Are you wondering if preworkout drinks work or if they're pure hype?

Sports nutrition supplements continue to be a popular way of improving training results. Preworkout supplements, in particular, are often recommended by bodybuilders, trainers, and athletes. However, do they help, or is it a result of the placebo effect?

Even if they do work, it's only natural to be curious about what makes it effective. After all, we're talking about ingesting something into our bodies. Any harmful effect will defeat the purpose of working out in the first place.

Fret not. We'll help you understand the inner workings of these supplements. Read on to discover how preworkout drinks can help improve your workout performance.

What are Preworkouts?

To get the most out of every session in the gym, you need as much help as you can get. A great way of getting an enormous boost of energy is through taking preworkout drinks.

Preworkout supplements contain potent ingredients like caffeine to level up your workout sessions. They also provide other necessary nutrients your body needs for a high-intensity workout.

These multi-ingredient dietary supplements are usually in powder form. You'll have to stir the blend in water as you would do in a chocolate drink. Designed to boost performance, you can drink it 30 minutes to an hour before any exercise routine.

Benefits of Preworkout

 Preworkout supplements offer a variety of advantages depending on your exercise routine. Designed to improve stamina and endurance, it helps in tackling intense training sessions. Your enhanced performance will also help you build muscles and develop a strong core.

 Improves Muscle Gain

Caffeine is the most common ingredient of most energy drinks and preworkout supplements. However, it is not enough if you want to build your muscles.

You should look for preworkouts that contain L-Arginine and Citrulline Malate. The combination of these amino acids improves nitric oxide metabolism in athletic activities. It also results in improved blood flow and reduces fatigue.

Always take a preworkout supplement before any intense workout. It will maximize your muscle gain and endurance for the duration of the session.

 Enhances Strength

 The most vital ingredient of every preworkout supplement is creatine. This organic compound operates on a cellular level, increasing your metabolism. It creates muscle mass, enhances strength, and provides lasting endurance.
Nitrate also plays a crucial role in preworkout drinks. It is the transport mechanism that delivers amino acids to your muscles.
Both creatine and nitrate work together to enhance your strength in every session.

 Boosts Endurance

Most preworkout drinks have caffeine and sodium bicarbonate to help combat fatigue. Caffeine gives you energy the same way a strong cup of espresso does. Sodium bicarbonate reduces acid buildups on your muscles, preventing the onset of fatigue.

However, we here at TruLabs will provide you supplements that don't depend that much on caffeine. It's a much healthier approach to energy-boosting solutions. Not having as much caffeine is better for your body, keeping you healthier and enhancing your endurance much more than other drinks would. 

When to Take Preworkout

It takes about 30 minutes for the effects of preworkout supplements to kick in. The main ingredient behind sports drinks, caffeine, takes some time before complete absorption.
Taking it 30 minutes to an hour before a workout is ideal. It will allow the supplement enough time to get into your bloodstream.
However, this rule is not set in stone. You always have to follow the specific instruction from the product label.
What if you forgot to drink it before your workout? You can still take it up to 30 minutes into the training, provided you're going to have a two-hour session.
You need to avoid taking it too late into the night, though. If you're planning to pump those muscles in the evenings, make sure to drink your supplement early on. The effects of preworkout usually last up to two hours.

Best Preworkout Drinks

It's not easy to search for the top preworkout drinks. Random picking of products is not an option as well. You might ingest chemicals that will hurt your workout progress, or worse, your body.
If you're keen on natural yet effective ingredients, these three preworkouts are perfect. Compared to other brands, they are not loaded with too much caffeine and other stimulants. Other known brands cause sleep deprivation and adrenal fatigue.
The following products improve the intensity of your workout without any side effects.

Pre 2.0

TruLabs Pre can accommodate a variety of fitness aside from weightlifting. These purposes include:
    • Circuit training
    • Sports training
    • Endurance sessions
    • Cardio exercises
The ingredients are all-natural and backed by research. It has no artificial colors and flavoring. Compared to most preworkout supplements, Pre 2.0 doesn't have silicon dioxide as well.
Pre 2.0 comes in three versions: Pre+, Pre, and Pre Caffeine Free. Pre+ has 200 mg while Pre has 100 mg caffeine. Pre Caffeine has no caffeine, but it has higher adenine, ribose, and phosphate content.


TruLabs Energy is an excellent choice if you do workouts before going to work. It boosts energy at a cellular level. The signature ingredients include adenine, ribose, and phosphate.

Its source of caffeine is from Guarana, a Brazilian plant that produces fruit like a coffee berry. Guarana provides added stimulation compared to regular caffeine. It also boosts your heart health and improves your mood.

Aside from all these energy-boosting compounds, TruLabs Energy also comes with DMAE. Proven to help improve mental focus, DMAE is an organic compound. To take it even further, it also contains acetyl-l-carnitine for better brain function.

TruLabs Energy goes beyond helping you improve your workout. It's also proven to improve your performance at work.


Preworkout drinks, proven to be effective, are not mere hype. Take them before any session to intensify your training without wearing you down.
Do you want to optimize your performance without compromising your health? Check our products and choose a preworkout drink that goes beyond prepping your up.

Take Your Workout to the Next Level with Preworkout Drinks

 Preworkout drinks, proven to be effective, are not mere hype. Take them before any session to intensify your training without wearing you down.

Do you want to optimize your performance without compromising your health? Check our products and choose a preworkout drink that goes beyond prepping your up.