[00:00] Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs) podcast. This is Dr Brian Artists, chief formulating officer for TruLabs (true labs), awesome products. We’re going to talk about the benefits of workout supplements and the reason why we decided to generate and create our own formulas. For 15 years, I’ve actually been helping patients from around the world. Multiple countries, sixteen thousand seventeen thousand in total patients help them uncover the root causes for their symptoms. Symptoms occur always in the body when our bodies become minerally or vitamin deficient. One key factor is that when we do any physical activity as human beings, it requires the fuel we put in our body, which we get that fuel source from food and from water. We have to put food in our body to provide the nutrients required to generate our body’s activities and functions. So when we start our physical fitness workout programs, it’s going to require certain nutrients are in your body to be able to fulfill the required workout regimen.

[01:07] So one of the most important things that we need to consider is that vitamin B is a huge provider of energy to the body. Vitamin B can be either supplemented, vitamin B can be found in our vegetables and our fruits, uh, in our plants. And we also get some vitamin B actually from meat sources. Also, a vitamin B is required. If we do any physical activity or exertion, we are going to use vitamin B as our fusel fuel source to get us through that workout or through that fitness regimen, whatever it is, running, walking, swimming. It’s very important. It’s like having a car, putting the fuel source in it, which is gasoline. Or if you have a Tesla, it’s electricity. But eventually as the car does its functions, which is moving pistons or turning electrical motors, you’re going to burn up the fuel source and eventually the cells of the battery for the Tesla are going to go week, an empty and the gas tank and a gasoline driven car is going to go empty eventually and you have to refill it.

[02:07] There’s a lot of symptoms that occur when a car gets low on fuel, it’s going to stall and then it’s going to die. Same thing’s gonna happen with you. You’re going to get very tired, very lethargic, individually you’ll die if you have zero of these nutrients. We use nutrients and vitamins in the form of vitamins and minerals to supply energy to our body. So when we start our physical fitness regimen, it’s very important that you have normal activities throughout your day that are generating the use of fuel. Even if you just work in a cubicle and you’re on a computer all day, your brain is using up energy and nutrients to form its functions and to type on your keyboard, on your, uh, using your mouse. You’re using the muscles in your hands, you’re going to be consuming vitamin B’s in that process also. So you go home in the evening or during your break at lunch, you’re going to be eating food, breakfast, lunch and dinner because you’re going to get hungry.

[02:57] The reason why you’re hungry, you’re hungry because you’ve used up your nutrients and you need to put them back in. Then he can go back and re re re perform the normal human being has their daily activities just to function through life and they are burning up their fueled. And they put back in that fuel, in the form of food at their meals. For those who are going beyond the normal activities of daily living, which is going to work, driving a car or walking to and from the house to their car or to and from the corporate office to their car. That’s normal activities of daily living and your food sources should supply enough fuel for that. If you’re eating too much fueled and what’s your burning or consuming, you’re going to get obese or you’re going to put on weight because you’re not burning all the for all of all of the fuel that you’re putting into your body, which is termed calories.

[03:44] So when you’re starting to add a workout regimen for your normal days and you’re going to start working out, it’s very important you get a great workout supplement, why you’re going to be burning more fuel than the customary day requires. So you need to consider adding a workout supplement prior to your workouts. And why is that important? Your workouts going, any of the care in the morning or in the evenings. Either way, you’ve used energy to sleep, you’ve used energy to go throughout your day. You’re going to be consuming and burning and releasing through your skin, through sweat, through P, through poop. You’re going to be releasing more nutrients than you were before you worked out so it’s a great idea to go ahead and put the workout supplements back into your body right before you start your workout because you’re about to release a ton of it and it’s better to have it all in there and even more so you can complete however long your workouts going to be.

[04:39] Also when you’re working out, you are the main source of fuel for the body comes in the form of protein and I used to use this analogy with patients all the time. When I’d look at their food journals, I would tell them in the morning, the most important thing for you to consume in the morning is protein and I would give the analogy of a fire. If you have a fire going, which in your, in this case the fire is your body and you have a ream of paper and you’re throwing one piece of paper after another into the fire to keep the fire going, you have to constantly be putting in one piece of paper after another because they burned very quickly. Now if you have a log and you put that big piece of wood on the fire, that piece of wood, once it lights can burn for a lot longer than a thin piece of paper can.

[05:26] The analogy here is the fire is your body. You can either put in one sheet of paper at a time, which you have to continually throw in one piece of paper to keep the fire going. The paper is the fuel. That paper represents carbohydrates. When you put in bread or any kind of starches, potato chips, it doesn’t matter if sugar you put that into your body, it’s going to burn that up really quickly and you have to constantly be putting in more carbs. If you haven’t remember, if you haven’t realized this, when you’re consuming carbs as your primary source of fuel, you’re constantly hungry. You’re constantly needed to re re put in the carbs. So carbs are like throwing in pieces of paper into a fire as the only fuel source for the fire. And you constantly throw it in their proteins, like taking a big old log and throwing it on the fire and that protein burns a whole lot longer, a lot hotter, longer period of time, much more beneficial and it takes a lot less effort on your body to continue putting in the fuel.

[06:22] So protein is vital. So here at TruLabs (true labs) we decided to create a workout supplement that uh, provides 33 grams of protein to the body. You can take it before your workout, after your workout. I actually prefer taking protein before and after each time, before and after. My hour long workouts. And we’ve also produced here at two labs, a whey protein concentrate plus a collagen protein, uh, product. Uh, it’s flavored with chocolate and hazelnut. It is a, it is the most delicious thing protein wise I’ve ever tasted. Thanks to my wife Jean. She came up with the idea for that flavor and it is marvelous. We all love it more than anything else, but a college and benefits the body and PR and helping to repair tendons and ligaments. Protein helps to repair the muscles that were injuring while we’re in a, our workouts. And as I mentioned earlier in this podcast, protein is vital as a workout supplement. Protein provides the fuel. It also provides the backbone and the DNA to repair muscle tissue as were injuring it, which is what allows us to tone muscles, rebuild muscles as we tear them down in our workouts. Best of luck in your workouts. Make sure you have a great workout supplement. TruLabs (true labs) provides all of what you need and to help you gain your, your goals and your workout regimen. Great Luck. Remember if it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs.