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We’re going to talk for the last 30 years of my life up until the last three, I don’t think I ever took a workout supplement and that was because I wasn’t working out. However, I did take a whole lot of it, a whole lot of food cause I was like an empty pit and that food provided nutrition for the amount of basketball I played for the amount of work I did in my clinic and I did solely focused my attention on eating right, eating healthy and eating many meals every day, four to five meals a day. For years I did that. Uh, as a kid, my parents thought that workout supplements came in the form of marshmallows and lucky charms. So every morning they would give me lucky charms with a bowl of what they thought was healthy, powdered dehydrated milk that they would add water to, which was discussing that was not nutritious either.

So basically, basically when I graduated high school, I was six foot three, 255 pounds because I wasn’t fed any nutritional thing ever. And if it was me, it was Salsbury steak in a microwaveable package from Stouffer’s. That’s how my, that’s how my life went. If, uh, if I wanted any other kinds of food, it came in the form of Italian pasta named hamburger helper, a little white glove logo and that’s what I was fed everyday of my life. And outside of that, it was Jello pudding pies and uh, my mom would prepare fruit in the form of fruit cocktail that came in a can. She’d pour that Ciri Syrup Syrup can of fruit into a bowl. And then she took a whole bowl of cool whip and mixed it in there. And that’s what was fruit salad. I’ve never had a fruit salad like that since I’ve been an adult and lived out on my own.

However, that’s what I was raised to eat. Amazing. I was only 155 pounds and I wasn’t mega obese, but I played a lot of basketball and was extremely active and very hyper. Fast forward, uh, 15 years being in practice many years of college and now I’m like 37 years old. I’m still 155 pounds, but I do not eat that way. Uh, no more cereal, no more hamburger helper ever. I don’t even like pasta. If I have pasta, it’s once every six months, maybe in the Formula Zonea at some Nice restaurant. But, uh, I will never eat pasta outside of that rice. I can’t stay in. So I don’t ever read it. I wasn’t Asian and no part of me has any Asian genetics, I don’t think. However, I have learned over the last five, four, three years just how important it is. When I started my workout routine, uh, I was introduced to crossfit P90x a bodybuilding.

And when I started doing that, I realized I was fatiguing very quickly, like in the first 25 to 30 minutes, yet my designed to coaching workouts or to be for an hour, but it was hard. I’d go to work all day from nine in the morning until six in the evening, finished with patients about six 30 and then go off to the gym and I’d be dead tired while I figured out there was a family health market between my work and my gym and I would stop there and grab a ready to drink energy drink to give me energy throughout the morning. That afternoon, uh, the only problem was is about 10 minutes into my workout, I’d have to go poop because they’d give me the runs, whatever these drinks were. So a buddy of mine, patient of mine, friend of mine, Brandon poem, came to me with the idea of trying to create some supplement that wouldn’t create jitters, some of them that wouldn’t create the runs, heart palpitations, fear of death from your chest, pounding out of your chest.

So we started the idea of creating a workout supplement company to provide products that actually would not create symptoms we did not like, would not create interference or disrupt our workouts, are one hour workouts and will give us enough energy to get through the workouts and then not crash afterwards because we’re dead tired and we can’t focus because all of our mental focus is out the window for the day after an hour worth of intense workouts. So we set out in over a year period, we actually interviewed several manufacturers. Whole Bunch of distributors, got 300 plus little packets of samples of raw ingredients from around the world and the form of vitamins, minerals, herbs, we mix those all up went to food tasting companies. Uh, they couldn’t hide the nasty taste of all these supplements. So we had to reformulate our products to get them to where they would taste good. And then, then we had to go through the research and determining what was the best and greatest sweeteners, artificial sweeteners for our workout supplements.

And we figured that out and we created what we called simply preworkout, which was a four system formula. You got a month’s supply of a preworkout sashay packet. You’d pour in water and drink it and you would take that packet for a month’s worth of workouts and then you’d switch to the next formula which was completely different ingredients in that workout supplement packet and we switched you on and off of a formula every month for four months. That was the original design and we have since changed the name of our company. We’ve changed the name of our product that is no longer simply preworkout is now pre just three words or three letters and our company’s name is TruLabs (true labs), no longer 2010 labs.com but you can find our workout supplements@twothousandtenlabsdotcomitwilldirectyoutoourtruelabs.com website where you can order your pre workout packets. It is the greatest workout supplement that we have used that gets us to, the gains were looking for helping us to reach our personal records, help us achieve our personal records, help us get to the next competitions, helping us reach our next maxes and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the workout supplements we’ve created here at TruLabs (true labs).

In conjunction with our success of our first launch of a pre workout product, we are now launching our energy product for everyday use of energy. And then we’ve got our TruLabs (true labs) sleep product help you improve your sleep and recovery. And then we also have TruLabs (true labs), uh, protein and protein plus Collagen to maxify maximize your build and endurance and your strength one day to the next to your success. This is Dr Brian Artists. That TruLabs (true labs).com.