Ray Salinas – Chief Operating Officer

Ray serves as the Chief Operating Officer at TruLabs, LLC. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2005 with degrees in both Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. After graduating from LA Tech Ray accepted his first professional position at a life science research firm in Colorado Springs, CO, ADInstruments. The territory he was responsible for with ADI was the northeast US and eastern Canada where he worked closely with some of the most renowned medical research institutions in the world such as Harvard, Yale, Novartis, Pfizer, etc. After two years at ADI Ray more than doubled the customer base and annual revenue within his territory.

In the summer of 2007 Ray decided to take a leap of faith leaving his promising engineering career behind, and moved to McKinney, TX to try his hand entrepreneurship. He and his close friend from Colorado took a sweat equity deal in McKinney to revive a flexible packaging printing company on the verge of bankruptcy. The deal was simple. Get the owner the money he invested back out of the company, and 50% of the equity would transfer to Ray and his friend, now turned business partner. Over the next ten years Ray and his partner educated themselves in a completely foreign industry (flexographic printing), got the company completely out of debt with no working capital, bought out the previous owner, and in 2015 all of this incredibly hard work culminated when they sold the majority of interest in the company (while still retaining some ownership) to a private equity firm for 8 figures +.

The flexible packaging printing company, turned American Dream success story, was originally known as Flex Pac, and later rebranded Popular Ink. During his time at Popular Ink Ray served as the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. The majority of the packaging produced at Popular Ink is for the health / wellness / supplement markets. Because of this dynamic Ray gained an intimate understanding of the entire manufacturing and supply chain process in all facets of the health and wellness industry. If you’ve ever taken an individually packaged serving of some sort of health supplement from any major brand there is a high probability the packaging comes from Popular Ink in McKinney, TX.

In August 2017, exactly 10 years after arriving in McKinney, Ray stepped away from Popular Ink in search of the next challenge / adventure. After taking some time to travel and decompress Ray began discussions with longtime friend Brandon Pogue, TruLabs CEO, about potentially joining his team. The synergies between Brandon’s existing team, and the manufacturing / supply chain experience Ray brought to the table were serendipitous to say the least. Ray came on board and leaned into his existing relationships across the health and wellness space to help Brandon and his team brand TruLabs LLC. As a result of this new partnership TruLabs has manufactured some of the highest quality and best tasting wellness supplements ever created. Between Brandon’s innate leadership abilities and passion for helping people become the best versions of themselves and Ray’s in depth knowledge of not only supplement and formulation manufacturing but also scaling a large company, this team is divinely built to bring something truly unique to everyone looking to reach and push their TRU potential.

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Brandon Pogue
Brandon Pogue

November 15, 2019

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