Mary Lou Womack

I have been in the fitness/CrossFit world for quite a few years and during this time I tried many different supplements. I’ve had pre-workouts that do not mix well with my body and kept me up all night, or they made my skin tingle and crawl. I’ve had protein powder that was incredibly healthy for you with lots of nutrients and very clean but hasn't tasted great. Flip side of that I have had fantastic tasting protein that hasn’t been clean. 

TruLabs is the best supplement company by far in quality, taste and reliability. 

I can trust without a doubt what I put in my body is clean and safe when I go with any of their products. 

It’s been great to find ONE company that can provide me with the supplements I need to fulfill a work a training schedule. I have ample energy through the day with their energy pack. A boost before I workout, with a sea of choices and flavors from pre workout. Nutrients for my body right after training having the best tasting protein I’ve ever had that’s it’s not heavy on my stomach and top it off with a great night sleep to recharge splitting a sleep aid with my fiancé. 

 If there is any company I would choose  to be involved and aid in my health, fitness and recovery journey throughout my life, TruLabs is one.