[00:00] We’ll come back to TruLabs (true labs) podcast. This is Dr Bryan Ardis. We’re going to talk about, of course, our workout supplements. Uh, if you’re reading this, then we’re going to discuss one major, uh, active ingredient that we use in several of our preworkout formulas. This is a substance called Guarana. You’ll see Gorana and a few other companies products, but a Gorana is miraculous. It’s actually a natural form from a plant of caffeine that has been used in South America and in the Latin American cultures for years. And these most people they are can take Gorana morning, afternoon, and evening, but they never experience a reduction in their metabolism as you do with caffeine intake. Caffeine destroys your adrenals ability to produce adrenaline, which gives you energy, which keeps your heart fired up, which keeps your hormones in balance. Another one set of the hormones that your adrenals create and help support is the production and release of cortisol.

[01:00] As you fatigue the adrenals by stimulating it with caffeine, your body releases and cannot manage how much cortisol your body’s releasing. I don’t know if you know this, but if you’ve ever been working out and you can’t seem to lose weight, it’s most likely that your cortisol hormones are imbalance in too high. Gorana does not overstimulate the adrenals to make cortisol released in high amounts. What’s the negative part of cortisol being released by just using caffeine every day? Cortisol is what makes us store belly fat. It also makes us store fat all over the body. It’s also called the stress hormone, so stress, emotional stress makes your body release more cortisol. Spiritual stress causes your body to release more cortisol. It’s your stress hormone, so it makes you feel panicked and anxious. Also, when you put your body under physical stress, your body releases more cortisol.

[01:55] Well, you want to try to protect your adrenals from releasing too much adrenaline, which is what comes up when you’re under stress, which then reduces over time. Your adrenals ability to control cortisol. They call this term adrenal burnout, which can come from over excessive physical stress over excessive emotional stress or spiritual stress. Our s our workout supplements include Gorana as the choice of stimulant for the adrenals because it’s not overburdening to it. It doesn’t make the adrenals release. All of it’s Adrenaline, 25 minutes. It lasts over an hour. It’s a much slower pace and you do not get adrenal burnout over time. We do not crew put Gorana in every one of our workout supplements because if you did, that means you wouldn’t be cycling on and off of stimulants. So of the four pre products that you take before your workout, we have two of which contain different amounts of Gorana alongside everything else that we included in the product, which is, for example, Adenine ribosome phosphate, which help every other cell in your body generate natural forms of energy that do not create cellular energy burnout.

[03:03] They can consume as much ATP material as you as they can and will continue to produce as much energy as possible until that cell dies and every cell in your body dies. And every cell is replaced every day, all day, every day, trillions and trillions of replaced every day. Uh, we also include in our supplement what’s called calcium and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are two forms of electrolytes that are released through our sweat glands as we sweat, and I don’t know if you know how important it is to put calcium and magnesium back into your body, but if your body is low on calcium, you cannot contract muscles. You only contract muscles when a calcium is drawn from one muscle cell to the next, and it makes that muscle shorten. Uh, if you have excess calcium and not enough magnesium, you get what’s called Charlie horses or leg cramps. It’s involuntary contractions cause calcium makes muscles contract.

[03:56] Magnesium is what binds to calcium and brings calcium from the muscle through the bloodstream. Back to the bone. Calcium is what also is the strengthening matrix of your bones, skeletal structure. So it’s very important that you put magnesium and calcium into the body in your workout supplement, which TruLabs (true labs) does, uh, because magnesium helps keep the calcium balance in the muscles. Also while you’re working out every day you’re going to sweat out magnesium and calcium and you have to replace it in order to keep your muscle tone accurate in your bone density healthy. So our workout supplements do contain magnesium and calcium for that very reason. You want to keep your muscle tone strong, make sure you have calcium in your workout product. If you want muscles to not go into tonicity or to go into cramping and voluntarily, you want to make sure you have a healthy source or a great source of magnesium included, which TruLabs (true labs) does. We also include vitamin C and Vitamin B 12 in our, in our, uh, pre products because your body consumes vitamin B more than any other vitamin to produce energy. And actually you’re a heart requires vitamin B more than any other vitamin for its healthy function. If your body becomes deficient in vitamin B, you will develop heart symptoms, palpitations, leaky valve issues, congestive heart failure. All evidence is of a vitamin B deficiency. We burn up vitamin B by stress, emotional and physical, so your workout supplement better contain vitamin B. And we have that in ours.

[05:42] We wish you the best of luck in your workout efforts and your fitness goals are pre products can help you achieve your short term goals during your workout. And then our protein products and our sleep recovery products can help you maximize your recovery in your overall fitness goals. If it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs.