All Right, ladies and gentlemen,

the TruLab (True Labs, TruLabs) podcast, we’re up here at HQ today. Uh, Mikey’s being slow and taking forever to put his headset on so he’ll come on in a little bit. Uh, we got, uh, Brandon over there. What’s up? He said he’s not going to talk very much because his voice is very scratchy today. We also got trainer Trent over there. Good. What’s good if you don’t fall a trainer? Trent on the old ends to hate you need to, he puts out some great Healthy Pre-Workout Supplements content and then we got old Mikey straight over there trying to get ready, but he’s a diva so it takes a long time for his voice to feel like it’s ready to be on beyond the Ola inner webs.

¬†Ah, go ahead. Yeah. So welcome to the, a workouts up in the pod show by TruLab (True Labs, TruLabs)s. Yeah. All right. Joining us now, Michael, the man, straight guys, 2018 regionals competitor. Oh, CrossFit. What is, what is regionals? What does crossword, yes. Uh, they told me that that wasn’t be there last year, so I decided just to go for it. And it was like, okay, well, you know, one hit wonder, finish strong. So just see morning chocolate post a this morning everything’s changed and with CrossFit or you think she’ll play post it again this morning thing. So good Lord. Yeah. Did you hear Rory McKernan is gone. Yup. Rory got fired yesterday. The rest of the entire media team is fire. I think Greg Glassman is going to fire himself. I think so. I didn’t really do this to be like, you’re fine. Oh crap. But I think I, I made a mistake there. Maybe cashflow will, uh, leave and start something opposite of CrossFit, like on CrossFit ef 46.

Seriously. It needs to be the f 46 fitness experience. That’d be awesome. It’d be great. It’s like they’re doing some cool stuff by allowing you to now licensed the name CrossFit for an event, but then they’re like completely demolishing the games. Yeah, for sure. That that’s what my brain needs to point. What if we became a CrossFit event here at the tree lights? Some of you guys may not know, but we’ve got a beautiful, beautiful space here. The tree 11 stage Q with the gym. And then what Brandon like a hundred hundred 58 it’s like a little piece of Texas over here. 150 acres of ponds, some copperheads water moccasins. It’d be an adventure course. Definitely. Gonna make people run through and they’re going to have to shoot a deer before they can come back. Uh, that’s going to be one of the chase down a pig pig.

Pass the coyote carcass. Jump on a call, jump on a hog. It’d be great. And I joke, that sounds awesome. And our pre workout would help at all be very successful. Yeah. We’re going to have to take the energy to help us choose CrossFit adventure course coming 2020. That’d be great. So Trey, Trey, you haven’t said much. Train trading trainer, fitness.com [inaudible] dot com Britain up Britta fitness.com oh, oh, oh. Tell us about this relationship you’ve got track. Like in all seriousness, how’d you meet her? Oh, what do you think it’s the next steps are that face? Why are we putting this on the podcast? This is the, because people want to know your life, but you’re a big deal. You were, uh, you were on the pro fittest experience, uh, individuals last year 20 and you didn’t even, you didn’t even try to qualify this year.

People want to know. We also have to let the ladies know that you’re off the market. Man, I’m on the angel of reserve right now. He’s on IRR so we can sign somebody else on her roster right now. So you’re going to like tell us how you met or can we just so supplements? No, come on man. It’s Valentine’s Day. You gotta have you gotta tell your love story, Bro. Pretty cool to say that we met through fitness. We fell in love through fitness because you were coaching her and it was kind of like that awkward coach relationship, right? Where it’s like I’m attracted to her, she’s talking to me. I put my hands on her Healthy Pre-Workout Supplements and help her. Like, what is too much? What is too little, the awkward coach or is it, is it nice coach, squeeze your butt tight. He was always, he was always spotting her.

Oh, it’s my hand squeeze. My hand is going to be great. Everybody just looked at him, them in the gym. What are they doing over there? She, she needs help squatting. She, she, she’s not strong so I’m just, you know, it is what is really funny. Like a couple of nights ago, Lexi, you mean she’s 14 years old now and um, she was, she was saying, okay, so how long, um, how long did you guys know each other before you got engaged? Yeah, and me and Jen and we said three months. She goes three months. That’s insane. Woo, whatever. Get engaged after three months. Right. And then I was like, like she, you know, it’s really crazy. We got married three months after that. You’re mad in married at six months and here we are working on, we’re working on year 17 right now. Awesome. Cool. How long were y’all together?

Two and a half years before we get married. Coming up on three years in March. But how long have you got engaged? Two and a half years. Okay. So then I was probably two and a half years as well, but we were engaged for like five years. So it was, I guess it might’ve been crushed it for years, but we waited for Stephanie to get done with college. I was gone in the Marine Corps, so I was gone and Stephanie was at Texas Tech, so we just waited until she was translating thing with Brennan for like four. We’ve all told our stories. This, let’s hear more about this story. So I’m guessing engagement with price going down on the worldwide web history forever will be in the Internet forever. A little insight on the relationship. I used to be a corporate trainer for a company here in the Dallas area and trim was interning with me and we did a lot of work being out, I mean we’re, and then, uh, he met and we had a gym onsite and he met a Brenna through the love of his life.

The topic today, I don’t know, it just is going this Valentine’s Day. We can all tell our love story if you want, man. And then you can, you can follow into it. Going on. He, uh, I ended up leaving to a new gym facility and he ended up taking over the wellness job and taken her over. And uh, during the whole time it was during his internship and still doesn’t know. Nice, Nice Synopsis of his Love Story. Yeah man. I like that burn. And if you listen to this, I’m sorry, Brianna loves this. I have never seen you shot before Mike before. And this is really interesting. Hmm. But he just doesn’t, I guess that’s what level of, hey, so do you take a, let’s talk about workout supplements or workout supplements and Brenna, um, what do you want to know? What, so do you had never really taken pre workout before head to, you know, not, not really. Not. So you guys called me into, I mean, talk me into, I mean it gave me some, no, I really hadn’t taken any Healthy Pre-Workout Supplements. Um, cause I didn’t really know what it was and I don’t, everyone talks about it getting off Tingley or whatever and just didn’t appeal to me. Does our pre work, I’ll give you the same tingle that Brendon gives you.

How we were moving too far that thought we were moving on. That’s just a question man. You’re out over there. Oh I think I think we were about to lose Brandon. No, I’m okay. I’m good. He just swallow it. Did you always say this is great. This is going to be the worst podcast ever. That’d be in file 13 this is a real podcast right here. So when we’re, when we’re going on a you, you’ve probably taken proteins before. Yes. And really be taking PCA’s or had you taken yeah I was there. Roid sharms I mean what? I was just like a drink a protein shake after you work out. Drink some bcas cause they taste like Koolaid Kinda guy and didn’t, I didn’t really have a a supplement regimen. Did you say drink a Koolaid? I said drink some bcas cause that’s what they taste like Koolaid.

Oh I thought you were legitimately saying you drink koolaid for preworkout and I was like bro you are severely missing out gains for a long time. No I still don’t. I was like I don’t know what these PCA’s are doing but I’m drinking. I’m cause it tastes good. Yeah. What’s your degree in? You know, it’s a sports stuff. It’s fun. All right. It’s just if it tastes good, he’s wanting to drink it so, so then he tried and he can really sure. Labs pre and he was like tastes good. Yeah. You liked the um, the blue ocean, right? That’s the one you guys are moving. So the d formula, the formula. Here we go. Here we go again. What’s the other one? The red one. A which red one? Yeah, the D one. The three formula? Yes. You like that one? Yes. Did you really?

Yeah, we got rid of that one. I know. Thanks. So you know why? Because we put a bomber granted on it. Yeah. Pomegranate, pomegranate, Bro. Chill. Cornell, delicious. She also, when do I get some Bama girl? That’s my Spanish talk for you people out there. If you don’t know, I’m pretty fluent on Healthy Pre-Workout Supplements and a whole Spanish guy. The thing we should probably go stuck in, warmed up for this workout. What’s on the agenda today when hit that partner workout for Valentine’s? Like Trump made up or where’s Johnny? Yeah, seven 20 is turned into seven 38, seven 40 right now. Dang. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny USA. All right guys. So we’re going to go head downstairs and work out and get swole. Uh, and so, uh, yeah, we’re out of here today. Adios.