Can I go get it done right now? Welcome to TruLabs (True Labs), podcast 30 this is doctor Brian Ardis. We’re going to discuss some statistics here. This morning in 2000 the United States of America, there was 17 point $2 billion worth of vitamins and supplements sold in America. Fast forward 17 years, we’re up to 36 point $1 billion in supplement sales. So let’s talk about why it is that so many people are taking supplements or why is this such a fad or such a trend? It’s really not a fed. It’s more of a necessity, uh, since the 1920s and thirties when processed foods took over, uh, when you process food, you actually strip minerals and vitamins that are essential for the human body’s existence and for its help away from the food. And you’re left with a lot of bland carbs and calories with very little, very, very little nutritional value. There was a great book written by a lady named Mary Frost. Mary Frost fostered a book called getting back to the basics of human health. In that book, Mary Frosta compares the vitamin and nutritional value of oranges. For example, back in the 1960s and seventies they found that each orange would have and hold about 50 milligrams of vitamin C

by the year 1990 there was less than five milligrams of vitamin C in an orange, which means you would now have to eat 10 oranges in order to get the same amount of vitamin C that was found in the same orange just 20 and 30 years earlier. While why is it so different? Well, the more that we over farm land, the less minerals and vitamins are in the soil. Those minerals help to synthesize of vitamins. There’s not a single plant on earth that actually makes minerals. You only get minerals out of the dirt that the plants are planted in and they suck up the minerals out of the soil and you can imagine one orchard harvest after another. If that tree is a standing inside that orchard field and has been growing oranges for decades, you can imagine how little minerals are going to be in that soil.

If minerals are not being replaced, which most often they are not. So the value nutritional value of the oranges of has gone down. So is every other plant that’s being sold in every single grocery store in the world, they are over farming the land. You have less and less minerals in them. Now when fabulous thing about plants are plants still synthesize on their own and make vitamins, which is fabulous. But those minerals that are in the soil contribute to the vitamin formation. So less minerals equals less vitamins also. So it’s still beneficial to eat the plants. You’re just not going to have the same nutritional value. Our buddies demand

as we’ve always demanded, so the more nutritionally deficient we get, the more symptomatology we create that weaker our immune systems are. The more sick we’re going to be, the list strong our muscle tone will be, or bone density will be our teeth. Health will be, you name it. Every aspect of our human body requires vitamins and minerals. As the plants become deficient in them and our soils become depleted of them, we become depleted in them as well. And then we become a depleted species. Therefore it’s essential that we take some form of vitamins and minerals to be supplemented because of the things that are lacking in our diet. And if you want a great reference, go to back to the basics of human health by Mary Frost is a great, very simple read. And one thing, there’s also brilliant, I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about this, but there was a guy named doctor Royal Lee who went around the world.

He was a dentist and he went on mission trips around the world for dentistry. And when he came across those and third world or underdeveloped countries, he actually found that they had better teeth and jaw and gum health than any of the developed world, including America, any of the industrialized nations. And as he went off into Australia and took pictures, he photographed everything, documented everything. As he photographed aborigines, as he photographed third world citizens, he would take pictures of their teeth and found that they had zero cavities, zero periodontal disease. And he was fascinated by this over decades of doing this research. And he surmised eventually that the only reason, the only thing that really separated these individuals and their dental health, oh, there was also no crowding of any of the teeth and aborigines or in third world countries. So what he surmised was the only thing that was different was the food value of the individuals in the aborigines and the Third World jungle areas that they were eating raw plants in whole foods.

And that must be the difference of why their teeth health is so good. Now he’s a dentist, so he’s observing teeth health specifically. Uh, but he also found that the nutritional values from the food that the people were eating and those underdeveloped world was very different from what we were reading here in America. So he developed a line of products called standard process supplements. And he started, he started farming soil rich with minerals up in Wisconsin and has been producing supplements ever since. He found that if you actually put enough vitamins and minerals into the body, you will have less crowding in the jaw of each of your future posterity children. So the crowding we find in kids these days, every teenager needs braces. You have to extract teeth even fit the teeth in their mouth, that actual size of your lower jaw and upper jaw or actually come directly linked to your mineral and vitamin load in your body and at your diet.

So if you are a mama or a daddy or future mom or daddy want to have kids, make sure your nutritional values good cause you’re going to pass down to your mineral weaknesses down to your kids or your mineral strengths and you can pay for braces to try to fix the problems and extract a homepage teeth that don’t fit in their jaw anymore. Well we it TruLabs (True Labs) develop workout supplements and these supplements provide for all individuals, those minerals and vitamins that they need to supplement because they’re not getting those same vitamins and minerals in their food and we provide them in supplement packs are workout supplements come in little sachet packs, they’re individual servings. You can do are simply pre workout supplement before your workout. 30 minutes before you can do are simply energy product. 15 to 30 minutes or during your work day or a school day you can take are simply sleep workout supplement, which is a packet you will take before you go to sleep. But then 30 minutes of going to sleep and from the first night we’ll help you get a more restful sleep, deeper rem help you with your energy focus the next day. Then we also have our workout supplement, which is our simply protein or protein, and then our protein plus Collagen and our body requires protein and Collagen and every ligament, muscle, tendon, skin, hair, cell nail sell. You all need it. This was your education on the purpose of workout supplements, there’s a doctor artists. TruLabs (True Labs) is 30th podcast. We’re out