Maggie Thorne

Maggi Thorne is an American Ninja Warrior 5X competitor who was the 2nd Mom up the warped wall and first to beat the salmon ladder, NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge 2X championship competitor, and a previous Mrs. International 2014. In 2013 she placed 2nd at The Worlds Toughest Mudder running 75 miles and completing 330 obstacles in 24 hours, and currently serves as a Global Ambassador for feedONE traveling the world in an effort to further feedONE's mission of wearing out help others with the gift of a nutritious meal. Recently she created a BOW patch with the Girl Scouts to inspire female entrepreneurship, empowerment and community engagement, in which thousands of scouts have earned.

Maggi was named an ARYSE and TruLabs Pro Athlete Ambassador in 2018 and is a previous Governor's Award Winner for Inspiring Community Engagement. Professionally she speaks to hundreds of thousands on inspiration and never giving up in addition to engaging volunteers globally. A Mother of 3, she and her kids love serving, being active and traveling together. In her spare time she loves to eat chips & salsa.

Maggi on TruLabs:

As a Ninja Warrior, Obstacle Racer and most importantly Mom, daily there are so many obstacles to take on. Nutrition and training are a top priority not just for competition, but to love and live life with my kids well. After a series of trying multiple pre-workouts, I found TruLabs  and they have been my top pre-workout go to when preparing myself and more recently my kids as we are all athletes. What ingredients go in and who someone is as a company is critical when you are striving for the best. Time and time again, TruLabs delivers what my body needs and I trust the product, and the company.