Welcome to the TruLabs website! We’re so excited for you to learn more about our products, who we are, the passion we have for the fitness industry, and the people with in it.

TruLabs was founded on a foundation that saw clear cracks in the supplement world that needed to be filled back up. We have created the first pre-workout system that cycles your body on and off different stimulants, ingredients, and levels of intensity so your body never becomes used to the same thing. No more double scoops, extra hits, or “dome” shots needed. This varied pre workout system allows you to keep a long term continued pump and focus on the task at hand. Become worry free about adrenal fatigue, burnout, and post workout energy crash.

All four of TruLabs pre-work out formulas and our energy formula has a “Base TruLabs formula. This base formula consist of the three key ingredients: Adenine, Ribose and Phosphate. These are the three essential ingredients EVERY human body needs in order to produce energy (ATP) at the cellular level. If your not human…. welp we can’t help ya.

As mentioned above, if you’re looking for a mid day energy pick-me-up to increase your focus and work productivity, the TruLabs Energy drink is for you! With our similar base formula plus a handful of other key ingredients, the TruLabs Energy will give you a lasting focus to concur the task at hand.

Did you know that three out of four people have complained or shared that they have sleep issues or wake up constantly through their night of sleep? Sleep is vital and crucial to the way we perform, our recovery and much more. For this exact reason, TruLabs has created an amazing Sleep formula. This Patented Sleep Formula was designed to help you Sleep better than you have in the past. It combines proven ingredients like Magtein, Passion Flower, GABA and Valerian Root so you can get into a deeper state of sleep for longer durations. This will not affect your ability to perform, but it will help you reach REM so you get the full benefits of rest and recovery.

With TruLabs Pre, Energy, and Sleep… why stop there!? The final touch is our

Protein. We wanted to create something that tasted great and was straight to the point. That’s why our formula only consist of six main ingredients. Looking for a product with Collagen as well? Go ahead and knock out two birds with one stone, and purchase the TruLabs Protein + Collagen.

So why create a company, take on a ton of financial risk, literally put in blood, sweat, and tears in order to try and be a part of the small percent of start up’s that make it? Because of the same reason you decide to fine and cut out time for the passions you have outside of your daily routine and work life. The only difference is we personally decided that the reward and vision of helping others truly outweighed the high-risk…. we’d rather dive all in vs. one leg at a time.

So what did we decide to do to ensure (what we feel like) will bring success (a win-win-win) to ourselves, our families, and the fitness community that we love? First an foremost, we wanted to create a company that was built on humility, vulnerability, integrity, and openness. This is simply split up into two parts:

  1. These values are created and worked through within the walls of our business as we (as a team) work together to produce, manufacture, and bring to the world, what we truly feel like is the best ingredients.
  2. Secondly, we bring these values to our TruLabs Tribe and fitness community to show there is nothing we want to hide. We care about human performance and continued growth.

Interested in the story behind how TruLabs started? Imagine this…. A handful of workout buddies sitting on the benches, bay doors open, smack talking all while starting to warm up for a killer workout. With light music in the background to get the workout vibes going, one of the guys asked what pre-workout one of his buddies was using. He said some off brand that he wasn’t happy with because he didn’t feel it any more. Another buddy chimes in and says he doesn’t take anything before because it upset his stomach, or it makes him feel like his heart rate is going to explode. The last guy chimes in and says he usually takes up to two or three scoops to try and feel the “pump”! The first guy chimes back in and says, what if we created a constantly varied pre-workout system? Just like we cycle off of different lifting programs why don’t we cycle our body off of different formulas? We all laughed/ jokingly said that, that was an amazing idea! Such a no brainer that someone had to of already created it…. we looked and looked online and could not find anything like it. So the snow ball affect started… we reach out to Dr. Bryan Ardis, pitched the idea to him and the vision and reason why this was needed and he was ecstatically on board from the get go! From there a recipe of hard work, diligence, fears/failures and a lot of passion has led us to where we are today.

We look forward to innovating supplements and becoming the number one source of energy for the human race.

We can not thank you enough for believing in us and partnering with us along this journey.

Keep drinking the Truth, drink TruLabs.

Sincerely our warmest regards,

The TruLabs Team