[00:01] Welcome to HQ, Texas. I’m Brandon Pogue. We are here with TruLabs (True Labs)  headquarters. We’ve got Josh Wells, Yo, we’ve got DJ asap, also known as Asap the Mogul. Ooh. And, and Goon squad. Goon squad. Gunwale Hey, let’s talk about that name. That’s a sick name, bro. Yes, yes, yes. It’s actually Olak moonwalk and it’s a west African name. So everybody calls me Gunwale. Ah, I just call him Goon. Yeah. Going for short. Funny, everybody always says goon, right? Like I felt like I want to go see the Black Panther movie. Like right now, like let’s rip off the shirts and get some sorts of go battle on the river and the fellow guys with that workout, I’ll be able to rip off my shirt here and that was a crazy workout. So we’re going to talk about workout supplements and we’re going to talk about our, uh, you know, preworkouts protein in college and we’re going to talk about sleep, how important that is.

[00:57] We’re going to talk about energy for the work day. Um, asap. You’ve tried the TruLabs (True Labs) . Preworkout tell me, tell me your experience with it. Oh Man, I’m jacked right now. I’m still jacked. I’m, I’m, I have some, I’m drinking some right now. It’s, it’s a beautiful in this beautiful shaker we have here. Um, but man, it really gets me through my day. Sometimes I’ll just take it even when I’m not working out. It just was about to ask you, I mean, I know you sometimes have to have to go work late at night, you know, midnight to two o’clock. Have you ever taken it before one of those sessions? Sure, for sure. I’ll take it sometimes before I go to work. Like I’ll actually take a nap before I go to work and then I’ll wake up and I’ll take this and are going in to work in a Dj and I get the energy that I need.

[01:35] I get all the, the, that same pump from working out, but just, it’s natural. It doesn’t really give me like a spit up heart rate or anything like that. So I love it. That’s really cool. And you got to take it this morning for the first time. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So tell me about, I mean besides the workout being really brutal cause we did high intensity kind of crossfit ass type workout this morning. What was your workout today? Just tell, tell the crowd. Yeah, so we did, what did we do? 10 minutes of Hale pretty much, right? So we did 10 dead lifts and then um, 10 calories, uh, burning on the [inaudible] just geared, yeah. Okay. Skier and then a 20 air squats. We were supposed to do pistol squats but I’m not there yet. I probably can only do like four and a half, but um, yeah, that’s what we did.

[02:29] That’s what we did. Josh was killing it though, man. Joshua is about to pass out, man. Just sneaky fit for a hot second. I was passed out there for a little bit. That workout is not my forte. The only thing in that his pistols, he’s, but he’s so good at pistols. It’s like I saw that I could go really, really fast there and then the rest of the stuff I was like, well just make it to the pistol. Josh, do you feel like your mustache has made you stronger or weaker? Dude, it’s totally made me stronger, I think. I think what I’m trying to do is take over for El Chapo going to jail now,

[03:00] so I’ve got to take over for him. So I got sort of a Mexican food man Chu though. So it’s got a be down. It’s going to come down. I’m going to get it all the way down there and just, you know, I gotta be ready for Mustache March. Is that what it is? Yeah, I’ve never heard it. I thought it was no shave November most the problem with November brecklin his birthday’s in November, so we always have pictures and lives like, hey, you can’t keep a mustache, so I have to shave it. So mustache march is my, is my thing. So that is hilarious. Yeah, it’s the power of the stash quest. She loves you for you. I know. My daughter tells me that when she gives me a kiss, she’s like, no kisses dead. Okay. So would you guys tell me about what supplements you all currently take or have tried in the past? Um, you know, whatever, whatever that may be to help you work out. Supplement golden is the supplement guide. He’s that he’s the protein,

[03:47] the, the, the uh, the preworkout, the BC AA please. The creatine. Like he’s, I’ve tried, I’ve tried a lot of it. Um, there was a point in my journey where I was, um, I was getting pretty big. Um, granted I have to put this disclaimer, I am a vegetarian or pescatarian now, but I grew up a Vegan and it was always the consensus that vegans can not get fat. So back in like 20, I think 13, I started getting really big and it was because I was eating pizzas. I was eating crap. You know what I’m saying? Pizzas and breads.

[04:21] My mom talked to me. What’s a Vegan pizza? Pizza. Well, vegetarian, vegetarian, so, so cow. So I did, I did all

[04:28] cheese and all that stuff. Yeah. So I was good. You started [inaudible] and then I just started getting bigger, bigger and I was like, all right, well cool. I can’t do this, mom. Mom knows best. So I’m going to go back a little bit. Take a step back and I just started working out really hard. I started taking a whole bunch of pro protein and um, preworkouts and stuff. I started off with c four. Um, I started off with that. I think that was one of the cheapest at the time. And then I went over to, um, well in high school I used to take in Oh, explode. Um, I used to take, um,

[05:02] bloat and heart attack and all those. Right. Well that’s funny. That’s a good one. That’s what it is. Yeah. So I’ve, I’ve in,

[05:09] you know, a fair amount of, of pre workouts, you know, and um, yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s been a journey. It’s been a journey. BCAS I’ve tried them all. I’ve tried a whole bunch of, I’ll all of GNC. I remember one time we were in the studio and going, we used to work out as a group. I would always make us take these preworkouts are these bcws and one time he put me on, I think it was c four, and uh, I got on the treadmill. I almost feel my heart explode. Yeah, definitely. And I later learned that it was dangerous to take that much and card to cardio and all that stuff and do cardio immediately. Right after. Let me ask you this, did you know that you were supposed to cycle off of it? Yes. Did you? Yes. So I cycled off well, yes.

[05:56] When I started out hard, really hard, I did a lot of research. Okay. And so I did, um, I think I finished the bottle. Yeah. I finished up the whole tenor, the container and then I, um, I, I switched, I stopped doing pre workout for like a week or two and then I did an new preworkout. Okay. Yeah. See a lot of people don’t know that you’re supposed to cycle off of it every 30 days they go from one scoop, two scoops, three scoops. I, but I did end up doing that. I ended up my second time taking c four. I did, I did two scoops at a time. And uh, so like a cycle. It is a lot of caffeine. It is a lot of caffeine. I didn’t know the like the detriment of the crazy part about it is you’re not going to realize it until, Gosh, probably a year or so down the road once, once your adrenals are fried and you’re like, why am I, Oh yes, yes.

[06:49] You’re why I was sleeping in the studio so much. You know I was, I was dead man. I was asleep. You’re killing yourself. I was killing myself slowly but surely. And then you finish your workout, you go get coffee. So then you’re getting more happening and had a cup of coffee almost everyday as well as well I was at, I was taking over probably 300 if you were taking the work, especially probably close to five and then you were taken in coffee. Yeah. You were this close to cardiac arrest him. I mean, you know, I was working out pretty hard. I mean, but I, I didn’t, I didn’t do high intensity like we did today. I wouldn’t have survived if I did like as my full workout every day. And that was just 12 years just in the gym getting swollen. That was just exactly, I was getting big, so I was, um, I was probably at that point in time, maybe 10% body fat.

[07:44] I was, I was over at pizza too much to do that. I feel you man. 10 yeah, I’m at, I’m at 8.1 checked. Really? I need to do the dip or did you do the little calper caliber? No account dip. What is the d? So there’s a, there’s a buddy of ours, his name is Aaron and he, he’s got a truck and he drives this truck and he had many levels it and it’s like a three ton truck and he levels it. And then he’s got a, he’s got a, um, he puts water in this tub and you get in there with basically as little closer, no clothes that you can and you hold yourself completely under water and you exhale all the air out of your lungs and you go home and you’re like, you go to where you’re almost about to pass out and then he hits the side of the tub.

[08:30] Okay. You can get out now and then it’s like you need to do it a couple times to see how you’re more air. You can get out and so it’s the most accurate cause it it it actually second most staff zero, zero gravity. What would be the most high your Dexa? The only problem with a Dexa is you’ve got to get a prescription from a doctor or something like that to be able to do it. Um, I think I heard Joe Rogan. I’m seeing, I’m seeing something where you just lay on it. Like basically Nikki, it’ll be a DEXA. Okay. So it’s like kind of like a leather pad or whatever that will tell you literally everything. Got You. Straight up everything. I’ll tell you how much body fat, where do you do that? How I see it on TV as seen on TV gunners here.

[09:08] Oh we can research it today and find somebody to do it. I think that’d be kind of a fun experiment for all three, all four of us or five of us to go do it and then like crazy and then actually go straight to the water. And then see what the differences cause the, the body tubs, the body analytics, it’s pretty amazing. Yeah. Hashtag hashtag about analytics.com no, they’re great guys. But the analytics, there was a body fat truck. No, I think his body analytics, there’s the, I know there’s a few different ones, but Aaron’s, his buddy’s truck sounds cool, but does p h a t Bonnie, Bonnie. But you’d have to be, you’d have to drop it on 22 right above the low riders. Kind of like wear out the fenders. That’s hilarious. Yeah. That’s cool. So, um, so that’s interesting. So you’ve, you’ve taken [inaudible] you took our stuff today, you did a high intensity workout.

[10:03] I mean, how do you feel now? And I don’t want to, I don’t, I’ll tell you my experience, but how do you feel now compared to that experience compared to it? Um, so what, one thing that I noticed too, like I’m, I’m very acclimated to like natural tastes stuff. So I’m very like, I can, I’m very sensitive to like, you know, really processed things and stuff. I can tell, I can drink water and know that all of this is probably like some natural spring water or distilled water, you know, um, I noticed that this pre workout taste very like rich, you know what I’m saying? It’s not a lot, not a lot of sugar content in it. I can feel the, uh, the minerals, all of this stuff that’s in the whatever’s in there. I still don’t have it. I haven’t read down the list of what’s in there just yet.

[10:51] And um, I, I did feel a pump while I was working out. That’s, that was cool. I liked it. I liked it. So Paul, if you feel it feels good, so, and I kind of still feel it a little bit, still fill it. So mentally, like what I love is how mentally crisp you are. I mean, we just got through killing our bodies and we’re doing a podcast. Yeah, yeah. That’s very true. You know what I mean? So, and, and the words are kind of flowing, you know, I’m, I’m, yeah, I can’t say that, you know, the rhymes are flowing. You think if you feel like you can bust a freestyle right now? Probably not. I could probably do some. I’d probably do some, uh, some beatbox. Yeah. Okay. That’d be about it. But what I, what’s interesting about us, we actually help the body to create energy naturally.

[11:30] And so you’ve heard of ATP, Adenosine triphosphate. We actually have, we actually have Adenine ribose and phosphate in our pre workout. And when that goes into the cell then that creates ATP. Some people try to put ATP or those ingredients together combined, but when they go into the cell, they don’t, um, they don’t actually process it the same way as, as as all of the individual raw ingredients going to the south. Then it comes out as ATP and then that’s what creates energy. And we don’t have, um, we have different types of caffeine and we’re not a caffeine based preworkout. What I mean by that is, is um, we have 150 milligrams Max Caffeine in any formula and we actually use a green bean, like a, a green coffee bean extract and two of our forms Gorana and then we have a caffeine anhydrous in our B series, um, and our apple flavor and a orange, orange, orange, pineapple, pineapple.

[12:31] That’s a really tough call. That’s like asking which, which of my three kids are my favorite kid. And you still have sort of depends on the day and the answer’s gunner, my fur baby over there. Um, I can’t say that I have a favorite. And I tell you what was surprising is that um, our strawberry watermelon and I think it’s just cause it’s pink, but that’s what, that’s what has been like the hot seller. And what’s really interesting with us is that um, most most pre workouts are 90% men, 10% women, most pre workouts. That’s where they’re geared. We had a huge success in the female category and the women category where we’re almost 50, 50. And the reason I think that is is because women could take our stuff and it wouldn’t upset their stomach. It wouldn’t, they wouldn’t have to run to the bathroom.

[13:20] And then they would, they communicate more words per day. That’s a fact, right? They communicate with more words per day than men do. So then they tell the girlfriend and the girlfriend’s house, her girlfriend, and then they go to yoga and then they do this. And so like one of our best athletes was, it was a, is a girl named Jenni Dean. Jenni Dean finished shout out to Jenny Dean. She’s a beast, she’s a beast. And she has been such a proponent and really helped us in that area. So, you know, she knows so many people on a, on a personal basis, you know, you’ve got great athletes that have these huge followings, you know, 100,000 followers, 200,000 followers, and we’ve had those. But, but you know, the people like Ginny Dean who have these, these everyday people that they see and they work out with, that’s really where the rubber meets the road. Right? And it’s been very, very well received with, uh, with her crowd.

[14:06] That’s awesome. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. It helps to have like actual, it’s good to have digital engagement, but it’s actually, it’s even better to have actual like person to person peer to peer engagement. Like when you’re doing something every day, you’re actually interacting with other people should know. Just shaking hands and kissing babies. Like I feel like that’s, that’s even better than just being online all day and just really promoted if you can actually get out there and doing it, doing it the old fashioned way. Old School, old school, you know, um, you know, a rubber to the road type of promotion. I think there’s great. Yeah, true. TruLabs (True Labs)  is doing that now. I love it. Yeah. To piggyback off of what you said with the strawberry watermelon, you know, it’s, it’s our c formula. So for those of you who don’t know it, uh, our c formula has zero caffeine in it at all.

[14:52] Right? So there is some people who look at a pre workout and they’re like, hey, how can I take a, can I take a pre workout that has no caffeine in it? Yes. If you do it right. That’s how we come with our base at the Adenine rivals and phosphate right now. If it has no caffeine and the way that we formulated it, pregnant women and breastfeeding women can take it. Wow. Right. So, which is different than like most pre workouts that you’ll see on the market. Right. You look on the back and they’ll say, do not take if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding yet. Uh, and whereas ours, as long as they’re taking the c formula, they’re fine. Josh often do you take it? My pre workout every day. Every day. Every day. Once a day. Twice a day. Oh, well when I’m really trying to beat Brandon

[15:32] workouts. Why have you been branded yet? This week? It’s only Wednesday. I beat you Monday, Bro. Wednesday I’ll beat you Monday. Maybe the last two.

[15:46] I don’t even remember, but I know how beach, uh, anyways, but yeah, when I’m really trying to be branding, you know, I’m working out twice a day, so then, uh, I’ll, I’ll definitely take it and so we’ll take it and literally it’ll be eight 30 at night and I can take pre workout and still be able to go to sleep at night.

[16:02] That’s all. So, yeah. So Sleep, oh my gosh. I got to tell you real quick now. You don’t hit some mini preworkout companies talking about sleep. No. So that’s one thing that we talked about this a little bit yesterday, but, um, one of our athletes said, hey, look, I love your preworkout, but I’m having these crazy dreams at night. I’m like, well, when was the last time that you dreamed? He goes, well, it’s been, it’s been years, right? Cause he’s been taking, you know, c for other, you know, vein vein. We’ll just gonna start calling us funny. And so, so he was never getting into rem sleep at night and you’re supposed to get in rapid eye movement multiple times per night. And so what happened was, is because he was awake when you’re supposed to be awake and then it was coming out of system and he was sleeping.

[16:46] He’s supposed to, he was actually dreaming again. The Guy was like 24 years old. Wow. And so what’s amazing is that people come to us and say, man, I be after I use your stuff for six, seven days, I start to sleep back in dream again. I can dream again. So what we, we’ve, we’ve created another um, another product that we’re just about to launch called sleep. And it is the most unbelievable. It’s got, she got patented ingredients in it. True sleep. True, true lab sleep. It is unreal. And so it, it helps you to sleep and to sleep deep. But then when you wake up, you’re not Josie. That’s awesome. Cause you know how you ever taken Melatonin or something and you get up and you feel like you’re growing over. This is the opposite of that.

[17:27] Okay. Let me tell you the only problem with sleep, right? So you get to start dreaming again. Right? So we all, we have a funny thing up here and we say that our company cars going to be a raptor,

[17:37] right? So Brandon Brandon has a raptor. Here’s the problem with it, right? I had a good, good dream one night that I showed up to the office and Brandon’s showed up with a blacked out raptor and I was like,

[17:50] heck yeah man, I’m calling from a, uh, dodge ram that’s not the nicest in the world to nice rafter. I was so excited. And then I woke up, he’s even got the song, there was a song, what’s the song? One kiss is all it takes. That was the only song that would play in the truck. So like if I was rolling around, that was the only song that we’ll play in this truck. And if you know anything about me, I love country music and I listen to sports radio. I don’t really listen to like Edm or any of that type of stuff. So like, it was torture, torture for Williams, 24 hours of that song. It’s like every time you wake up the same life, same song playing. It was hilarious. So Brandon never got you to wrap it? No. The funny thing is the next night, the next week I drove by a dealership and there was a blacked out, right brother and I looked it up and I sent it to Brandon and I said, hey man, just in case you’re thinking we’re not there yet.

[18:51] It’s coming soon. It’s coming soon. We’ve got big goals and big dreams. I would love for that to be the company car for, for HQ employees. Could you imagine? It’s like, oh there it goes. There it goes. A TruLabs (True Labs)  take a true levels wrapped it. Wouldn’t that be ridiculous. Awesome. Rapid. So Real, real quick. Oh Bray breakdown the problem with too much caffeine and why it’s important to have the ATP formula. Doctor, do you want to do that when you want me to? I can do it. Okay, so I’ll try to do it without getting super, super science. Condense it a little bit. I’ll break it down. Barney style for, yeah. All right, so we have our adrenals and our body wrap and our adrenals control hormones throughout our body. Now if you take in too much caffeine, uh, over a long period of time, your hormones start to get basically jacked up.

[19:40] Your body stops producing certain hormones to tell your body went to use fat or when to make Melatonin. Uh, so different things like that, right? So then your adrenals get fatigued and that stuff starts to happen. You might be working out really hard and eating right, but if your adrenals are fatigued, what’s going to happen? Your body is still going to hold onto that fat. You’re still going to be tired all the time, right? In your car. Why is this happening? And it’s cause of adrenal fatigue. And so when you look at what we do versus what somebody else does, when you look at another pre workout and it’s got 300 milligrams, maybe 400 milligrams of caffeine, yes, that’s just feeding into that adrenal style. That’s why it says to cycle off of their pre workout. You don’t have to cycle off of our pre workout.

[20:19] Oh. Um, so then you also run into the aspect of, that’s how they’re creating energy. They’re giving you a stimulant, a stimulant, a stimulant on top of another, right? Yeah. Instead of going straight to the sale, instead of using your body, practicing ribosome phosphate to help your body create ATP, the natural way. Nice. Right? So then when you use those three things to help your body create energy, the natural way, when you’re done working out, right, instead of still being super, super high and then boom, dropping out and now you’re dead, right? And then you have to go to caffeine again cause you go to an energy drink or do you go to a coffee or something like that. So then you’re taxing your adrenals again. Right? So with ours, we’re creating energy with Adenine, Rabos and phosphate. Now we don’t even have our adrenals mixed in there.

[21:00] Right? So now the adrenals can recover and start producing the hormones that they’re supposed to be producing. That’s why you can start to go to sleep easier at night. And if you’re using our sleep, it makes it a whole lot easier. And you’re actually hitting deep rem sleep. Okay. Um, and you won’t have that issue of adrenal fatigue. It doesn’t matter what you do. Like you could, you could use a normal pre workout and if you’re cycling on and off of it, right. You could, you could prevent it somewhat, but if you’re not smart about it and you’re going to coffee immediately after and you’re going to another energy think that the main problem with the right people, right, that the pre workout labeled tells you exactly right. You’re cycling off of it, but then people like a coke or something, it could take your pre workout and then you have this huge crash and then it’s like, oh, well to fix that crash site coffee, that’s all it is. Midday before the day, before two or three. And before you know it, you’re this caffeine addict. Yeah. I definitely can say I definitely was a caffeine. Yeah. I think last, last year I actually, I was as well too because I was driving, uh, driving a whole lot. Yeah. And I needed something to pick me up, you know? And so I’ll go straight to caffeine. That’s a question. Do you know the thing to pick you up in the car though? No. Let’s just got to turn the radio up. One Kiss.

[22:17] So question is, do you take anything else other than simply pre, do you take any other, do you

[22:24] take anything else, any other type of supplements? Um, besides your preworkout do any type of vitamins or anything? I do, I take a protein every morning. As soon as I work out, I drink a protein. And if I get like mid afternoon, crazy hungry, cause sometimes we, you know, I’ll eat at about 1130 and, and I don’t do, you don’t eat anything before you work, so I don’t, I always at workout on an empty stomach. Um, now if we go to competition or we go to a competition, I’ll try to eat a banana or some oatmeal and get a little bit of carbs in there because you’re going to do two or three workouts. You’re going to two workouts before lunchtime. And so you like, I, I guess I competed at the fittest games fitness experience now two years ago. And um, after the first day I was dizzy and the room was spinning.

[23:14] We did three workouts that day and I felt like absolutely booboo and um, I could not get right. I had taken, I had taken some, um, Advil I’d taken, I’d drink Gatorade, I’d be, I did everything that I thought I could. And what I ended up doing was eating like a whole pizza and that’s the only thing that got me feeling better. And now it actually, what I’ll probably do is actually get some, some chocolate milk, the organic chocolate from whole kit, from whole foods for all you people listening out there. Let me educate you on something. CARBS are not bad people out there. Do I just do a little bit more research and just saying carbs are not the enemy? Yeah, no, I’ve seen, I’ve seen uh, uh, Instagram stories of Brendan on is killed. It’s always a waffle barbecue barbecue and we should go, we go get peach cobbler and ice cream after our Quito. I’m happy to pick your brain on that a little bit more because you know, Joe Rogan would fight you about that concept. Actually, not now. Not now. I just heard a podcast that he said that he had somebody else on there explaining the reasons why and stuff. So

[24:21] well way to think to think of it is your brain literally cannot function without carbs. You’re like, it’s not going to happen. Interesting. Uh, and so like it, every time somebody tells me they haven’t had carbs, I’m like, yes, they’ll put, there’s no way. Like, and then like they’re drowsy or they can’t focus when there’s a reason why, because Carl Icahn to take in the car, it’s now you can’t be a crazy person in need a freaking whole

[24:42] pizza. But yeah, you need it on that day. That was because you probably doing a lot of work. It doesn’t need it. Ketos the new Atkins, Gosh, explain what Ketosis we’ll do that

[24:56] Quito is, uh, you try to, the rely on fat to have your body create energy.

[25:02] You tried to get your body in a state of Ketosis and that’s supposed to help bodies and your body. That’s supposed to help a lot of things, which I actually, I actually don’t agree with. Um, in fact, um, a guy I know who, he gave me some ketone supplements, um, and then you, you get to, you get to urinate on a stick and then see if it’s, if you’re in a state of Ketosis or not, you know, depending on the acid levels or whatever, he ain’t on the stage. It felt like a pregnancy. It was kind of odd. And then, and then the guy was, the guy was like still in my office or whatever, and I took a picture of it. It’s like, am I pregnant? You know, but, um, because of the workouts in the, in the way that we eat, my body was already in a state of ketosis and I ate carbs.

[25:48] So does that make sense? Yeah. Um, so I don’t do intermittent fasting. You hear that? That’s another buzz word. That’s what I do. Okay. But, but here’s what I do do. And it’s sort of like intermittent fasting. I will not eat dinner. I will not eat dinner past seven or seven 30 at night. And if it’s eight o’clock at night, that’s rare. And my wife knows that. It gets me pretty upset when we have to eat at eight or eight 30 cause I don’t, I don’t do that. So I’ll eat about seven, seven 39 and that’s my meal. I’ll sleep through the entire night. I’ll wake up and I’ll work out on it on an empty stomach after taking TruLabs (True Labs)  pre. And then as soon as I do that, I’m actually, I’m actually putting a banana and protein and almond milk and sometimes I’ll put a little whole milk or coconut water in there for, for sweetness.

[26:29] And I drink that. And that lasts me till about 1130 and 1130. Man, it’s, it’s chow time is so big, big lumps. So my lunch, my lunch is, ours are huge. Um, and I do a huge lunch and then I a pretty good sized dinner cause and, and I, and I don’t starve. Like I don’t feel like I’m starving. Um, well sometimes we’ll do pancake Thursday and we’ll go, we’ll, we’ll work out on Thursday and we’ll, we’ll go pancakes. And you know what I enjoy? I enjoy pain. Yeah. Yeah. They’re great. No, no. You said you get really upset if you have to eat after after eight like are you like, like, like throwing temper tantrums? Yeah, I do. I’m a, I’m a 40 year old man child. I really am champions with gin. Yeah, I really do. Do you count your calories a I’ve done that.

[27:17] I’ve done that. But it’s really boring. It’s boring and it’s boring. And, and, and I mean cause you say you’re, what? What’s your body fat right now? I’m, I’m less than seven. Less than seven for sure. So a lot of people will kill for less than 10 right? Yeah. So I’m like with the carb content all the way up and you’re not counting your calories, like what is your or are you just working out that much or we were, we, I mean we work out an hour to an hour and a half a day. We’ll stretch for even 30 minutes before that. Okay. And we’ll talk. I mean we, we converse and we really enjoy our group. So the guys who come here, you know, we’ll talk about what’s going on. We’re talking about things was alive, you know, drink the pre workout in and then we’ll sit here where we’re sitting right now and it’s uh, it’s a pretty neat time.

[28:07] We’ll talk, we can talk about current events, we can talk about our relationship with God, we can talk about all this kind of stuff. Um, and then we’ll, and then we’ll go hit it. And, and uh, you know right now as cold as it is, we’ve got to let the, the gym heat up a little bit because it can be, I mean it was what, 31 degrees this morning, 31 degrees. Some of you guys are probably wondering, yes, we’re in Texas, so cold 30 degrees. It feels cold. 40 word or calling in work to, to backtrack a little bit of what you’re talking about there with like calories and things like that. Like ultimately, like if you’re a person who’s trying to lose weight, I mean you literally have to count calories. I gotcha. At that point it’s calories in, calories out, calories too. Cause my friend, she’s trying to get, you know, a little bigger.

[28:53] Yeah. With her with, she’s small. She tried to get your girlfriend big. She, yeah, she wants to get jacked, you know, so, uh, um, counting calories as good for her. Right. She doesn’t necessarily have to worry about counting calories. She’s know that she has to eat more than what she was eating and it has to be quality food. You could eat McDonald’s all day if you want it to and you’re going to gain some weight, but it’s not going to ask anyway. Have you ever tried to eat a thousand calories of Broccoli? Ooh. Oh No. That’s tough. That’s a lot a day, dude. Yeah, I mean it would, it would be like a bowl, you know, like the head. I mean, it would be like seven and six heads of, you know, big Lord. I love Broccoli though.

[29:36] Like a garlic seasoning, salt and pepper on it. I can eat it straight. Raw. I need to steam. Steam takes off. It’s like a microwave. A little sugar. What? This whole micro, not unless you drink the water. Right? I don’t know. What are you drinking? Water. Microwave? No, the steam Broccoli. Oh yeah. How about that? All the minerals go into the water. This is not how that works. People think this way. I was joking about the explain microwave’s do not do that. Like all a microwave does is make the water molecules vibrate and that creates friction, which then creates heat. It does absolutely nail into the molecules. He listened to that podcast with that. What’s his name on there? Huh? Um, astrophysicist. Oh, with Neil degrasse Tyson. I do love. I do love that guy. He’s pretty funny. He said the same thing. That’s all it is.

[30:30] That’s literally all that he said. I don’t have any microwaves. He does not and it drives me nuts. Everything was milk does a body good. Milk does do cow built it as the whole mill is horrible. Cal. Mick is horrible for me. Doctor artist says is bad for you. I love it. I love it. That’s what he says. That’s what he calls it was. I will not drink. I drink milk almost every day. I read somewhere. I read somewhere in the middle. No soy milk, whole milk, raw whole milk. You can look at this sexy to have fat guys. You kind of have fats. This, this whole carb rich low fat diet. What’s killing America? But why? Why drink milk from another animal? I ain’t drinking milk. [inaudible]

[31:27] why are you going to drink milk from another hand? You need milk when you’re young. Well I heard, I heard it depends on how long or like the, the body type where you’re leaning and sieges how long has your DNA been a process to be absorbed? The milk and it’s the, it’s the ability to, you’ve got to pick and choose your battles because some people are lactose, people weren’t good. I love milk and I love pancakes and I love butter and I eat it. I eat and then, and then I do. I do, I do avocado oil. We do coconut oil, but you got to have your right fats and I think if you don’t have the right fats, that’s where a lot of people, they’re scared to eat fat. Cause like I’m going to eat, I’m going to get fat if I eat fat.

[32:15] It’s not that way at all because actually if you eat fat, if you eat fats, it actually helps. It helps the body to get fuller faster so you don’t eat as much versus a low carb low or a high carb, low fat diet. You know what I started doing a couple of weeks ago? Snap kitchen, snap kitchen, the kitchen, you go to snap kitchen, they have all these premade moves and since I’m busy or they just go in there and do they have the meals already set up for you, pick what you want, either fish, chicken, beef, whatever it may be. And you warm it up for two minutes in the microwave. I know you skeptical of the microwave, but uh, you know, they’re, they’re really quick meals, really small portions, kind of Nice portions. You eat the meals and go about your day. There’s a lot of great companies that do that now.

[33:06] Yeah. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. And those are, those are definitely a way to eat healthier versus, you know, driving through Arby’s or Popeye’s and then the middle is only like eight, nine, $10. So it’s very, it’s pretty competitive. Yeah. That’s cool. This has been a longer podcast. Yes. It has three minutes of podcast. Waterbird can be healthy. Yeah. What do workers the healthiest thing, the number 21 I use a microwave and I go to [inaudible]. My name is Joshua [inaudible]. I’m still going to be most of y’all in the word [inaudible], so we need to do another podcast with this group again, because there’s a lot to talk about and I love, I love having four people on here. I feel like there’s a lot of back and forth. Yeah, so great. It was great. Yeah. Thank you so much. Give me my pre workout. Let’s get some more for having us at your last shaded. Appreciate it. Thank you. All right. We’ll talk soon. Adios.