Alexis Pogue: Racing to the Top

Lexi Pogue drinks Hydrate

Alexis Pogue: Racing to the Top

When it comes to TruLabs, many of our fans feel like one of the family. 

But Alexis Pogue has an inside track to that claim. She was 14 years old when her parents started TruLabs in 2018, and it’s been a part of her life ever since.

Lexi, 19, is now a freshman at Texas A&M University. 

“I was ready to get out of my small school and excited to meet new people,” she said of the transition. “Texas A&M was my first choice. There’s a big Christian community, and it’s one of the best schools around. There are so many ways to get involved.”

 Lexi Pogue drinks Hydrate

Lexi was an excellent student at McKinney Christian Academy, with a preference for math and history. She made the National Honors Society and attained several leadership awards. 

Lexi is also dedicated to community service and is active in her church mission trips. She earned top rankings for her team in district meets for varsity track and field and in state competitions for cheer. 

How did she manage to do so much, so well? “I guess I’m good at time management, and I turned to God if I felt stressed out,” she said. “Plus TruLabs Energy + Focus when I needed a boost, or TruLabs Sleep, when I couldn’t shut down from the day.”

“I drank Hydrate three times a day, morning, afternoon, and during track practice,” Lexi said. “It helped me avoid fatigue and light-headedness. I shared it with my teammates. They loved it and started buying their own.”

On mission trips with her school, she helped rehab houses in San Antonio and built them from the ground up in Guatemala. The days were long and hot, so Lexi shared TruLabs Hydrate with her crew. “I’d pass it out, and they’d come back and ask for more.”

“I love to serve,” she said. “It was very joyful to see the families smiling and crying as they moved into their houses. I will always have service as part of my life, through groups at college or through church.”

Lexi Pogue drinks Hydrate

Fun and fitness

Lexi got first place in state cheer competitions and also scored high in track and field relays, sprints, and cross country. “It’s fun to be with my teammates and go to events. And it helps me destress,” she said.

 Lexi had good role models in her parents, Brandon and Jen Pogue, and is close to her sister Reagan, 17, and her brother Maverick, 15.

“My family likes to stay active, to travel. I’ve seen how hard my parents work to help other people. They created TruLabs to help others. I’ve realized I like to help others, too,” she said.

She went from sharing Hydrate with friends to promoting it as a TruLabs sales rep. “When we do demos at events, I would help out, explain the health benefits to people, and try to answer questions,” she said. “I liked helping them understand why our products are better than other hydration drinks and healthier.”

Lexi Pogue drinks Hydrate

Lifting with Dad

Her father, Brandon, introduced her to CrossFit when she was 13. “It was cool to do it with my dad, to compete together. I love those memories and still do it to this day,” she said. She set records for weight lifting at her high school, with a power clean lift of 185 pounds. 

“I like CrossFit because it gets me out of my comfort zone. It builds up my endurance and pushes me mentally,” she said. Her lifestyle includes seeking out healthy foods and limiting processed foods, “But I still enjoy dessert and stuff. I balance it out.”

Looking to the future, Lexi can see herself as a missionary somewhere or a business entrepreneur. “I like working hard and trying new things,” she said. “Fortunately, I have a strong relationship with God. There are a lot of unknowns coming up, but He’ll lead me to where I need to be.”

Lexi Pogue drinks Hydrate