This is doctor Bryan Ardid, formulator of TruLabs (true labs) products, which includes our pre product, which is a supplement drink you drink before you go work out. Uh, we also produce a energy product which has to be taken every day when you’re not working out. And then we’ve also produced a protein and a protein collagen combined packet that you can take every day to provide your body with fuel and the products to repair tissue in your body. And then we’ve also produced a sleep supplement packet you can drink, which provides all the nutrients to help improve melatonin production to help improve your sleep. Uh,


Let’s talk about workout supplements today.

 I’m not sure if we all know the definition of what a supplement is, but by definition, supplement means putting into the body supplementing those things. Your body is not getting from its diet. So we as a culture have become very dependent on processed foods. I don’t know if you know what the difference is between process foods and whole foods, but by nature, whole foods is defined as taking like a whole apple or a whole tomato or a whole cucumber. And eating that whole food, the whole cucumber, just eating it, eating the tomato, the whole thing, eating the apple, the whole thing versus eating like apple jam or which could be some of the apple or ketchup, which is portions of the tomato. Uh, they do not all contain the same, uh, components. Once you processed the plant, wholefoods by definition, is eating the whole food.

And you’ll hear this whole concept, not just the store of whole foods, but the idea of whole food nutrition. Whole foods provide both the essential minerals and vitamins found in the food, but it also provides for you the digestive enzymes that actually break down that food. So for example, if you have an apple and you eat that apple, uh, inside the apple or already digestive enzymes to actually break down apple breakdown, apple sells so that you release all the healthy nutrients in there, which are vitamin A, B, c, d has that a lot of minerals, but there’s a lot of vitamins. So to have the digestive enzymes already present in the food. When you eat it is extremely beneficial because it doesn’t require flora, which is termed bacteria and fungi that live in the large intestine and small intestine. It doesn’t require, you have a lot of those there to break down the food.

It’s already in the food you’re eating. So as you chomp down on that food and breaking it into little pieces, you’re actually separating the cells and breaking the cells, which then release the digestive enzymes in that plant. That also will assist in breaking down the food. So I’m sure a lot of you have heard the term one bad apple will ruin a Bushel. Something brilliant about that. You’ve seen bruised vegetables, you’ve seen bruised fruits. It is true. If there is a bruised apple and you put it in a Bushel, that bruised apple will not only bruise itself and also bruise every other apple that’s touching it and then it will just spread. Now what’s awesome is that the apple, like I’ve mentioned already has all the essential nutrients inside of it and then it has digestive enzymes. It actually eat it. And break it down into its smallest components for whoever eats it, which is us.

If you drop an apple, imagine this. When you actually bite down on an apple, you’re breaking the cells open with your teeth, you’re breaking them open and the cells are rupturing and the digestive enzymes found inside. The cells are now coming out and they start breaking down the apple in your mouth with the saliva and all the enzymes in your stomach and acid in your stomach and then the enzymes in your, in your colon and small intestine. Well, if you drop the apple, it’s no different than chewing on the apple. You, you actually are breaking the cells of the apple and not instantaneously is it bruised? About an hour or two later you’ll see a bruise form and that’s because when you dropped it, you actually broke the sales of the apple open. It hit the floor or hit the counter and those cells have come at the digestive enzymes, have come out of the cells and are now eating up the components of the apple.

That’s the bruising. It is literally digesting itself. Now that apple, that apple, if you put that apple on top of another apple, after it starts digesting that apple, the digestive enzymes are going to go right to the next apple adjacent to it and it’ll start eating that one too. So for people who have digestive issues, it’s brilliant to actually eat whole foods. It contains those digestive enzymes. Workout supplements are brilliant because they take all those essential nutrients that are broken down in the plant by their own digestive enzymes and they supply them directly into your body. And each of our bodies requires minerals or vitamins that come from plants or animals or veggies or fruits or even her herbs. Herbs. Our Body requires supplementation period because we live in a world of processed foods and demineralized soils, which means plants produce vitamins inside of them.

Plants draw minerals from the soil beneath them, whatever they’re planted in, the more you farmed that land, the less minerals are going to be in those plants for sure. Which is one of the reasons why so many diseases exist in this country and around the world, which are actually signs of starvation in neutral deficient nutritional deficiency and we are trying to correct those imbalances and symptoms that are being caused by starvation, lack of minerals and vitamins, and we’re trying to recorrect those symptoms. Using drugs which are chemicals in the human body was never designed for that. It was designed to take in minerals and vitamins from food we have created at TruLabs (true labs) workout supplements that actually provide those nutrients that are essential to your body’s function. They are essential to actually get you to complete a workout or fitness. It’s also required to help build and repair.

It’s those nutrients are required for hormone production in your body for growth, for maturity, for mental health. We put all those nutrients in there to help you with that. One of the things that we included in our workout supplements was a substance called Betaine and hydrous. We don’t know if you know this, but be tane anhydrous actually saturates the cells with oxygen and oxygen helps improve the focus of the brain, which we find with all of our athletes. If they’re not using a workout supplement, that supplies be tainted Hydrus after they complete their one hour workout in their adrenaline’s wasted because they just blew them all with caffeine and their workout. If they don’t have of [inaudible] and hydro and a healthy amount, their blood is very decreased in oxygen because adrenaline is no longer pumping the heart’s blood to deliver oxygen as much. Well, you get beaten and Hydros at a certain amount in your body and it will actually make your red blood cells hold onto more oxygen than normal, and your focus will never wane from the time you and your workout for the next several hours.

So a lot of our athletes and a lot of our a fitness individuals who are our customers continuously talk about the benefits of using our workout supplements and it’s improvement in their focus and mental clarity even right when their workout ins throughout their workout. And then for hours after workout, supplements are important. Supplementing what you burn up in your workouts is essential if you want to have maximum benefits from what you’re doing. Again, this is doctor artists with TruLabs (true labs). If it’s not wellness, well, if it is wellness, you’re in the right place. TruLabs (true labs) is all about wellness.