[00:00] Hey coming at you live from Mckinney, Texas here at TruLabs (true labs)Hq. I’m Braden Pogue. I’m Josh wells and we’re going to talk a little bit about elite fitness workout supplements, preworkout protein, sleep energy, all of that wonderful stuff that TruLabs (true labs)is bringing this year, 2019. It’s going to be amazing. Oh, did you said 2019 and I was like, well you’re talking about 2019. So the products are just about to launch. We’re just a few weeks away from having all of the, uh, the new formulas, the new packaging, uh, saw some of our packaging yesterday. Where do you think about the packaging yesterday, Josh? It’s good. I’m glad we’re getting some of it done. Uh, haven’t moved some stuff around on it though. I’m excited to see it on the, uh, whatever. What’s it called? Foil. Yeah. So we could see all the cool stuff that we put on there.

[00:54] Uh, it’s, it’s clean, but it’s cool at the same time. Yeah, it’s going to be neat. It’s going to be neat to have every individual package labeled for individual sale. If, if a gym or um, you know, like the, um, the Frisco family health market or either, yeah. So if they, if they want to sell these individually, they’re going to be able to really for the first time. I mean, I know that uh, other CrossFits like d town CrossFit, they sold them individually for a long time, but they were never individually marked. And now on our preworkout packages yesterday, they’re going to be individually marked. Yeah. We’re doing that with all, all the prepackaging. Correct. Yeah. It’s going to be amazing. Yeah. I mean, you know, when it comes to like a gym or something like that, they’re probably not going to have to worry about that.

[01:39] But yeah, when we talk about going into, um, nutrition shops and stuff like that, it’s going to help them out a ton. They’ll actually have something they can scan. Uh, sorry, Walmart, you guys are out of it. We made sure they were not Walmart compatible. Yeah, they are Amazon compatible and um, it should be, it should work for the USA. And then we’ve actually got a European Union UPC codes, which I didn’t even know there was such a thing just about that. Yeah, it’s crazy. So like there’s a, there’s a, there’s a bar code that works on, on, um, specific USA and then there’s barcodes for Amazon now because Amazon is so big that you have to make sure that their Amazon compliant and then you’ve got a third set, which is like this European Union or the rest of the world barcode, like Amazon made their own barcode just, it’s crazy.

[02:33] It’s another way for them to make money. So Amazon literally, I was thinking about it last night, he’s trying to gain back that 67 million to $1 billion. He’s about to give you an I. Here’s the, here’s the interesting thing. They’re gonna create their own shipping company that they’ve already been doing that they’ve already got primary care. And so I’m wonder shipping rates will change. I imagine like maybe because it’d be more competitive. You’re going to be up another ups basically just for Amazon. Just for him. Yeah. That’s going to be specifically for them. Have you noticed too that like your Amazon packages don’t come like normal packages? It’s just some random dude in his vehicle drives up to your house and drops off a package. It’s like Uber and Amazon taught exactly what it is. Yeah. It’s like Uber, Lyft and Amazon. They’re all conspiring. Who’s this random dude walking out to my house?

[03:25] Oh yeah. That’s the stuff we’ll order from Amazon. Now you can get your preworkout from some Uber driver and then you know, get your workout supplements from a Lyft guy and back. Hey Man, can you go get me some of that true labs? Can you give me some of that TruLabs (true labs)pre workout. And then the Uber Guy shows up at the front door and then they take a picture of it because of the, uh, the porch pirates. No joke. That’s why I have the camera on my front porch. Have you seen some of those videos? Yeah. Have you seen people putting like blank shotgun shells? Oh yeah. Yeah. There was one guy who made like this. He was a NASA engineer, like a glitter bomb. He put like the centrifuge and then he also put like this smell, this fart smell. Yeah. I think it was after like five minutes it would start shooting on there.

[04:15] Like what is that? And he had like a Geo, he had cell phones in their Geo tracking was that dude is legit man to that is like he had to sell that because I’m sure people would say, you know what, I just went to, I would totally buy one just to see it. I just want it to buy that just to just to do it. Yeah. I wonder, I had to take a whole lot of time. Do you remember one time last year? Um, our pre workout we had, we had like eight boxes missing one day. It was driving me nuts. Uh, USP s not the greatest people in the world. Uh, yeah. And we still don’t know why. It was like a month of just packages. Just lost, not lost it lost. It seems like Christmas was even crazier. I mean that’s when you really have those ports.

[05:06] Pirates going, going a little nuts, man. They, they got to have the pre workout supplement. Yeah, they, it’s like they just take it, don’t even know what’s in it. It’s like it’s a, it’s a, it’s an unlabeled brown box, like Christmas for them every time they open that box, man. That’s why we also, we also on our new boxes were we’re not going to be labeled. We on our old boxes, we had labels on the outside, you know, kind of getting you excited about opening and the experience. But we’re, we’re going to wait until you, you cut the tape now to have that experience for your workout supplements. So I wonder if they just saw labs and they were like, hey man, maybe that’s some, I don’t know man. Because now there’s like the poop in the box thing. Huh? Have you ever seen that for Colin screens?

[05:50] No. You literally take a poop in a box and it’s going to poop in a lot of strange places. I know, I know you do this. Okay. And then you send it in and then they analyze it versus having a colon scan. So can you imagine opening the wrong box and being like, I thought this was going to be a gift. What a, what a gift. Cause I mean, I think, I think it’s, it’s a white box and it’s, and it’s labeled, you know, so I’m sure you know, you only make that mistake once, that one guy who made the centrifuge needs to poop in a, Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. Can you imagine the smell and the groceries, uh, one of those guys open that glitter glitter bomb in his car? Like you would never get that glitter out. Like, you know, you’d just be driving along and we’d be like, there’s a piece of glitter and you remind you a trigger triggering your mind not to be stupid. Don’t be stupid.

[06:49] Yeah. Maybe that was the goal. That great. This.

[06:54] So now our workout supplements will be in a special box. Well worth what we’re hoping. A special box. You open it up and then it’d be this experience and, um, something like that’s never been done before that we’re working on. And you’ll, you’ll get your, your preworkout, your sleep, your energy, um, your protein, your protein with college and all in these individually individual packages in a box. And this box that we’re working on, if it happens, it’s going to be sick. It’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’d be no, nothing has ever been on the countertop before. Um, cannot wait to let you kind of see it.

[07:34] Yeah. You know, uh, when there’s, for those of you who don’t know it, there’s probably thousands and thousands and thousands of supplement companies out there and they’re all doing the same thing, just slapping their name on something and we’re not trying to do that. It could be really easy to have a supplement company and just be like everybody else. Uh, not quite what we’re trying to do, uh, when it comes to our workout supplements. Uh, so you’re going to have an experience from arriving, from your supplements arriving to you taking them. It should be an experience from the, from the beginning to the end. So we’re trying to make it an experience all the way through. So it takes some time. It takes some effort. Um, and it’s, uh, not as easy as some people want to make it look at, look like it is.

[08:18] Yeah. That’s, I think that’s a really good point is that there’s a lot of people who just white label supplements, you know, they, they go to say, hey, you got a good formula. I’ve got a good following. Let me take your formula and then I’ll put my label on your bottle, on your box or whatever bag it is and we’ll sell it. And there’s, that’s, that’s part of the reason I think that so many people are in this industry and it’s kind of crowded because anybody can kind of do what they do, but nobody can do what we do because of our formulation, because of our doctor who, who’s come up with this because of all the guys who were in organization and Gals who are in this organization who, um, who have made this the most unique and innovative supplement company in the world.

[09:07] Yeah. And uh, you know, I think it’s kind of something to point out too. We’ve had some people who have been quote in this industry for a long time point out and say, hey, you need to add this, you need to add this, you need to add that into your formula. And one like, well for us personally, it doesn’t test well with the body. Uh, and if it doesn’t test well with the body, we’re not going to put that in there. I understand that it’s in all this other, all these other brands who might be out there. Uh, but we don’t want to be like everybody else and we tested it and it doesn’t work well with body. So we’re not going to put it in our, in our product because then we don’t believe in it. Uh, so we’re not going to be like everybody just because everybody is saying, hey, this is the new thing or this is the thing to use a, we’re not going to do it just, just because of that. We’re going to test it and make sure

[09:52] that’s right. Well, our, uh, this is true labs, true labs, Hq. Um, we, uh, if you have given us a Google review yet, give us a Google review. We’ve got many Google reviews and we haven’t even launched a new website. Things are really, really exciting right here. We kind of feel like we’re sitting on top of a volcano and it’s, and you can fill the earthquakes before it goes off. It’s places about to blow up and really good way. Yeah. You can sometimes fill the, fill it moving before it happens. Yeah. It’s, but, um, did you ever seen that pierce process movie? Do you ever see that volcano movie? It was back in the day. Oh, like that eruption deal where back in the day, I mean, is terrible. It was a horrible movie. It was like all systems pull suspenseful about a ball at volcano. But, um, if it’s a wellness, it’s true labs. So join the TruLabs (true labs)team, become part of our tribe, be to you. And, um, you guys are going to be blown away by what true labs, Texas TruLabs (true labs), HQ is bringing to the industry.