This is doctor Bryan Ardis with TruLabs (true labs) here for podcast number 20. Uh, we’re going to talk about some of the experiences I’ve had with clients of mine, patients of mine taking advantage of our preworkout over the last year, year plus. So, uh, in my office I had a lot of patients, uh, who deal with a lot of chronic diseases, a lot of chronic illnesses. One of the most common complaints we hear about is the lack of energy and fatigue. Second is usually a weight gain, inability to sleep and pain, right? People live with these chronic conditions all the time. And we specialize in, in my office with actually doing what’s called muscle testing to determine what’s the underlying cause for the patient’s symptoms. There wasn’t a single patient out of 17,000 patients over the last 15 years who symptoms weren’t complicated or directly caused by nutritional deficiencies. So I’m pumping my patient’s full of nutrients every day because they lack of nutrients in their diet or there’s infections living in their body, consuming it, or they have a lack of a schedule for sleep that drives mineral deficiency also.

Or they have a chronic problem with their gut that leads to diarrhea or inflammation, uh, those loose bowels or kidney problems will lead to excess excretion of nutrients. So to fix their symptoms, we had to actually feed them nutrients. Uh, when I started creating a workout supplement system, our first attempt was using a preworkout system and I carried some of the boxes of our preworkout at my office in my treatment rooms. Undoubtedly all of my patients wanted to know what was my pre workout product I’d created and if they could just use it every day. Well, the most common complaint of most of my patients was a lack of energy daily from whatever their disease state or their symptoms that they had. So I would tell them absolutely, it’s all natural. You can take it. And, uh, the ingredients are all natural. You’ll see that a sweetener found inside of our products is sucralose, which they, FDA terms is an artificial sweetener.

So in my conversations with my patients and with clients, it was, it is an all natural product, uh, including sucralose. But the FDA does not allow us to label it that way. Sucralose in our research, uh, we actually learned that sucralose is derived by taking a sugar molecule and actually splitting the molecule into two pieces. The molecule of sugar has two primary contents. One aspect of the molecule of sugar has the calorie source, which is what is the carbohydrate source that gives you fuel. The other half of the molecule is the sweet part of the molecule of sugar. Sucralose is derived and created by actually splitting the molecule of sugar into two pieces and only giving a patient the sweetener part of the sugar molecule. It has no negative side effects on the body, period has no effect. Blood sugar, it is a, in my mind, completely natural.

I would tell my patients is natural. Some of them would bring up sucralose and I’d say you don’t understand what sucralose is. You should go see our website. It’s got 150 clinical studies that were in review to determine their safety, uh, and benefits to the body. So we have that listed on our website. But my patients who were not working out would often take a box of my preworkout or take samples. And then Lo and behold, most of them were buying it online and consuming it and then would come in and talk about the benefits they’re having either in their job or in their workouts if they were doing it. Uh, one of the funniest things was that a bunch of patients who just have no idea how they got there, but they were all auctioneers on a big car, lots and dealers around the world.

And, uh, we’ve even had world champion auctioneer’s as our, uh, patients and the auctioneers. We’re actually having all the other auctioneers that they knew when they would go to seminars, conventions, uh, or go up on the block, they would always take our pre workout before they went up and they could, they easily noticed that their endurance, their energy for their entire auction block, which could go for hours, was vastly improved. And the speed in which they get through their auctioneer block was even faster. And then they felt really good afterwards, whereas before they were very fatigued. So that workout supplement of a pre workout was really great for a lot of the patients that I had a and then we wanted to, it really bothered me that a lot of people were using it before they went to work in their computer jobs and it was giving them a lot of energy.

I didn’t really like it because the products inside of our simply preworkout product, we’re a lot of stimulants in two of them, uh, that they would cycle on and off of per month. But I didn’t really like somebody consuming something like that that would stimulate so much of their body or provide stimulants for hours without them actually using that energy source. I was applying and I worried that it would create adrenal burnout or fatigue over time if they continued that scenario without working out. So we devised and set out to create a workout supplement that would actually provide energy all day long without overtaxing someone’s adrenals or the thyroid if they were not working out or having some fitness regimen already. So this was my attempt to create, which we did a workout, a, a a workout supplement to provide energy every day to the average individual who was not working out.

And then I’ll, for people who were not working out, who were just wanted an energy boost that was natural and didn’t have any negative side effects like adrenal burnout or fatigue over time from heavy doses of caffeine, we wanted to individuals to have an option. Most people are taking coffee every morning while they’re at work or several cups a day to get themselves going in the morning. And that is just purely caffeine. And that caffeine gives you, like I already mentioned in other podcast, 25 minutes of adrenaline release only. That is what’s stored in our adrenals everyday. If you take caffeine or multiple cups of coffee, you’re going to get 25 Max, 25 minutes of maximum benefit from the adrenaline rush from caffeine. After that, you’re going to be tired and you’re gonna have to keep putting in a fault stimulant or artificial stimulant like caffeine. So we created a product called energy by TruLabs (true labs).

I formulated it and it was to actually replace what many of the normal everyday workers we’re using as a, they were using our pre workout supplement. I wanted them to have a work, a workout supplement that provided energy without over-stimulating them that they would recognize, provided a benefit of focus, a vitality, mental clarity, and then enough energy without feeling tired or crashing throughout the day, uh, over a five to seven or eight-hour workday. That’s what you will find in our workout supplement called TruLabs (true labs) energy. It is to be used every day by anyone at school at work. Uh, you will find a incredible benefit by actually taking those nutrients found in our energy product. If it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs, um, doctor artists and joy energy.