This is TruLabs (true labs), podcast number 32 with Dr Brian Ardis. Uh, the chief podcast recorder obviously, and uh, cause I’ve done like the last, I don’t know, 20 something. Anyway, welcome to TruLabs (true labs). We’re excited about what we’ve done here at TruLabs (true labs). We’re excited about you joining us and reading this article on our site map, which I know no one’s reading. However, if you are reading this, you’re one of the few ever to read it. And if you are reading this, you probably worked for TruLabs (true labs) actually, or you’re with Clay Clark’s group, one of the two. Either way, clay, your article suck. This one’s gonna suck too and that’s all right. All right. The purpose of this is for Google reviews or Google, uh, search engine optimization. So let’s get to it. We are TruLabs (true labs). We’re going to say TruLabs (true labs) about five times in this recorded article.

We’re also going to use the word, use the word workout supplements for the purpose of getting people to be able to search for us and find us. But we’re going to use that terminology about five times in a thousand words too, which will take me about seven minutes. All right. So when we first developed our first pre workout product, which was called simply preworkout, we had eight flavors for formulas. We were trying to determine what would be the easiest way to get this into somebody’s. Obviously drinking it in water was probably good. Hydration’s important for your workout. We decided why not just make a ready to drink packet? You can just pour it, rip it open, pour it in a bottle of water or into a shaker, drank it up, take it, it’d be perfect. And uh, our flavors are great. Our product was great, but then, uh, my mother asked me to produce an even easier formula.

 So we contemplated putting our ingredients for our workout supplement and to a suppository. So you didn’t have to swallow, you just insert it. Uh, the only problem was is uh, uh, it creates muscle tonicity and a lot of strength. So she would just pop it right out right after we put it in. It would just make the anus release it because that’s what it did. So it was amazing. It was amazing, but not efficient because it would disrupt your workout in the first five minutes. So we stuck with the sachets. We’re going to continue with the sachets and we have now taken that idea of a workout supplement to drink and we’ve taken it into a TruLabs (true labs) sleep formula because truly, where else are you going to get all of your gains rather than in your sleep? And we all know how essential sleep is.

What we find most amazing too is what I’ve always found amazing as a doctor in practice was that most people didn’t actually breakfast, which from our days of farming, you should know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So eat your breakfast and if you’re not going to eat your breakfast before you go workout, make sure you take your TruLabs (true labs) protein drink before you go your workout. They will provide fuel to your body, will also start the process of repair and your body even during that one hour of your workout. Once you’re done with that workout, go get a protein or protein plus Collagen from TruLabs (true labs). Take that 33 grams of protein, put that in because now you gotta go to work or you have to go focus on whatever you’re gonna be doing. And do you want your body from the time you’ve done your workout to the time you go to sleep, have all the minerals and vitamins and protein it needs to repair the damaged tissue you just ripped up in your body.

So that’s the purpose of those workout supplements. But TruLabs (true labs) didn’t just do that. We decided to go after the days in which you were not working out, which we expect. You’re not working out every day cause you need recovery. Days are billed days. So on those days you’re not working out or on those days you are working out and then you’re finding yourself crashing because you did a two day that day. You can take our TruLabs (true labs) energy product and that’ll give you another four or five, six hours of energy to help you get through your afternoon or on the days you’re not working out. And you just need something to get you a pick me up and not be coffee or caffeine. Then a are strictly just caffeine. Go after our TruLabs (true labs) energy packet. Put that into your water and drink it and you’ll have energy for hours and focus for hours.

Those workout supplements are designed to give your living natural body, the living and natural elements it requires to actually build itself and get it to function. You can only function with the fuel you put in it. We hear it. TruLabs (true labs) are here to design fuel for the body for repair, endurance and maximize gains and that’s what our true lab sleep, TruLabs (true labs), energy, TruLabs (true labs), pre TruLabs (true labs), protein and protein plus Collagen workout supplements are designed to do for you. You don’t know how to know that because I designed them. I’m doctor artist here at TruLabs (true labs) are uh, we’ve got information on our website. If you want to look up more information on our workout supplements in each of the ingredients and what their benefits are. For example, you look up sleep and look at every single ingredient that’s in there. You can also look up all of the different benefits that research and science has proven are beneficial to get you from what we call twilight sleep, which is where you do not get energy reproduced.

You’d go from twilight sleep into deep sleep and deep sleep is where rem occurs. If you’re not hitting rem five, six, eight times a night, he will wake up just as tired as you did before and how many reading this article I’ve ever done that you’ve gone to bed, you’re really tired, and then you wake up in the morning, you’re like, man, I feel like I did. I felt like I did before I went to sleep. That is because you never hit rem. Well, the ingredients inside of TruLabs (true labs), sleep will ensure you get to RM, RM and hit as many maximum doses of RM before you wake up and when you do that, your adrenals are actually restored. They have enough adrenaline, they’ve, they’ve minimized how much cortisol your body is releasing. You’re not storing fat, you’re burning fat. You’re also releasing normal amounts of Serotonin and dopamine and make you feel good to make you happy.

 Not depressed or anxious. Those are all the benefits of getting rem sleep, which are true Lapsley product we’ll give you. Our products are guaranteed. If you don’t like them, send them back, but you’ll enjoy better sleep. You will enjoy better energy, better focus, better build just by using our protein. We’ve got a way are our source of protein is a whey concentrate, which is scientifically proven to be incredible for building muscle and for providing fuel. Also, we, uh, provide collagen protein also, which helps strengthen the hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, which is what we’re really focusing on with that product. And a also skin health. We all want to look our best, fill our best. You’ll feel that way when you’re using TruLabs (true labs) products. If it’s wellness, it is true. Labs. If it’s a podcast from TruLabs (true labs), it’s probably doctor artists. Peace out.