lived very stressed out lives, don’t sleep well, are over stimulated by stimulants every morning that usually cap coffee or some kind of monster energy drink or something. But those, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, those ingredients that are found in those coffee and monster drinks, those high doses of caffeine, all it does is tell your adrenals to release it for the first 25 minutes. All of it’s adrenaline that it has stored and the adrenals only store 25 minutes worth of Adrenaline, which is why you have a quick 30 minute upper and then a big downer afterwards. Well, if you constantly are doing this to the adrenals, eventually adrenals are going to get burned out.

Similar to like if you eat sugar, lots of sugar every day for your whole life. Eventually your pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to protect you and you’re going to get insulin resistance. You’re going to get type one diabetes, which is insulin dependent and you guys started injecting herself with it or you’ll eventually develop type two diabetes. Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, but the pandemic episode of diabetes is truly ramp it solely because people eat too much sugar. The adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue that we see in this world in America is primarily caused by over caffeinating their bodies and over stimulating their buddies. And then just being too stressed out all the time. Personally, we created the world’s healthiest workout supplement to protect your adrenals from adrenal burnout. We use some stimulants, which are all natural. There is one of our four versions that we expect people to cycle on and off of that does contain caffeine anhydrous.

It’s not a whole lot, but we put it in there as one source because some people do love caffeine, but even if we had you take a caffeine source, it’s not going to be more for the more than 20 servings. After that, we expect you to cycle on to the next TruLabs (true labs) pre-product, which would be TruLabs (true labs), pre version d, which does not have caffeine. It has Gorana, which is a natural plant that provides enough stimulant and a energy way more than even caffeine does and has none of the negative drawbacks as caffeine does on the buddy. If you were doing caffeine every day and you’re gaining weight, it’s because your adrenals are so worn out and your adrenals no longer can manage cortisol and you’re putting on belly fat. A healthy workout supplement would, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, protect your adrenals, give you all natural ingredients.

They can use either all natural sweeteners or artificial sweetener of sucralose, and you would have the greatest benefits. You will not gain weight, you will lose weight, you’ll have more energy than ever. I, as the formulator of this product recommend you start with virgin a virgin, a, we’ll give you a ton of energy to produce and go through any workout you’ve got planned for up to an hour or two hours. Most of our athletes see a five to seven hour benefit of the energy just by taking that even after their workouts. So we recommend version a after 20 servings of that, which is what’s in a box, he would switch to version B and then Virgin Nsi a month later, the Virgin de a month later and every four months or cycling through different, Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, stimulants and different ingredients and those different products are going to protect your adrenals. Adrenal burnout or fatigue, you will have continued sustained constant improvement in muscle tone, in gains in your public.

I mean public, you’re in your personal records, whatever you’re trying to achieve in your workouts and you’re going to have continued stamina and energy even after your workouts. We have ingredients included in our pre-product archer labs pre that provides so much oxygen to the brain that most people feel that their focus is dynamically improve to the point where they feel like they need to go study something for hours after the workout, which is unique compared to other energy providing products. Here at TruLabs (true labs), we truly believe we’ve created the healthiest workout supplement on the planet. Best Healthy Pre Workout Supplement, the pre-product is that was our first originating products. We now have TruLabs (true labs) energy, which is for all day energy. Even when you’re not working out. We have TruLabs (true labs), sleep product, and we have TruLabs (true labs), protein and protein plus Collagen to complete the balance of what you need in your life every day to improve the quality of life and achieve your goals. If it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs, I’m doctor Bryan Ardis. We’ll see it. TruLabs (true labs).com.