[00:00] All right. Today we’re talking about workout supplements, specifically (TruLabs (true labs) in McKinney, Texas. Yeah, buddy. You, but, oh, did we start? Yeah, we’re starting. Oh, you just, you just went right into that one then. How about we’ve gotten 43 Google reviews as of this morning. People are so excited to try our workout supplements. I’m pretty stoked about that. Yeah. We can’t stop them from going on there and review and they just, there is coming like no other and they’re all five star. I know. It’s cause everything we have is great. They’ll Vinci probably be a hater out there every now and then, but it’s pretty amazing. I’ll go find them. That’d be all right. Pretty Great. Yeah. So workout supplements, Mikey, I love. Is that what you look at on Instagram all day? Yes. Tell me about your Instagram profile and you know, how many followers you’ve got and people who loved overall you. Hey Mikey. In your profile at the top, does it say regional qualifier? No. Uh, I’ve got about 1200 followers. They’re all real organic people. Had a hand in a rock

[01:04] fifth on a daily basis. Uh, I’d rather have that many. Then I like five or 6,000 that aren’t real.

[01:11] You know, I just keep, I just keep it at about five or 600 of my closest friends and I don’t, I don’t want to go out there with all the other people, you know? I’m surprised you have that many close friends. That’s impressive. Did I am Mexican? You do realize that right? Yeah. That’s not of here’s the mind drop mic drop. That was awesome. It must have been his wife. He had to run it like a phone call. Um, I’ve tried so many different types of proteins. When I was first starting working out, I did not know what was going to work. I took diamond ties because it tasted really good. They’re going make chocolate. Yeah, protein was amazing. And then, uh, I would switch sometimes to vanilla or Oreo crunch or something crazy and cream. I think it was called, but I was always, I would always buy the big five gallon tubs, you know, it’s a better value. But I went through protein so fast.

[02:11] I think with a workout sevens in general, like off see word, if you want to say we’re thankful, but we’re um, you know, we’ve been in the same, like we’re in the exact same boat as everybody else with workout supplements. Like we have tried other stuff. We didn’t like it, we didn’t really trust it. We didn’t know the people behind the brand. And so I think with the workout supplements that we as TruLabs (true labs) come out with, like we want to be able to do the best job and the best show for ourselves and for our customers and friends to make them feel a part of the process and become trustworthy and confident in the brand, the products and their ingredients are taking, um, of the workout supplements of true laughs.

[02:56] Yeah. When you think about it, like woo. And I was thinking about that this morning. We all want to be, uh, we all want to take what’s the right supplement for our body. And so what did you do? You found out other people who worked out and you’d ask them what do they take? And then you’d ask somebody who was a coach, what do you take? And then you’d go to GNC and you’d be like, Hey man, what? What are people taking? And so people are always on this 18 year old kid. Yeah. They’re always on this constant search. They’re always on this constant search for what are you taking? What, what we’re supposed to take, what should I take for this? Which I take for that. It’s like the reason TruLabs (true labs) is here so you don’t have to search anymore. Yeah. So you can actually take it from the people who know what we’re talking about.

[03:41] Not that kid who’s at GNC, who’s still in high school and has no idea what he’s taken. And well, I mean human. How many people have a special formula doctor who that’s what he’s done for the last 15 years of his study, I was practice is to help people with natural supplements to get well and helped their body to recover from diseases and from elements. He did that right. And so now he’s, he’s helping us do that with every formula that we, that we’ve got. Yeah. That’s amazing. When you think about it, he’s almost, instead of helping people get cured from the disease that they’re on, and he’s helping people not even get to the point of being at that disease, and the FDA won’t even let you say that you were cured from a disease or that you’re trying to cure disease through natural supplements because they’ve got such a FT haters.

[04:34] The FT haters. Yeah. They’ve got such a strain on that market though. Yeah. On the, on the market. Absolutely. So like, even, I know my wife, she’s done a lot in the central or world’s, oh, we smell it. Well, but, but I mean, like, you know, there was a point where they were taking people’s websites down if they said, this is, you know, this can help prevent headaches, or did they really? Yeah. I mean like, it was so crazy. It’s like, uh, anything that they would, you know, label a disease, which could even be acne. Right. Like, you could even say that. Um,

[05:10] well, I don’t want to make the FDA and enemy, so let’s, let’s, okay, let’s stop doing it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I saw that workout supplements stuff, you know, uh, yeah. You know, I, this is kind of what we’re talking about a little bit ago, right? We’re, when you go into a nutrition shop or something like that, you get, you get one of two things, right? You get that really juiced up dude who’s in there and he’s got that a tank top on, even though it’s like 40 degrees outside, but he wants it, wants to show his arms off, right? And so you’re intimidated by that guy and he’s telling you what he quote takes. Even though he might take some other stuff that he’s not telling you about, uh, or you get your, where you get the 18 year old or 17 year old kid who really doesn’t know what he’s talking about, can’t even talk to you about some of the ingredients that are in there.

[05:54] Uh, he might know one or two of them and just kind of talks about those like no other. Um, not that he won’t be smart enough later on down his life, but at that point, he, he’s not educated enough on it and he’s giving you advice on what to take, right? So stop going into those stores and stop listening to some of these people who either don’t know what they’re talking about or they’re not telling you the full truth, right? They’re just trying to sell something to try it. Right. Take something that was formulated by a doctor that is meant to not only help you now, but help you later. Right? So you don’t have the side effects that those other preworkouts or energy drinks or any of that stuff. Right. Uh, we took the guesswork out of it for you. Simple.

[06:38] Yeah. I think it’s a, it’s a two way street though at the same time, like, like Brandon said in regards to having a doctor formulator, like focusing on this type of practice and um, eight over the past 15 years, like we don’t know maybe if there are any other companies out there that do that, but it’s gonna it’s gonna take us as a company to be educational, to help people show that, hey, we are everyday people just like you that want to better our lives in regards to our health, our fitness and our wellbeing and here’s how we’ve done it. And we totally believe that this is the best way to do that. And here’s like, how here we want to show you how we did it, but then it’s also a part of their weight to carry in regards of like looking into us and trusting us out. Just like going to a doctor somewhere or a restaurant that you trust the cooking or like whatever that might be. So yeah.

[07:34] Wow, that’s really interesting to think about that. Do you, do you trust your supplement shop? Like a Chinese food restaurant?

[07:41] Well, here’s the problem. Do you trust your Chinese food restaurant? No, I don’t. Then why do you go? I know, right? Cause it’s delicious.

[07:52] What’s the side effects aren’t, but the side effects that true lab has in regards to their workout supplements are not bad like the trinity.

[07:58] I think that was the foundation that everything that I thought of this morning, you usually take supplements that are not good for you but they taste great or you find ones that you think are good for you but they taste horrible. Yeah. And like there’s never been a company that has supplements that are good for you and they taste great until now, until now. And that’s true. Labs now think about it like good tasting supplements that are good for you. Great tasting supplements that are good for you. It’s going to be our new slogan. It’s not bad.

[08:33] Let’s not have that do this. I like our slogan, our slogan, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a very good selling point I think because it makes a lot of sense. It does. It does. You know, and, and here’s one of the biggest things too, is like, I’m sure all of us get it and understand that nobody wants to take something that just tastes bad. Like that’s, that’s no fun in it at all. Right? Like you’re, you’re always trying to find something that tastes good. Unfortunately, like you said earlier, most of the workout supplements that taste bad or just not good for you. Uh, and so we did, we tried to solve that problem for you guys and we believe that we’ve done that. Um, and so when, when you’re going out there and you’re looking at our stuff, don’t look at it and be like, oh, that, I don’t know how that tastes because it’s going to taste amazing and the results are going to be there.

[09:21] You just have to go out there and do it and try out our workout supplements. Well, that’s if Mikey Mikey test, it says, it tastes amazing. Doctor Artists thinks everything tastes great because I think you were so used to tasting bad things for so long that everything that we’ve made is tasted so good to him because he was, you know, he was always doing the natural look. If I’m the one who says something tastes good, it tastes good. I’m like the, I’m the cynic over here. I say, everything’s bad. Yeah, it’s good stuff. Well, TruLabs (true labs), workout supplements here in McKinney, Texas. Uh, we’ll be here all day. President’s Day working for you. President’s man. Love our presidents. Happy America Day. The America day audio’s, he’s.