[00:00] Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs). It’s doctor Brian Artists for our 14th podcast. Now we’re going to talk today about the importance of workout supplements and why we need them. Basically, everyone who works out ever, I don’t care if you go running jugging step clamor rubics that met her. Your body’s going to be consuming the fuel you ate in the form of food or drink in the form of water all day long. That’s where you get your source of fuel. If you’re going to break down fats, the from the fat you eat or the fat that’s in your body, you’re going to break that down into sugars called glucose and your body is going to use it for energy, which is great. You’re also going to use protein as the main source of fuel and one of the brilliant things I learned in clinical practice was is when you actually consume protein, your body has to break down fat to be able to break down protein, so the benefits of eating a high protein diet.

[01:00] For most people, 80% of Americans believe it or not, is to consume protein that will help you stay more lean cause your body requires that you burn fat to break down protein. Now one of our workout supplements that we’re creating to help benefit the recovery and the build that you’re going to experience from your workouts is a workout supplement we’ve created, so whey protein concentrate and we’re also producing a second protein product that will contain 33 grams of protein that protein sources whey concentrate with collagen protein. Also an an an an incredible flavor called a chocolate hazelnut. It is delicious. A lot of people take protein and Collagen separately and we’ll mix that before or after their workouts. Knowing that protein is a fuel and protein helps to repair the muscles that we are actually tearing down as we work out, so it improves our build time and our recovery time.

[02:01] And then the benefits are that we can see in our body are way more evident when we include more protein. Collagen has become very popular because Collagen is what makes up most of our ligaments and our tendons. So it will both protect and improve the strength and integrity of our ligaments and tendons as we put strain on it. During our workouts are workout, supplement protein and also our second workout supplement protein and Collagen will both benefit the body with improving recovery time you’re build and noticeable improvements in your body’s tone. Also a second benefit for most men and women with college and added is that Collagen protein is what’s required for healthy hair growth, healthy skin texture and maintaining moisture in your skin. And uh, anyway, the benefits are great. Nails, hair health, skin health. I’ll improve by Collagen intake. So we have our protein workout supplements that you can take.

[03:05] They’re also going to be an individual size packets, which is brilliant. You don’t have to stick your hand inside of a dusty tub looking for a scoop. You actually will have individual serving packets that you can just carry with you. Throw in your gym bag, put inside your Shaker, whatever it is you want to do or add to your smoothie, uh, and you’ll never have to touch another dusty protein ever. Get all over your hands, all over your countertop. It’s brilliant. So are TruLabs (true labs), protein and our TruLabs (true labs) protein plus collagen protein packets are an incredible workout supplement that will show and it give you a vast benefits. All right, so we, our body breaks down protein. When we work out, our body needs to repair the muscles. It’s tearing down during our workouts. Best Way to get that is through protein a. You also need to consume some for sources or forms of fats during the day.

[04:03] Fat is converted in your liver to Glycogen, also the health of your brain, the health of your nerves in your body. Primarily, your brain is made up of fat, which is brilliant. If you don’t consume fat or enough fat into your diet, you’re going to become dumb, depressed, anxious, schizophrenia. You’ll have night terrors. These are all signs and symptoms of a lack of fat for the brain. The brain requires fat, so does every nerve in your body. You can develop neuropathies also, which is nerve pain if you’re not consuming enough fat. There’s one big fad that’s going on right now called the Keto Diet. Keto diet is based on keeping your body in Ketosis. Ketosis is where you’re continuing to supply enough fat to your buddy. They will act, which is a form of energy, and the more fat you consume, the more fed your body burns cause it’s a form of energy entity.

[04:54] It encourages the liver to break down more fat as you consume more fat. So if delivers function is improved by consuming more fats, the liver can then produce more of its enzymes, which break down fat that’s being collected and stored around your body. So if your purpose and working out is to get lean to get stronger, a workout supplement that includes some form of protein we prefer, and from our testing and found that way, concentrate is the most beneficial and the most bioavailable that your body can absorb. Secondly, if you want to combine a college in source to your workout supplement or protein source, you can use our protein plus Collagen from TruLabs (true labs) that will be available here in the next month. Rock and roll, wishing you the best in your workout goals.