Welcome back to TruLabs (true Labs) pod cast series. This is podcast number 25, um, doctor Brian Ardis. Again, if you’re reading this article, this podcast is being produced for an article to sit in the back end of our website to help with our search engine optimization, which we’ve actually chosen keywords of workout supplements for. So now you know why it is we’re producing these articles. If you’re reading this one, now you know the trick, we’re trying to get as many people as possible when they actually type in the words workout supplements. It takes you to TruLabs (true Labs) www.trulabs.com because we are the ultimate and workout supplements. I want to talk about why it is. We actually had actually chosen to put in Sachez packets, lists of ingredients that come from nature instead of actually putting in syringes full of anabolic steroids to improve your workout results.

So one day, uh, me and some buddies of mine were working out and we were shooting antibiotic steroids up our arms and into our thighs and, and then a guy next to us was out lifting us just drinking TruLabs (true Labs), pre supplements. And, uh, we decided right then and there that we were going to go away from this steroid use and we were going to go to our all natural packets. For one, it didn’t require syringes and needles or holes in our legs or bruises or number two, uh, it tasted way better than these, uh, steroids did. So we love using and the, we love the results that we’re getting from our workout supplements. These workout supplements combined it list of ingredients that are all natural that your body’s cells can use to manufacturer enough energy to take you through any workout. I don’t care if you’re running a marathon, I don’t care if you’re running a triathalon or swimming through one or riding a bike through one.

We don’t care if we’re doing a tough mudder. This is enough energy to get you through that. If you’ll take this right before you go, do one of those high intensity workouts such as those or long endurance workouts such as this. If you’re at your crossfit box and you’re trying to complete your wad and you’re having difficulties and you’re struggling with that, that’s because you’re using the wrong workout supplement. You need to find TruLabs (true Labs), pre product for your workouts. It’ll give you all the energy you need to start what you finish and that’s our goal for you to do it in a way in which you get the results you want. You get to the end of your workout feeling satisfied that you gave it your all and you completed it, and then also that you know you’re doing it with products that are actually well and healthy for you, which is what you’ll find inside a TruLabs (true Labs) products.

Once you complete your workout, you’re going to go home and you’re going to shower and then you need to take right after you complete your workout. You need to take one of our TruLabs (true Labs) protein sachets, mixed that with almond milk of your choice or milk if you choose or water. It’s good enough just in water for us, we love it. We’ve got a protein whey protein concentrate sachet or packet that simply chocolate flavored. We have one that simply vanilla flavor and then we’ve also got a third option, which is not strictly just whey protein for 33 grams. We also have 33 grams of protein and they’d combined source of whey concentrate along with collagen protein. The flavor of that one, which is chocolate hazelnut. You can thank my wife Jane for, she came in with an amazing idea. It blew all of our minds.

It tastes like a dessert. It’s incredible. Both contain 33 grams of protein a. If you took one before your workout and after your workout, that is plenty. Those 66 grams of protein will be plenty to give you the energy you need for the recovery that you need from the intensity of your workouts and the tear down of your muscles, ligaments, the soreness, inflammation, all that. The protein is what you use to build all that backup and to help with muscle mass. You absolutely need more protein to build. Muscle. Muscle is primarily protein anyway, so you need more of it. Your muscles are actually connected to every skeleton bone in your body by attendance and ligaments and those are by tendons really. And those tendons are made up primarily of Collagen, which is why we have a protein in college and formula. Also, the ligaments that attach a bone to bone are made up of uh, college and primarily so that benefits those to the outside of your body is made up of skin.

Skin is actually primarily college and also so as your hair and nails. So you’ll find benefits and health benefits to using our combined protein in college and protein formulas as a part of your workout supplements I, in clinical practice, patients often would get bring me food journals. I would review their food journals. Number one always goal for most Americans was they had solely carbohydrate breakfast or they had just simply coffee, which had zero carbs, but a, they would add some creamer to it, which gave him some fat, but it was just stimulants of caffeine along with some fat for their breakfast. Number one thing to help them improve their health overall, which it actually would improve their sleep. Even if they did this in the morning, it would improve their sleep, come the nighttime, it would improve their energy throughout the day. Uh, they lose weight actually. The more protein you consume, the more fat you burn.

Even without doing any working out, your body has to break down fat. It is proven, it breaks down fat to create energy to break down protein. So the more protein in the more lean you will be for 80 to 90% of all Americans, which is most likely you listening to this or reading this. So you need a good workout supplement that provides protein sources which we provide. You’ll also want to have a good workout supplement that actually improves your quality of sleep. Why is sleep so important as a part of your workout? If you’re wearing your butt out and you’re doing amazing jobs that completing your workout regimens and you aren’t getting good quality sleep, you are getting minimal gains, guaranteed your immune system kicks up into high gear while you’re asleep and its primary focus for those hours and you need hours of sleep, seven, eight hours.

It’s typical to improve and healed the muscles and ligaments and tendons and reduce inflammation. If you want gains from your workout and you better be getting high quality sleep and we have a workout supplement to provide that for you. It’s called true lab sleep and you also have your energy product. We have a TruLabs (true Labs) energy packet which actually provides you the energy and supplements you need to carry you throughout a normal workday or your normal day of normal living. If you’re not going to be working out. I used to start out your day with it. Take it first thing in the morning. It can be a substitute for coffee, substitute for, for teas or whatever it is you’re doing in the morning or your bang drinks or your monster drinks, whatever. There. Uh, this is a much better source of energy, better source of ingredients you will benefit the most from using TruLabs (true Labs) products over any other products on the market. How do I know it? I made them. This is doctor artists. Wellness is true. Labs. If it’s wellness, it’s us. We’re out.