Daniel Cases

I have been using TruLabs pre-workout formula for about a year. Prior to taking these products, like many others who are into heavy lifting, I have tried many of the other commercial products on the market and was never satisfied. I often would feel nauseous mid-workout or have a high level of anxiety due to either the excessive amount of caffeine or many of the cheap, filler ingredients that did nothing more than "fluff-up" the labels. The first thing I noticed after trying PRE was that it did not upset my stomach after any intense CrossFit workouts which was astonishing. Not only did I feel fine throughout my workouts but too this day, I still feel the same stimulation during my lifting sessions that I did when I first tried it! The label of ingredients is minimal, pure, and no added "fluff" that’s going to cause any issues. I am very careful about the supplements that I choose to consume but TruLabs has proven to produce nothing more than quality products that I would recommend to anyone.