Hi, am Dr. Bryan Ardis.  I am the formulator for all our incredible products at TruLabs.  My idea to create Hydrate came from a disturbing piece of news that I had heard on television, on the ESPN channel, in August of 2018.  I saw a report that a 19-year old football player for the University of Maryland Football team, had collapsed on the field during practice, and had died soon after he collapsed, from an apparent heat stroke.  This SHOCKED me!  I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t shut my mind off, and I was upset.  Obsessed you might say, because this isn’t the first time I heard about a teenager dying during practice or during their participating in sports.  The first time I saw it was in 1992.  A basketball player collapsed at half court and later died at the hospital from a heart attack. 

Here are just a couple links to the stories of Jordan McNair of Maryland dying, and the first traumatizing death I witnessed on TV when I was 14 years old, Hank Gathers of Loyola collapsed on the court at half court on national television during the NCAA tournament.



This same week in August 2018, my business partners at TruLabs, as they did every day when I went to the office asked me this question, “How are you doing Doc?”.   I told them I wasn’t doing well because I am upset about this teenager, Jordan McNair dying at football practice.  And I blurted out, just so you know, these young teens dying while in sports has to stop, and I am going to figure out why they are dying and WE are going to create a solution.

This is the ONLY reason why I decided to research and formulate TruLabs HYDRATE.  It is the most impressive and unique combination of ingredients to address the one large problem affecting young athletes and adult athletes in this world.  TruLabs HYDRATE is designed and specifically formulated to correct the internal causes of heart attacks and heat strokes, which is causing so many young and adult athletes to die so young each year.  No other product has ever set out with this type of specific agenda in mind.  

Did you know that 1 student athlete in either High School or College dies every 3 days from a heart attack or stroke?  1 every 3 days in America dies.  And not only that, the average age of these young athletes is 17 years old!  Seriously, read this news report in Philadelphia from October 2019.


This was alarming to find out for both my team and each member of Dude Perfect.  We had no idea it was so often.  Did you know that in 2016 the NCAA looked into why so many athletes were dying from heart attacks in sports, and decided to install new guidelines and heart evaluations on all incoming athletes to determine before they ever were admitted to the school, whether or not they were heart healthy enough to attend the school, and instituted guidelines to protect the university from a possible liability.  Well it is all true… check out this link.


So researched and I researched and I researched until I found what I believe is THE CAUSE of DEATH for ALL YOUNG ATHLETES!  Every athlete that is dying of heart failure and heat stroke have the same thing in common.  

One thing in common, every single one of them is dying while doing the sporting activity they love.

Second thing that is happening is every single one of them is sweating during the activity and they are sweating A LOT!

I wanted to know if Sweating could possibly be the culprit.  It made sense to me, that if we lose salt and potassium in our sweat, my next thought was, what if we lose more than just Salt and Potassium in our sweat, and if we did lose more minerals and vitamins in our sweat, Is it possible that losing those minerals and vitamins in our sweat, could it have an impact on athletes heart health, if did not of course replace all the nutrients, they lost in their sweat during practice, training or games. 

It took a lot of research to find any studies linking heart disease to minerals and vitamins lost in sweat.  I found multiple studies showing the connection to minerals and vitamins lost in sweat over the last few decades.  That is not what I was looking for though, I wanted a study that proved heart disease risk went up, as we sweat.  I was persistent though.  Then a miracle happened one afternoon in October of 2019, I found it!  I found a recent study in Asia, that was able to prove that as we lose sweat, we lose a total of 15 different minerals and vitamins.  And not only that, as we sweat out all these nutrients, our blood pressure rises, and only would come back down once the person ate or supplemented the minerals and vitamins that were lost! When the minerals were replaced that the individuals lost in their sweat, their blood pressure would return back to normal within 30 minutes!  Proving there is a direct link between the sweat lose and and our risk of heart disease and death!  High Blood Pressure is a risk factor for not only Heart Attacks but also Heat Strokes!  I couldn’t wait to tell the team at TruLabs!  If you would like to check out the research study I am including the link here.


The truth was discovered, that as anyone sweats, as we sweat we lose precious minerals and vitamins in our sweat that keep our heart healthy.  For example, One of the main minerals we lose in sweat is magnesium.  Did you know that magnesium is the primary mineral that controls how hot or cold or body is.  Magnesium is the mineral that controls our core body temperature.  Google it.  As we lose magnesium in our sweat, we lose our ability to control our overall body temperature.  This is why I believe Jordan McNair died two years ago.  His body temp at the hospital was 106 degrees.  He had to be deficient in magnesium or he wouldn’t have had a heat stroke or got that hot internally.  The truth is neither would anyone else who has had a heat stroke.  If you love athletics, if you love an athlete, if you love to stay active and do activities that push you to sweat.  There is only ONE hydration product in the world that replaces not only the magnesium that you lose in your sweat, to protect you from a possible heart attacks or heat stroke, but that also includes ALL 15 minerals and vitamins that we lose in sweat!  Next time you are picking up a sports drink, look to see if magnesium is in it, and then count how many minerals and vitamins is in the drink.  If it isn’t 15, it is INCOMPLETE.  There is ONLY ONE Complete HYDRATE product. TruLabs HYDRATE.

Improving your life and health, that is the TruLabs way of creating products.

Why TruLabs HYDRATE?  You lose more than just water when you sweat!



Dr Bryan Ardis

Co-Founder/Formulator TruLabs