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Brandon Pogue – Chief Executive Officer

Brandon graduated from Texas A&M University in 2001 and began working in the commercial construction industry managing projects and growing the family business his father founded. From 2002-2005, he served as the business development officer and grew the company from $100M to over $300M revenue annually.

In 2005, Brandon set out to start his own commercial real estate company originally called The Pogue Group and then later Pogue Texas Real Estate Capital. That company transacted with REIT’s and hedge funds on real estate from California to New York. Brandon enjoyed contract negotiation, development, capital raising ventures, and finding opportunities especially during the 2009 real estate crash. During that unstable time, he helped his clients to achieve on average a 30% IRR on their investment.

Brandon and his wife Jen have been married for 17 years and they have 3 kids. In 2010, Brandon and Jen were leading healthy lifestyles when Jen suddenly became very sick. She lost 20 pounds, developed severe food allergies, and had to start a prescription with negative side effects. The traditional medical model was failing her as she continued declining without a diagnosis. After being sick for 4 years, Jen met Dr. Bryan Ardis in Frisco, Texas at a wellness event where he was the speaker. Soon after, she became his patient and in less than one year was fully well. Brandon became a patient of Dr. Ardis soon after and they hit it off instantly. While Dr. Ardis was bringing Brandon to a state of wellness, Brandon at the same time inspired Dr. Ardis to take charge of his strength and fitness.

Fast Forward to one morning in 2017 when Brandon was about to start his morning training session with his training partners which included TruLabs Co-founder Michael Streight. Brandon started a discussion about the lack of healthy pre-workouts available. That’s when Brandon had the idea about colliding the worlds of fitness and wellness supplements to create products that work and are actually healthy for the human body. He quickly shared his idea with Dr. Ardis and an incredible partnership was formed. Dr. Ardis brings his world renown methods of treating the human body on board as the TruLabs Chief Formulator. That is where the story of TruLabs begins.

Since 2018 when products became available for purchase, Brandon and his team have been able to help over 10,000 people through their products to create natural Energy for their day and Sleep for the night all while optimizing wellness. Brandon’s previous work dynamically prepared him for this fulfilling role as CEO of TruLabs which he feels is his most rewarding role yet because he sees that their products are positively changing people’s lives daily.

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Ray Salinas – Chief Operating Officer

Ray serves as the Chief Operating Officer at TruLabs, LLC. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2005 with degrees in both Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. After graduating from LA Tech Ray accepted his first professional position at a life science research firm in Colorado Springs, CO, ADInstruments. The territory he was responsible for with ADI was the northeast US and eastern Canada where he worked closely with some of the most renowned medical research institutions in the world such as Harvard, Yale, Novartis, Pfizer, etc. After two years at ADI Ray more than doubled the customer base and annual revenue within his territory.

In the summer of 2007 Ray decided to take a leap of faith leaving his promising engineering career behind, and moved to McKinney, TX to try his hand entrepreneurship. He and his close friend from Colorado took a sweat equity deal in McKinney to revive a flexible packaging printing company on the verge of bankruptcy. The deal was simple. Get the owner the money he invested back out of the company, and 50% of the equity would transfer to Ray and his friend, now turned business partner. Over the next ten years Ray and his partner educated themselves in a completely foreign industry (flexographic printing), got the company completely out of debt with no working capital, bought out the previous owner, and in 2015 all of this incredibly hard work culminated when they sold the majority of interest in the company (while still retaining some ownership) to a private equity firm for 8 figures +.

The flexible packaging printing company, turned American Dream success story, was originally known as Flex Pac, and later rebranded Popular Ink. During his time at Popular Ink Ray served as the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. The majority of the packaging produced at Popular Ink is for the health / wellness / supplement markets. Because of this dynamic Ray gained an intimate understanding of the entire manufacturing and supply chain process in all facets of the health and wellness industry. If you’ve ever taken an individually packaged serving of some sort of health supplement from any major brand there is a high probability the packaging comes from Popular Ink in McKinney, TX.

In August 2017, exactly 10 years after arriving in McKinney, Ray stepped away from Popular Ink in search of the next challenge / adventure. After taking some time to travel and decompress Ray began discussions with longtime friend Brandon Pogue, TruLabs CEO, about potentially joining his team. The synergies between Brandon’s existing team, and the manufacturing / supply chain experience Ray brought to the table were serendipitous to say the least. Ray came on board and leaned into his existing relationships across the health and wellness space to help Brandon and his team brand TruLabs LLC. As a result of this new partnership TruLabs has manufactured some of the highest quality and best tasting wellness supplements ever created. Between Brandon’s innate leadership abilities and passion for helping people become the best versions of themselves, Dr. Ardis’ expertise in health and wellness formulations, and Ray’s in depth knowledge of not only supplement and formulation manufacturing but also scaling a large company, this team is divinely built to bring something truly unique to everyone looking to reach and push their TRU potential.

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Michael Streight – Strategic Relationship Manager

Michael is Co-founder and Strategic Relationship Manager at TruLabs. He was there that morning in 2017 when Brandon had the idea to start a wellness supplement company with Pre-workout as the first product. Michael loved the idea and was quick to jump on board wholeheartedly.

While completing his Bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University, Michael began working as a certified CrossFit coach which is where his passion for coaching began. During college, he also qualified for an internship at the Michael Johnson Performance Center. After completing his degree, he continued following his passion while he worked within CrossFit gyms, studios, and had the amazing opportunity to work within corporate fitness/wellness. In that corporate position, he built the entire comprehensive wellness program from the ground up which included four fitness programs and successful challenges.

Michael is also an avid CrossFit athlete having competed on a regionals team in 2018. His pursuit of learning and growing in the fitness industry is constant. Michael is always researching the best ways to do and coach fitness. He brings those same strengths to the TruLabs team.

Michael is married to Sophia and they have one child named Jeremiah and a high energy pit/lab mix dog named Harvest. They live in McKinney which has been home to Michael for over 20 years near TruLabs Headquarters. Michael still currently coaches in the fitness industry due to the deep joy that he finds from positively impacting the lives of so many in that area.

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Dr. Bryan Ardis – Chief Formulating Officer

Dr Ardis is the Chief Formulating Officer of TruLabs and is married to his wife Jayne, and together they have 8 children.  Dr Ardis performed his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University.  He completed his Bachelor Degree and his Doctorate Degree at Parker College of Chiropractic in 2004.  Also in 2004, Dr. Ardis completed his certification in Acupuncture at the Dallas College of Oriental Medicine.   

Upon graduating at Parker College of Chiropractic, in Dallas TX, Dr. Ardis moved to Maryville, TN.  Two months later, he opened the doors to his new clinic, Ardis Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Over the next two years, he helped hundred’s of people through his practice. He sold the Tennessee practice in 2009 and moved to Frisco, TX where he opened Ardis Healing Center.  Ardis Healing Center grew over the next 9 years to be one of the most successful nutrition and alternative healing clinics in the country. Dr. Ardis has helped thousands of patients from all over the world from his Frisco office.  He helped patients from every state in the continental US, and has served patients from around the globe ranging from as far away as the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Barbados, Italy, Scotland, France, Ghana, Guatemala and many more countries. 

Dr. Ardis’s knowledge over years of helping patients heal from their symptoms using nutritional herbs and supplements has fueled his next purpose, by improving their health through specific health and nutrition products that he formulates. Dr. Ardis’s drive and ambition is to develop nutritionally rich formulas and products that serve the human body’s natural requirements.

Just recently he sold Ardis Healing Center in October of 2018, and now consults the 3 practitioners who have taken over the practice, now known as North Texas Healing Center.  Dr Ardis co-founded and formulates products for TruLabs.

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Josh Wells – Director Of Operations

Josh Wells is the Director of Operations at TruLabs headquarters. He joined the TruLabs team after receiving his B.S in Kinesiology from the University of North Texas. As a former Sgt in the Marine Corp, he has a clear understanding of dedication and hard work, which lead him to open his own CrossFit gym. He is passionate about the wellness and the overall health of an individual.   

Josh’s primary focus here at TruLabs is the customers. He works directly with affiliates to educate them on our entire product lineup. He combines his experience as a former CrossFit box owner and Kinesiology degree graduate to relate to affiliates and breakdown a vast amount of information. His combined experience allows him to have a better understanding of what athletes need, while also establishing strong programs to help our affiliates profit.

Outside of our TruLabs walls, Josh is the husband to Stephanie and father to Brecklyn and Mason. He values God first, family second, and work third. When Josh isn’t working with our affiliates you can find him in the gym himself or in his woodshop.