If you're dealing with a headache, you may be dealing with dehydration. When your body doesn't have enough water, it can feel tired — and that can lead to headaches. But with some changes to your habits, you can steer clear of this problem.
Keep reading to learn the hydration tips that will help you avoid headaches!

The Link Between Hydration and Headaches

 Being dehydrated can increase the frequency and severity of headaches. Without enough water in your system, the body may not be able to function normally. And this impacts your head.

There are key indicators that you may be dehydrated. If you feel tired, notice muscle cramps, or experience dry skin, you may need to up your water intake. Darker urine and dizziness are other symptoms.

Additionally, if you play a sport or do intense exercises, your body will lose water through sweat. The same holds true on hot summer days. Before a workout or while you're outside in the heat, make a point of drinking extra water.

Endurance athletes and the elderly may be at a higher risk for dehydration. Some medications may elevate risk. Similarly, people living in hot areas or higher altitudes will need to take more measures to keep away dehydration headaches.

Hydration Tips Always Include Drinking Enough Water

If you want to get rid of headaches, you need to drink more water. The average person needs to drink between 11.5 and 15.5 cups of water per day. The amount will vary depending on size and gender.

Avoid gulping water. Instead, try to take smaller sips and spread your water consumption throughout the day. This reduces the chances of having a bad reaction, such as vomiting. 

And if you're struggling to meet your daily needs, introduce some structure. Start your day with a big glass of water and drink one before each meal. As a bonus, you'll feel fuller and won't consume as much food.

What should you avoid drinking? Stay away from coffee and alcohol, which can cause fluid loss. If you notice chapped lips or dry skin, reevaluate your fluid consumption each day.

Stay Hydrated with the Right Foods

Did you know that you can help stay hydrated by choosing the right foods? When you're looking for foods rich in water, turn to fruits and vegetables. You'll hydrate your body while building a healthier diet.

You might not be surprised to learn that watermelon is one of the top sources of water. A fresh slice of watermelon is low in calories and loaded with nutrients like vitamin A. On a hot summer day, they're the ideal treat!

Other summer fruits like peaches, strawberries, and oranges are good bets for staying hydrated. And a salad full of lettuce and cucumber will help you reach your daily water intake goals, as well.

Swap out your salty snacks for a tasty fruit salad. And in the colder months, load up on low-sodium broths and soups to add more water to your diet. You'll reduce the likelihood of a dehydration headache without losing out on the quality of what you eat.

Spend More Time in the Shade

 If you're spending all day under the sun, you stand a greater chance of feeling dehydrated — and dealing with headaches. An easy switch is to spend more time in the shade. You can also take advantage of the early morning and evening hours to do activities.

Try not to go outside at midday, when the sun is at its most intense. If you must, wear a hat with a brim around it, sunglasses, and loose-fitting clothing. While you're at it, pack plenty of water and hydration supplements.

 As another step, hydrate more before and after exercise. And if you're getting overheated quickly, reduce the intensity of your workout. Sweating a little less could help your body retain the fluids that it needs. 

Make Your Water More Accessible

 An easy way to build a habit of hydration is to take a water bottle with you. You can find one that fits in your purse or duffle bag. And you can fill it for free at water fountains — and cut down on plastic waste. 

But what if you want to drink something more exciting than a cup of water? Add an energy mix to make your water more enticing — and more high impact. You'll gain a burst of flavor and some added nutrients to power you through the day.

And know that seltzer water can get the job done, too. The addition of carbon dioxide adds some bubbles — but it doesn't take anything away. Seltzer water can hydrate just as well as normal tap water.

Try Supplements or Pain Relievers for Hydration Help

 You can also reach for over-the-counter pain relievers or other supplements for relief. When combined with water, medications can help you feel better.

Consider boosting your water quality with an energy addition like HYDRATE15, too. With this kind of hydration supplement, you can replenish lost vitamins to help your body recover. It's sugar-free and keto-friendly, too!

Natural oils, such as peppermint oil, can provide headache help, as well. Place some drops of peppermint oil on your forehead or neck. The pleasant aroma can help ease the tension.

Get the Headache Help You Need

 When you follow these hydration tips, you'll feel more alert throughout the day. And you'll see those pesky headaches go away. Pack an energy drink when you travel — and be diligent with your water intake. 

Ready to get the hydration help you need? Contact us to find the right energy boost!