Welcome back to TruLabs (true labs) podcast. This is podcast number 34 I am your host Dr. Bryan Ardis, CFO, chief formulating officer. That is a real CFO, COO. That would be ray Salinas. He’s behind me listening, probably making fun of me and that’s all right. We’re going to talk again once again about supplements in the importance of workout supplements, particularly as it relates to you and your fitness regimen and why it would be beneficial to include taking a workout supplement before you work out and after you work at and right before you go to bed and on the days you’re not working at. It is essential that we get enough vitamins and minerals, period. Our body is made up of atoms, trillions of them. Those atoms come together to form every little cell. It’s in our buddy. Each of those cells contain organelles such as the nucleus, your DNA or Mitochondria, Golgi bodies.

You’ve got all kinds of stuff in there. It makes up your white blood cells that are your immune system, the minerals and vitamins your body requires. That comes from foods such as plants and animals. That’s actually what supplies the fuel to make new cells as your body regenerates them, how it boosts its immune system, how it creates focus and thought. It has to actually send chemical signals. Those chemicals come from the minerals and vitamins provided to your body by food you eat, so it’s essential that we put those vitamins and minerals in. The best way to do that is to eat food that contains those vitamins and minerals, which the most would be in your plants and in your vegetables and your fruits.

If you are deficient or nutritionally deficient in those vitamins and minerals, you will have symptoms. The first symptom will be symptoms of fatigue. The second will be weight gain and the third will be memory loss and dementia that comes along with it. That’s because you don’t have the vitamins and minerals even produce hormones to make you feel good, to give you energy and your body will start to waste, become lethargic as a result of being malnourished. Well, this country of America that we live in, that I’m so grateful to be a part of a is a farming culture and that farming culture demands farming crops over and over on fields in soil that has been over, harvested and over, over used. And there is something very, very needed in our soil. It’s called minerals. And those minerals are drawn up into our plants. Those plants that we then eat.

We either eat them in the form of whole foods eating the whole food or we cook it, break it down, chop it up, put it in a blender, juice it, whatever. Any processing of the food whatsoever. Outside of eating it whole, we’ll actually provide less minerals than it had before. Uh, as you process it, well, most of us like to cook our food. Most of us like the process, our food they needed. So the more mineral deficient we are, the more fatigued we’re going to be. Number one complaint across this country is the lack of energy. And then anxiety, depression, follow a one terrible thing I’ll tell you about is that, uh, one of the terrible plights I think in this country is the use of cholesterol drugs to manage cholesterol levels. As we reduce the amount of fat we ingest and as a society, uh, not talking about the Kido people, they love the fat, but the majority of other people are scared of fat.

You reduced the amount of fat you consume, you reduce the amount of cholesterol you can make, you reduce the amount of cholesterol you can make, you reduce the amount of hormones you can make from that cholesterol. And a lot of us don’t know that, but your hormones are actually made from cholesterol only. So if you start taking cholesterol drugs on top of having a fat free diet, you’re going to get reduced cholesterol, which is going to equal less hormones, which is why I think there’s actually such a pandemic episode of depression across this country and why for decades, the top three drug sold in America was all three are antidepressants. Now they’re all three heart drugs or high blood pressure drugs. But for decades they were antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft and and others. Well, you reduce cholesterol. You cannot make enough hormones. Some of the hormones that actually dictate exactly how you feel are called Serotonin and dopamine.

Serotonin and dopamine are generated by cells inside your gut. They’re also created by cells inside your adrenal glands and multiple hormone glands. So we have created workout supplements to feed the minerals that you are not getting in your diet or that’s being robbed from your diet and we’re going to put those minerals in them or get your adrenals, your thyroid, your pituitary gland, your testes or ovaries to start producing the hormones that are going to both elevate your mood to bring you up out of depression, remove anxiety. He put enough serotonin in the body. You are going to be happy. Fear disappears. You put in enough dopamine. You want to be social, you want to be active with other human beings. If you make enough testosterone, you’ll actually be motivated. Setting goals and ambitions will come as a result of just testosterone. There are direct emotions created by the amount of hormones in your body are diet does not supply the correct mineral and vitamin loads period or else there wouldn’t be such a widespread hormonal problem in this country and so many endocrinologists handling all these hormonal issues, but we have the workout supplements that will provide the improvements to your sleep, improvements to your workouts, improvements to your muscle, building, ligaments, tendons, Collagen.

If you want to continue to look ageless and age slower, make sure you’re getting enough protein in college and into your body. If you want to circulate blood and improve how your body breeze, how it thinks, how it feels, you want to start exercising when you’re exercising, you’re burning up the fuel you’ve gotten into your food, your food lacks minerals and vitamins. Make sure you’re adding more workout supplements before you work out and on the days you’re not. Those workout supplements from TruLabs (true labs) will benefit your life in more ways than you’ll recognize initially in the first day. But you’ll start to notice it within that first month that your entire life feels different. Uh, our products are designed, we use all natural ingredients, are our flavors. We are flavoring is done with natural flavors, are sweetener, is an artificial sweetener, termed artificial, but it actually comes from a natural source called cane sugar. It is an isolated, just non calorie part of the molecule of sugar. It’s completely safe. 150 reviews from the European Union had proven it from any ages, from two to 100. You cannot go wrong with sucralose being your sweetener and it makes all of our workout supplements tastes fabulous. This is a doctor, Brian artists with TruLabs (true labs). If you like things that tastes good, if you like to look good, if you want to feel good, if it’s wellness, it’s true. Labs, look us up@truelabs.com this is doctor Artis.