[00:01] This is doctor artists with TruLabs (True Labs). Yeah. About two years ago, uh, I was actually recovering from an ACL surgery and I had decided my right leg, which had the surgery, wasn’t a muscular wise, it was about half the size of my left leg. Even after even after Rehab for a few months, I decided about a year after the surgery that I wanted to start getting back into action of sports or something to improve the size and strength of my right leg back from pre surgery. And so I started this program called [inaudible] at home. Just thought maybe whatever is in that program would help to strengthen my right leg and the convenience of home was going to be beneficial. And about two months after I started that, I was in my office and I had a new patient walk into my office and in my room and that was Brandon Pogue who’s the CEO of TruLabs (True Labs) now.

[00:56] And he walked in and I was like, Dang, Superman. Good to meet you. Steve was ripped and uh, I was not, and uh, asked him, I said, look, I just started this workout program called p nine dx. And he looked at me and said, stop doing that. Go do crossfit. And I explained to him why I was doing it and uh, anyway, send me up with a coach and a box. And I went over there and we’d go after work. And about the second or third week of going three times a week, I realized after a full day of work schedule seeing patients, I was worn out by the time I finished. And I want it to be able to have enough energy to, to, uh, be able to complete a one hour crossfit workout. And so I would stop by this a store called family health market, which was between my office and the crossfit gym.

[01:37] And I would pick up this ready to drink any of them. I didn’t know anything about them. He would just pick up this energy drink that I thought would be beneficial to help me have energy, at least for the next hour to complete my workout before I went home. And had dinner at eight o’clock at night and I just found it routine that I would just stop at the store and pick up a ready to drink mixed product and I would drink it on my way to work out. And I was using, I was using something for energy, but that was my first exposure to a workout supplement sorts. And it did help. It would give me some energy. I didn’t find it miraculous, but uh, I was going three or four times a week and I did find the benefit of stopping and getting my workout supplement before I got to the box or the gym.

[02:21] And I would do my crossfit workout in about three months later after doing all those wall balls, squats and box jumps that my right leg was exactly the same size as it was before my surgery. So it was a really quick turnaround. And using those, uh, those various exercises and crossfit to get my, my legs as strong as they were before, which was rocking. Uh, I found the, a benefit to the energy supplied from the pre workout that I was using, uh, from a different company. The workout supplement did provide, benefited give me about 30 to 40 minutes worth of energy. But I was, it was obvious I was tanking by the end of the, by the end of the hour. So a few about a year goes by, I’m doing the crossfit for about a year. Uh, my body is changing. That’s great. I’m just benefiting from the workout supplement of drinking before I get to, to the gym.

[03:12] And then Brandon comes into my office one day for an appointment. It says, uh, I’ve been praying about it. We want to start a new, we want to create a pre workout system that will protect patients and Co and a individuals during their workouts. It will protect them from having adrenal burnout or fatigue, which is something I’ve talked to Brandon about for the last year. Has a patient and uh, him and a buddy had decided that they wanted to create this product but wanted me to be in on it. And I knew immediately that there was going to be a benefit to designing our own product and our own workout supplement that was going to protect hormone imbalance and the destruction truly that comes from over caffeinating the adrenals. And so I set out to create a formula first, learn what other workout supplement companies were producing, uh, find out what their weaknesses were as far as their ingredients go in.

[04:02] One of the miracles of I figured out was an though Brandon, immediately, if we want to protect the adrenals, let’s just get every cell in the body, produce as much energy as it can for at minimum an hour, a crossfit workout. If not, let’s do it for hours more. And so understanding biophysiology understood that every cell in your body can produce this substance called ATP, which most people are aware is our body’s life force of energy for every cell period, which includes every muscular cell that you’re using in your workouts. And so I looked into all the energy drinks I could find. I looked at all their ingredient labels and couldn’t find that any of those products contain the three individual elements that are required to make ATP in your cells. And what was interesting about that is each of all three elements are required to make ATP.

[04:49] It’s called Adenine ribosome phosphate. If you do not have all three of those, your cell will absorb. One of those components are two of those components, but it has to have the third to be able to make ATP. So immediately when I looked at every other known, uh, pre workout or energy drink, when I looked at all of them, none of them contained all three elements. In fact, none of them contained one of the elements called Adenine. We found out later it’s because that element is extremely expensive. And another reason was it was regulated at the time as a pharmaceutical agent. So only pharmaceutical companies could acquire it. Well, that regulation in registration had been dropped to right as we started developing these products and now we knew we could have access to Adenine even though it was more expensive than most other ingredients. But the benefits of having Adenine ribose and phosphate combined in our workout supplement, which we now call pre at tree labs at TruLabs (True Labs), uh, we now know that we can produce energy and proven to be able to produce energy beyond your one hour workout into a second, third, fourth, fifth hour after your workout.

[05:57] Anyway, enjoy our pre Drink. It’s the greatest workout supplement on earth. Welcome to TruLabs (true labs) !